Announcement: Ace Novel Time!

It’s October 20th, so it’s the traditional day for me to do some ace magic! For that, two things are on the agenda:

  1. Last year’s ace novel “The Seat of My Heart” will go public. There’ll be a chapter today and after that, I’ll post on the weekend, one chapter Saturday’s and Sunday’s each. If you don’t want to wait for the serialization to finish, you can also find the whole (edited) story over on Amazon.
  2. A new year means a new ace novel. Over on Patreon, I will start my new ace novel “As Tranquil as the Moon” today. As the chapters are longer, there’ll be one chapter every weekend plus an additional chapter today and next Wednesday to celebrate ace week.

Now, let me give you some more info on the respective stories so you know what’s coming up:

The Seat of My Heart (Ace Novel 2020)

The kingdom’s capital has been lost to a demon. Jusha Lale, the young king, journeys through his lands to find a warrior willing to vanquish this evil. Finally, his hope comes to rest on the shoulders of Susha Unhuor. Returning to the capital city and uncovering the secret behind the demon’s summoning together, the two men discover some unexpected similarities between them.

As Tranquil as the Moon (Ace Novel 2021)

Having proven his worth in battle, the elven warrior Wohl Wahr asks to marry the king’s son, Allesamt, as his reward. The icy beauty who seems indifferent to all accepts his fate but whether the two will manage to traverse life as a married couple and among the treacherous royal family yet remains to be seen.

I hope you’re looking forward to the stories!

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