LWS Extra 2: C19 Thirty-Five Pounds of Fluff

The next day, Su Yan woke up before it even got bright outside. He sat up in bed and looked around, finally seeing his notebook on the bedside table next to his boyfriend. His eyes lit up and he leaned over, reaching out to take it. In the process, he squished his boyfriend’s chest, inadvertently waking him up.

Nie Chang groaned, furrowed his brows and opened his eyes. As expected, the first thing he saw was his little darling’s dark head. It made him wonder if there was anything he had forgotten and if he was woken up like this because of that. But then, Su Yan finally managed to grab onto the notebook and leaned back, balancing it on his legs while he opened it and once again tried to call Old Lao.

Nie Chang sighed and rubbed his eyes, trying to wake himself up. Anyway, it seemed that Su Yan had decided it was a good time to call their dog now. Even if he wanted to, he probably wouldn’t be able to turn around and continue to sleep. Thus he might as well be proactive and show his interest.

He leaned over just in time to see the flustered face of his employee. Old Lao’s hair was sticking up in all directions and his eyes darted around as if he either didn’t want to look at them or was trying to keep his eyes on something else. Nie Chang couldn’t help but fear for the worst.

Su Yan didn’t seem to notice any of that though. His expression lit up when he finally managed to contact Old Lao. “Old Lao! Where’s Xiao Bai?”

There was a slight pause and then a woof could be heard from close-by. Before Old Lao’s expression could shift into something less awkward, thirty-five kilo of dog pounced over and threw itself at him, barking into the notebook, the pink tongue hanging out of its mouth.

“Xiao Bai!” Su Yan pulled his notebook closer as if he would be able to be closer to their dog that way.

Meanwhile, Nie Chang sighed and pulled out his phone, calling Gong Gong. Su Yan would probably be happy as long as he could see the dog but he’d much rather get to know what had happened over there. He also made a video call just in case there was something he’d need to be shown.

It only took a moment for Gong Gong to pick up. “Boss.” His tone probably would have been enough to drive the point home that even one day with Xiao Bai and these two might not have been such a good idea.

“How bad is it?”

Gong Gong shook his head. “Not that bad but … well, he doesn’t really listen. We first wanted to leave him at your house but as soon as we closed the door behind us, he’d start to whine and scratch. And if we went even further away, it’d turn into full-out barking. I was afraid it’d disturb the neighbors so we finally went back and took him with us to the shop. We even got a really comfy dog basket for him since we know how well Ah Yan treats him.”

“But he didn’t like it?”

“Nah, he did lie down there but … only when nothing was happening around him. As soon as the door opens, he’ll jump up and run over. If the two of you got yourself a Pomeranian, it wouldn’t be a problem. But you just had to go and get a Samoyed! Some of the girls that usually come were downright scared when he jumped at them. He’s bigger than them when he stands up.” Gong Gong looked as if he was going to cry.

Nie Chang could only sigh. Actually, he had already expected this much. Xiao Bai only listened to two people: Su Yan and Mister Ou, the owner of the dog parlor. Apparently, caring for Xiao Bai’s fur would give you additional benefits that normal people wouldn’t have. Unfortunately, the dog was also very choosy. He wouldn’t let just anyone take care of him. Petting was alright but don’t you dare pick up a brush and try anything funny! Only Ah Yan and Mister Ou were allowed to do so. Nie Chang had had the favor of seeing Xiao Bai’s behind while he ran away every single time when he tried until he finally gave up completely.

Thinking of that, his lips twitched. “It wasn’t your fault,” he consoled Gong Gong. “Xiao Bai is …” He glanced next to him where a certain Samoyed was licking the screen of Old Lao’s notebook while Su Yan was squealing in delight and trying to pat his head like an idiot. Nie Chang scratched his neck. “He’s as special as Ah Yan.”

Gong Gong coughed and glanced over to where Old Lao had originally sat. By now, his friend had been completely pushed aside by the dog and was standing next to the counter to serve the customers. It really was a sight to behold. Calling that dog special really was a nice way to put it. “Anyway, what should we do now?” He turned back to Nie Chang, giving a wry smile. He knew that their wedding came first but the shop was also important, ah! Both his and Old Lao’s livelihood depended on it.

Nie Chang glanced at his little darling that was still completely immersed in his video chat with their dog and was now starting to talk to him. He shook his head and then got up so he wouldn’t disturb him, going over to the other part of the room. Thankfully, they had gotten the suites that had a few connected rooms. He sat down on the couch and pondered. “Don’t you have a new girlfriend?”

“Eh? Xiao Ming? What about her?”

“Isn’t she an artist?”

“Uh, yeah, why?”

“Can you ask her to make a sketch of a cute Samoyed? Then you can write something like ‘This dog you looked really charming so he couldn’t help but come to get to know you. Please pet him or give him a belly-rub if you think he’s charming as well.’ Next to the sketch. You can even put up a little box with dog treats and tell them to give him one.”

Gong Gong glanced over to the counter. “Won’t he put on even more weight that way? He already seems … quite fat.”

“He is fat. But it’s just a week. He’ll live through it. I’ll try to put him on a diet afterward.” He sighed, already imagining just how ‘well’ that would go. Most likely, both the dog and Su Yan would protest loudly but Xiao Bai was indeed already too heavy.

“Eh …” Gong Gong brushed through his hair. “Well, let’s first try the belly-rub idea. If it works well, we won’t need the dog treats.”

“Alright. Then you go and take care of it. I really owe you this time.”

“Ah, it’s nothing. Just give me two weeks of vacation when Xiao Ming and I get married.” He laughed boisterously and then went to do as he had promised.

Meanwhile, Nie Chang went to change before he checked up on his darling. As much as he loved seeing him so happy while chatting with his dog, they still wanted to go on a date today, didn’t they? He definitely couldn’t let that big lightbulb take over before they even started!

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