LWS Extra 2: C11 Getting Reinforcements

“What?” The man stared at him in a daze. That had been English right now, hadn’t it? But why did he still not understand what this guy was saying?

Su Yan furrowed his brows, not at all happy with that reaction. “Boyfriend,” he insisted, raising his chin. That was right! He already had a boyfriend. So even if this man was looking any better, he still wouldn’t consider him. So he should better stop hitting on him!

Madam Su looked from her son to the other man and felt that something hadn’t worked too well in that conversation. It would probably be better to get somebody who really spoke English to help them out.

Su Yan didn’t think so. He was pretty sure that this guy was just incredibly insistent. Well, it was no wonder. He was such a cute button, naturally, there would be men vying for his attention. Just because he had a boyfriend, that wouldn’t change anything. Especially since Nie Chang wasn’t with him right now. They would naturally try and get into his good graces. That was only to be expected. But none of them should think that they had any chance. Since he had already decided on Nie Chang, he would be faithful to him until the very end. Nobody could get in between them.

The other man scratched his head, wondering what he should do now. He could also see that he wasn’t getting through to these two. If he had really heard what he thought he had, then this had gone seriously wrong. Now, how to go about saving this situation? Well, he should probably try to make it known first that this was indeed just a misunderstanding. “No.”

Su Yan furrowed his brows. What did this guy mean, ‘no’? Of course, he had a boyfriend! It couldn’t be that this guy wouldn’t accept no for an answer, could it? Maybe he thought a boyfriend wasn’t good enough to step back? Then would he give up if he told him that they were going to marry?

Su Yan felt that the idea was pretty good. The problem was just: How to do that? He pondered and finally remembered the words that he always saw when he and Nie Chang had watched some Western movies. They always plastered them everywhere at the end when the couple got married so that should fit the situation, right?

He perked up and smiled happily at the man. “Just married.”

The man rubbed his forehead this time. Alright, he had obviously not been understood. He didn’t want to know what their relationship status was at all. He just wanted to explain this damned machine! He lowered his hand and then pointed at the slot machine. If they couldn’t talk, then he should just try to show them with gestures.

Su Yan looked from the man to the machine and then back again. Just what did he want? First, he was hitting on him and now, he wanted to play on the machine that they had just put some money in? No way! This was their machine. At least until they figured out how it worked and could play one round. Afterward, he didn’t care. Anyway, there were a lot of others around. He really had no reason to steal theirs.

Su Yan tried to communicate this decision with his gaze but only managed to make the man feel even more uncomfortable.

Madam Su sighed and nudged her son’s arm. “Xiao Yan, I don’t think this will work. We don’t understand what he wants and I’m afraid he doesn’t understand us either.”

Su Yan pursed his lips. “What doesn’t he understand? Wasn’t I clear enough?”

Madam Su gave her son a complicated look but refrained from commenting. Even though she might not be able to speak the language, she was pretty sure that whatever her son had said wouldn’t have helped with clearing the situation up. On the contrary, he might’ve made it worse. It was probably her instincts as a mother that told her so or maybe it was the twenty-three years she had watched him grow up. This child was only able to make things more difficult instead of easier. If they wanted to get this sorted out, they’d have to rely on somebody else. “It can’t be helped, we need somebody who speaks English.”

Su Yan pursed his lips but still took out his phone.

“Ah!” Madam Su grabbed his arm and forced the phone down again. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Calling Ah Chang. Didn’t you say we need somebody who speaks English?”

Madam Su’s lips twitched. She had feared as much. “I said that but I was thinking of your father.” The gaze she got in return … Well, she could probably be happy that her husband wasn’t around to see it. “Don’t be like that. Even if you don’t like him, your father still has an important position. Of course, he knows how to speak English.”

“Are you sure? Don’t you think he might let somebody else do that? Like some assistant or something? That sounds more like dad.”

Madam Su sighed, took her own phone and called her husband. “Guanting, you come over here. Your son got into trouble.”

Mister Su who had just been putting everything from their suitcases into the wardrobe let go of the suit he just wanted to hang up. “What?!” Who dared to make trouble for his darling son!

Before Madam Su could explain, Su Yan had already taken the phone from her and started to complain. “Daddy, some strange man is hitting on me. I don’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to go away!”

“How dare he! Tell me where you are, I’ll come over right away!”

Naturally, Su Yan jumped at the opportunity to get reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Madam Su looked at the man across them with a complicated expression. So her son had thought this guy was hitting on him? Well, considering her son’s brain, she couldn’t say that this was unexpected.

It made her wonder if she should warn her husband though. If he started to get into an argument with somebody before the wedding, that would be a problem. She really didn’t want to have to bail her husband out of jail before the wedding or something like that. Unfortunately, she couldn’t talk to the man opposite them and who knew if she would be fast enough to stop her husband. It seemed she could only hope for the best.

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