“Finders Keepers” going public this week

Maybe you remember this announcement I made back at the end of July this year. Basically, it was about me starting a new project called “Finders Keepers” on Patreon. Well, what was supposed to be a short story turned into a novella, turned into a short novel, and finally decided it wanted to be a long novel after all. 😅

Anyway, I finally finished it so it’s going to go public this week! We’ll start with the first chapter this Saturday, December 7th, and after that, you can expect a new chapter every Saturday. 😊

Btw, since I’m already announcing: I’ve also recently finished the revision of the second volume of Oh. My. Fate?! so I’ll be uploading the last batch of chapters soon. Expect a bunch of notifications again if you’re subscribed. 😳

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