LWS Extra 2: C18 Some Small Hiccups

Nie Chang went through another row of promises before he was thankfully interrupted by the room service that brought his food. He couldn’t help but sigh with relief and then sat down with Su Yan, giving him a happy smile.

Despite the small hiccups, this was still a very nice trip. Anyway, one more day and one more date before he would be a married man. Even though it wouldn’t be legal when they went back home, just knowing that there was a place in the world where they were accepted as a married couple was already very good.

Sure, he would love it if there was some other possibility but for the time being, it didn’t seem like that would be possible. In that case, he could only do what he could with what they had.

Anyway, it wouldn’t change anything about how much they loved each other. Even though he sometimes had to share his spot with his dog, that was just Su Yan’s usual quirkiness showing. Who knew what kind of reason he had made up in his mind for putting Xiao Bai on a pedestal like that? He might just be his muse or something. Authors were strange sometimes.

Nie Chang pushed the thought away and then started to eat. Halfway through, he noticed a pair of wide eyes that was staring at his plate unblinkingly. Nie Chang looked from Su Yan to his plate and back again and then raised his brows. “Could it be that you’re still hungry after all?”

Su Yan sat up straighter and looked at him as if he was gravely offended. “How could that be!”

Nie Chang nodded slowly. “That’s true. I really couldn’t imagine that. After all, you did go to eat together with your parents before this.”

Su Yan nodded but he still managed to look unwilling while he did so. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that he was still eying the plate.

Nie Chang almost burst out laughing. It seemed his little darling was too proud to admit that he wanted to have some. Well, as a reliable fiance, he should accommodate him a bit. “Well … Even if you’re not really hungry, how about eating a bit?”

Su Yan pursed his lips. “Why would I do that?”

Nie Chang pushed his plate toward the other side of the table and placed the cutlery next to. “Well, maybe you’d like to have a taste and discuss the food with me? We’ve never eaten in America before, after all. It has to be vastly different from our food back in China, right?”

Su Yan’s gaze darted around before he finally picked up the fork and took a few bites. He chewed for a while before finally putting down the cutlery. “It tastes strange.”

Nie Chang nodded his head and then motioned to the side. “How about I get you a glass of water? You know to get rid of the taste?” He didn’t wait for Su Yan to answer and just stood up, turning away from him to pour the glass. Behind him, the sound of the cutlery scraping across the plate could be heard again. Nie Chang pressed his lips together, once again trying to hold in his laughter. How could his little darling be so cute? That really stunned him again every time he noticed it.

Nie Chang took his sweet time pouring that glass of water and then even pretended to wipe the jar as if he had spilled some of it to give his little darling a bit more time to sneakily eat his food. When he turned around … The half of the food that had been left was halved once again. Apparently, his little darling could eat really fast if he wanted to. “Here.” Nie Chang put the glass down with a smile and then went back to his own seat.

Su Yan pushed the plate and the cutlery back as if nothing had happened and took a sip of water. “Ah, this really makes me feel better. I have no idea how you were able to eat this. It’s disgusting!”

Nie Chang nodded very honestly and picked up the cutlery again. “Absolutely right, darling. I actually have to force myself to eat this but I still feel that it is better if I do. After all, what if you’re worried to death?”

Su Yan blinked his eyes with a thoughtful expression. “I don’t think that’s very likely. I don’t feel close to death at all.”

Nie Chang reached over and patted his hand with a happy smile. “I’m very happy to hear that. Just like you, I really wouldn’t want to become a widower even before I got married. That would be way too tragic.”

Su Yan nodded. “Of course!” He looked at the plate and then back at his boyfriend. “So how are you feeling right now?”

“Mn? I’m fine, why?”

“Really? Not hungry anymore? Not tired?”

Nie Chang felt enlightened when his darling elaborated. So it turned out that Su Yan hadn’t forgotten this time what he had been worried about before. It seemed that the things he and Madam Su had said before had left quite a deep impression on him this time. He squeezed Su Yan’s hand. “Don’t worry about it. I’m alright. In fact, I’m feeling really energetic.”

“That’s good then. I still think we should go to sleep early today though. Just to make sure, you know?”

Nie Chang gave him an indulgent smile and nodded. “I feel that what you’re saying sounds very logical. Just let me finish my food and then we can prepare to go to bed. How about it? And tomorrow, when we wake up, we’ll contact Xiao Bai and then go out for an exciting day.”

“Alright. Let’s do that.” Su Yan glanced around and finally got up already. “I’ll go and prepare already.” With that, Su Yan happily got up and started to rush through the room, making a mess out of what Nie Chang had left in the suitcases before.

Nie Chang’s brows twitched but he just picked up the cutlery and continued to eat. Anyway, he could still sort out these things later on.

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