LWS Extra 2: C13 Lucky in Love, Unlucky at Cards

With the stranger’s help, Su Yan and his mother were finally able to use the slot machine. As for the result of their gambling … There wasn’t much to say about it. The chances of making a profit were low with this kind of thing. Even though Madam Su let her son play around for a while, If they tallied the money they had paid and what they had gotten back, they still would have lost some in the end.

Su Yan naturally didn’t count that closely whether or not he won something but the fact that there was no huge amount of coins being thrown out and no announcement of any kind of jackpot that he had won still made him feel dejected. He had wanted to earn some money for their wedding, ah! How could it be that he only lost money and didn’t gain anything? This was unfair!

Madam Su looked at her pouting son and sighed. She probably should’ve expected that this would be Su Yan’s reaction. Well, what could be done about it? It wasn’t as if she could go and demand the casino to give her son the money just because he was unhappy about the result.

Thus she could only pat his shoulder and then drag him toward the exit. “Don’t think too much, Xiao Yan. What do they say? Lucky in love, unlucky at cards. Isn’t it much better to have a great boyfriend like Nie Chang instead of winning the lottery?”

Su Yan still pursed his lips but at least he followed his mother out of the casino. “I still think it would’ve been better to have a boyfriend like Nie Chang and still win the lottery. That way, he wouldn’t need to worry about our wedding.”

Mister Su trailed behind the two of them and couldn’t help but snort. “What worry about the wedding? If he doesn’t have the money, he would only need to say it. As if I wouldn’t be able to pay for the wedding of my own son!”

Madam Su looked at him and furrowed her brows. She really couldn’t understand why her husband was still going on about this. Had he still not accepted that Su Yan and Nie Chang would stay together?

Anyway, Nie Chang had never complained about not having enough money to take care of her son so she was pretty sure that he wasn’t in dire straits. In fact, maybe his repair shop was doing quite good. Weren’t young people these days very interested in these kinds of things? So maybe he was actually earning very well.

She decided not to argue with her husband since their son would be getting married this week. They certainly couldn’t enter a cold war again before that time. Thus she just continued to drag her son away. “Anyway, it’s not a problem. How about we go and eat something now? Afterward, we can return to the hotel and then we’ll go sightseeing tomorrow. What do you think?”

Her husband already wanted to nod when he saw his wife’s look. Ah, it seemed he hadn’t been the one she had asked. He shut up and also pursed his lips, looking quite a bit like his son at this moment.

Madam Su almost laughed out loud but still held back in the end. Her precious little darling probably wouldn’t want to hear that he had any resemblance to his father. Before she made him cry, she should better keep this to herself. Anyway, she would also be embarrassed to admit that her husband was still behaving like a child at his age. In might be alright for their son who was only in his early twenties but for him, it was truly a bit too strange.

Meanwhile, Su Yan pondered her question. Nie Chang had made something to eat for him before they set off in the morning and he had also eaten something on the plane. But since then, a few hours had already gone by so he probably should eat something again. He touched his stomach and felt that he was actually a bit hungry. It was a pity that they were staying in a hotel though. He would much rather eat something that Nie Chang prepared for him. His boyfriend’s food was still the best.

But for the time being, he could probably live with it if he had to eat somebody else’s food. Even though it wasn’t quite as good, it should still be eatable. Thus he nodded and took out his phone. “Alright, just let me call Nie Chang.”

Madam Su once again snatched the phone. “Why would you call your boyfriend for that?”

Mister Su nodded eagerly. “Yes, ah! Why would you call him? Isn’t it better if we can do something just as a family?”

Su Yan furrowed his brows and stared at his father. “Ah Chang and I are going to get married in two days. How come he still doesn’t count as part of our family in your eyes?” He harrumphed and turned back to the front, not in the mood to talk to his father any longer.

Madam Su heaved a sigh of relief and put away the phone. She definitely couldn’t let her son out of her eyes for even a moment or he would certainly go and wake up his fiance. With how tired Nie Chang had looked, he definitely deserved another hour or two before he had to take care of Su Yan again. In that case, she should probably divert her son’s attention before he noticed that he still hadn’t called him. “So what do you want to go and eat?”

Su Yan pursed his lips and looked around. What he wanted to eat … “Egg-fried rice!”

Madam Su sighed and nodded. “So you want to go and eat Chinese.”

Su Yan blinked his eyes but didn’t say anything. As strange as it sounded, his mother was actually right. On the other side of the world, normal food was actually called Chinese food. Foreigners were really strange. Thinking of that actually made him a little afraid that his wedding wouldn’t go well.

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