Announcement: (Staggered) Return from Hiatuses

I've just made the announcement over on Patreon that I'm going to come back from hiatus starting tomorrow. Now, as there are several projects to revive (both those for everyone and those that are currently still exclusive on Patreon and will only go public at a later date) it'll take a bit to get everything …

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Announcement: Upcoming (Staggered) Hiatus

Unfortunately, I have to announce an upcoming hiatus for several of my projects. Since about two weeks ago, I have been battling some severe health issues. As I still had an emergency stockpile, I was able to continue updating most projects while writing a couple of chapters here and there to make up for the …

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“Finders Keepers” going public this week

Maybe you remember this announcement I made back at the end of July this year. Basically, it was about me starting a new project called "Finders Keepers" on Patreon. Well, what was supposed to be a short story turned into a novella, turned into a short novel, and finally decided it wanted to be a …

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