LWS Extra 2: C14 His Boyfriend Needed to Know

The Sus didn’t have any trouble finding a Chinese restaurant. Su Yan was in for a surprise though: He had expected that going to such a restaurant would be just like eating at one of the roadside stalls at home. But when they sat down, he had to find out that the waiter was actually a blond American dude who didn’t speak even a single word Chinese and only looked at him blankly when he tried to order in his native language.

Su Yan stared at the man with wide eyes while his father sighed and then ordered for all three of them. The waiter couldn’t help but look at this person once again before he finally nodded and then rushed off, going to get their dishes.

Su Yan turned to his mother who also didn’t understand anything with an expression asking for pity. “He didn’t speak Chinese.”

Madam Su nodded. “He didn’t.”

“But this is a Chinese restaurant!”

This time, both Mister and Madam Su sighed at the same time. Just what had they taught this child? Had they never gone to eat in a restaurant with him back at home? Had he never seen a Chinese person serving in a European restaurant over in China? So why was he so surprised that there would be an American serving in a Chinese restaurant in America? Was he really lacking common sense this much?

The two of them exchanged a glance but finally determined that it was better not to think about it. Anyway, this child was cute and lovable. He might have some faults but at least his fiance was sensible. They didn’t need to worry that he might not be able to get through life. The things he lacked, Nie Chang could make up for it.

In that way, the family of three waited for the food and then ate while chatting happily. Finally, they left the restaurant and returned to the hotel. Once again, Su Yan ran up to the elevator and excitedly pushed the button. He couldn’t wait to get back to the room and tell Nie Chang all about what he had experienced.

He looked up at the lights above the elevator with impatience. Why was this taking so long? He didn’t have the whole day!

His parents finally arrived beside him and patted his back, trying to calm their son down. Su Yan still pouted but at that moment, the door to the elevator finally opened with a ding, revealing a few people standing inside. Su Yan already wanted to rush in but his mother barely managed to hold him back so that the people could get off first.

Su Yan glanced at her, his gaze showing his complaint. Why was his mother being biased in favor of some strangers? Didn’t she love him anymore?

Madam Su patted his back and then motioned inside. “Didn’t you want to go up?”

Su Yan looked at the now empty elevator and then rushed in, hurriedly pressing the button for the floor their rooms were on.

Mister and Madam Su could only hurry inside as well to make sure they wouldn’t be left in the entrance hall.

When the elevator arrived on their floor, Su Yan leaped out as soon as the doors opened and rushed up to the room. He wanted to go in but then remembered that he first had to unlock the door. He felt around for his card and finally found it in his pocket. Ah, thankfully, he had put it there as soon as his mother told him that he had to keep it safe and couldn’t lose it.

He opened the door and rushed in without looking back at his parents, pulling it close behind him and rushing over to the bed. He jumped right in, rolling to the side and hugging his boyfriend. “Ah Chang, I’m back! Did you miss me?”

Nie Chang flinched when he was woken up like this and for a moment, he didn’t know where exactly he was. He lifted his head and stared ahead. Seeing the unfamiliar headboard, he finally remembered that they had already arrived in Las Vegas for the wedding. He reached up and rubbed his eyes, glancing behind him.

A certain someone had already draped himself across his body and was looking at him expectantly.

“You’re back.”

Su Yan nodded eagerly. “I am.” He beamed, obviously waiting for his boyfriend to tell him just how much had missed him.

Unfortunately, Nie Chang still wasn’t quite awake yet and couldn’t figure out just what it was that his little darling expected. Had they made some kind of promise about what they would do after he came back? He couldn’t remember anything like that. Then could it be that there was something else?

Su Yan’s brows furrowed and he nudged Nie Chang’s shoulder. “What’s with you? You’re not happy that I’m back?”

Nie Chang looked at his eyes. “Of course I am. Why would I not be happy to see you again? You’re the most important person in my life!” He wriggled around and finally managed to turn around on the bed, leaning forward to give Su Yan a kiss.

His little darling immediately stopped pouting and snuggled up closer. Ah, he should’ve known that his boyfriend would be happy to see him. Naturally, it couldn’t be any other way. After all, he had the best boyfriend in the world!

With that thought, Su Yan cupped Nie Chang’s cheeks and gave him another kiss. “Do you want to know what happened while I was away?”

Nie Chang smiled and reached out to rub his head. “Sure I want. So where did you go?”

Naturally, he didn’t need to ask twice. Su Yan immediately jumped into telling him about every single detail of how the few hours with his parents had been. Needless to say, he couldn’t help but point out how there had been that guy who tried to flirt with him. This kind of thing, his boyfriend definitely needed to know!

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