LWS Extra 2: C12 Deeply Hidden Secrets

Mister Su rushed into the casino, looking around wildly. He definitely couldn’t let his poor son suffer any longer! He had to find that bastard who dared to make a move on him and give him a piece of his mind!

He looked around and his expression darkened when he saw a stranger stand in front of his son and wife. Hmph. So there he was! At least he had the guts not to run away when someone his size came over!

Mister Su stormed over, making the other man tense up. He raised his hand, pointing at the man’s nose but before he could start scolding him, his wife grabbed his arm.

“Guanting, ask him what he said first.”

“Ah?” Mister Su turned to Madam Su, furrowing his brows. “Why would you want to know that? Wasn’t he hitting on our son? Since he only saw him for the first time today, he was probably saying something wretched. I don’t think I want that to be repeated.”

Madam Su sighed, glanced at her clueless son and then turned her husband back to the man in the suit. “Just ask.”

Mister Su hesitated but in the end, he still listened to his wife. After all, if he didn’t and she asked later on what that guy had said, wouldn’t he be scolded if he couldn’t answer? Thus, with an extremely aggrieved expression, Mister Su barked at the man: “You! What did you say to my son?!”

The man tensed even further and his gaze darted from Mister Su to Su Yan and back again. Then, he gingerly motioned at the slot machine. “That … I saw that they were struggling with the slot machine so I came over and asked if they needed help.”

“… What?” Mister Su stared at him.

The man’s lips twitched. Why did this feel so familiar? Anyway, at least this man could speak English. The feeling of trying to talk to somebody who didn’t understand you really wasn’t a good one!

He cleared his throat and then motioned at the machine again. “I saw that they put some coins in the slot machine and pulled the lever but then nothing happened. I guess they did something wrong so I wanted to ask how they did it and then explain.”

Mister Su still furrowed his brows. “That … Why did my son say you were hitting on him then?”

The man’s jaw dropped and he looked over to Su Yan who only blinked his eyes, wondering to himself why it didn’t sound as if his father wasn’t scolding this guy at all. Could it be that this was an extremely polite way of scolding where you didn’t need to become loud?

The man rubbed his head and turned back to Mister Su. “I have no idea why he would think that. He did seem to want to say something about his boyfriend though and that they had just married?” Well, at least that made sense in hindsight now. Although he still didn’t understand how this guy had come up with the idea that he was interested in him. He wasn’t even gay, alright?

Mister Su’s expression immediately turned angry again. “They’re not married! They’re only engaged!”

The guy jumped and took one step back as a precaution. It seemed he had somehow hit a nerve with that? “That … That’s what he said …” He pointed at Su Yan.

Su Yan leaned forward and tugged at his father’s sleeve. “What is he saying? What about me? Tell him I’m not interested! I already have Ah Chang!”

Madam Su also looked at her husband inquiringly.

Mister Su deflated. Well, his son’s language skills … he also knew at which level they were. Who knew what he had understood and said? Thus, he could only sigh and turn to his family. “He said he wanted to explain the slot machine to you.”

Madam Su’s brows rose. Ah, that actually made sense …

On the other hand, Su Yan’s brows furrowed. “He must be lying! He was clearly hitting on me just now!”

Both his parents turned to look at him before they exchanged a glance. Finally, Madam Su sacrificed herself. “Xiao Yan, how did you figure that out?”

“His face lit up when I paid him attention, ah!”

Mister Su turned around to the man in the suit and lowered his head. “I’m sorry. We misunderstood you. That …” He glanced at the slot machine and his face burned with embarrassment when he saw that he also didn’t know how to use it. “Would you mind explaining to me? You see, my wife and son don’t speak much English. I’ll have to translate for them.”

The man’s lips twitched again. Well, he had figured as much. He scratched his head but finally nodded. Anyway, it had only been a misunderstanding and nobody had tried to hurt him. No need to hold a grudge. If he went to Asia, the same thing might happen to him as well. By that time, he’d also want somebody to help him out. Thus he stepped forward and pointed at everything, slowly explaining to Mister Su what they had to take note of.

Su Yan tensed when he saw the man get closer to the machine that they had decided upon. He wanted to scold him himself but his mother grabbed his arm.

“Ah, Xiao Yan, don’t do anything rash. Let’s wait until your father explains, ah. Maybe they were able to sort it out.”

Su Yan pursed his lips and stared at his father and the strange guy begrudgingly. He should have called Nie Chang after all. At the very least, his boyfriend wouldn’t forget about his grievances this fast! Mn, Nie Chang was much better than his father.

Still, he did have a new level of respect for his father. Who would have thought he would be able to actually hold a conversation in English? That wasn’t easy at all, ah! Surprisingly, his father still had such deeply hidden secrets …

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