LWS Extra 2: C15 Becoming a Widow?

Nie Chang couldn’t help but laugh when he had heard the whole story from Su Yan. Most of it sounded as if it had been at least a little exaggerated but considering the way Su Yan saw things, he might indeed believe that this was the complete truth.

“Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised. My taste is so good, obviously, there would also be other men that are able to see just what a good catch made. Thankfully, father-in-law was able to save you in time. What if you’d gotten kidnapped?”

Su Yan tensed and stared at his boyfriend with worry. “You really think he would’ve gone that far?”

Nie Chang ruffled his darling’s hair again and nodded. “But of course! Somebody as cute as you … I’m pretty sure that there would be some people willing to take the risk and take you with them. And don’t the people over here have weapons? I’m sure that he also had one. Didn’t you say he was wearing a suit? Maybe he was from the Mafia.”

Su Yan’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help but gulp. He sat up, glancing around nervously. “Then are you sure that we’re safe here? What if that mafia guy comes over and still wants to take me away with him?”

Nie Chang also sat up and pulled Su Yan back into his arms. “Then I will scare him off. There’s no reason to be afraid with your boyfriend around.”

Su Yan looked at him with some doubt. “Are you sure you’re a match for someone from the Mafia? You don’t have a weapon. And you’re probably not that strong either.”

Nie Chang felt the disdain in that gaze but he only grinned. “No? I feel that I’m very strong. Haven’t you seen my abs yet?”

Su Yan looked down and then poked his boyfriend’s chest. Sure enough, he could still feel his boyfriend’s abs. Maybe he was underestimating him? “Well, if you say so …” He was still worried quite a bit about the guns though. After all, just having abs wouldn’t mean that you could suddenly deflect bullets. What if this guy tried to shoot his boyfriend? Wouldn’t he become a window then?!

Su Yan very seriously pondered the risk of becoming a window before he even married and couldn’t help but feel that it was very real. He turned around in Nie Chang’s arms and looked at him seriously. “Ah Chang, you can’t let him shoot you! I don’t want to be a widow.”

Nie Chang raised his brows. “I don’t think you’re going to be one.”

Su Yan nodded and leaned against him. “That’s good then. I really don’t want to be one.”

Nie Chang nodded, wondering if maybe he had gone a little too far with that mafia joke. He didn’t really believe that anything like that would happen. Even if somebody tried to hit on Su Yan, they would probably stop as soon as they were told off. Nobody would draw a weapon and try to shoot somebody because of a rejection, right?

While Nie Chang worried about the result of this joke, Su Yan suddenly straightened up and stared at him.

“What?” Nie Chang had no idea what had happened just now. Had he done something wrong? Hadn’t he given the right answer? He pondered what he had said just now but didn’t feel that it had been anything outrageous. Hadn’t he just tried to calm him down?

Su Yan grabbed his shoulders and then pushed him back onto the bed. “You should sleep!”

“What?” Nie Chang felt a little silly repeating the same question again but he really couldn’t make heads or tails of this situation. If he could, he would have liked to run over to the other room and ask his mother-in-law for advice. Unfortunately, his little darling was currently holding him down with all his weight and even though his abs weren’t completely just for show, he didn’t have the kind of strength to push him off that easily. Never mind that he felt he would regret it if he tried.

“You have to sleep.” Su Yan furrowed his brows and looked as if he might try and find a way to put him to sleep if he didn’t immediately close his eyes.

“That … Can you tell me why?”

Su Yan stared at his boyfriend with a grave expression. “I’ve found out. You don’t have to pretend!”

“Found out about what?” Nie Chang glanced around, hoping that the door would miraculously open and reveal Madam Su. Right now, he really didn’t understand this son of hers!

“About you! Mom told me everything!” Su Yan’s gaze shifted from serious to accusing. “Why didn’t you tell me yourself?”

Nie Chang quietly counted from one to ten in his head and took a deep breath. He had to slowly get closer to the answer to this riddle. Just one question at a time. It couldn’t be that hard, right? “I would like to answer that question very much but I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Just what did your mother tell you that I might not have mentioned before?”

“About how you’re going to die young! And you even dared to say just now that I definitely wouldn’t become a widow! You’re obviously trying to keep this from me!”

Nie Chang could only stare dumbly. Alright. He had figured out one mystery only to be presented with another one. “Darling … Why would your mother say something like that? I’m not sick or anything. There’s no reason at all that would make me die young. Well, I guess I could get into an accident but … I’m always very careful, right? You’ve seen me drive.”

“Yes, but you’re too tired. And it’s all because I don’t treat you well enough. Mom told me everything. You don’t have to pretend any longer.”

Nie Chang bit his lip, barely holding back a laugh. This wouldn’t be a case of Madam Su once again tricking her son like a four-year-old, would it? He cleared his throat and then reached up, patting Su Yan’s cheek. “Anyway, I’ve already slept for a few hours now. So I’m not in danger anymore. No need to worry about me any longer. Your boyfriend is very, very fit at the moment and tomorrow, after another good night’s sleep, I’ll be even fitter. Just watch how I’ll outrun you while we go sightseeing!”

Su Yan furrowed his brows. “Really?”

“Really! Now, have you eaten yet? Because I haven’t and I do feel like I’m starving. We —” Nie Chang stopped and then cursed himself. After just reassuring his darling, he probably shouldn’t have mentioned starving. Now, Su Yan was looking at him as if he was worried he wasn’t able to cut off a piece of himself to feed him. “Uh … Let’s just call room service.”

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