Announcement: (Staggered) Return from Hiatuses

I’ve just made the announcement over on Patreon that I’m going to come back from hiatus starting tomorrow. Now, as there are several projects to revive (both those for everyone and those that are currently still exclusive on Patreon and will only go public at a later date) it’ll take a bit to get everything up and running again. To deal with this, I have come up with a transitional schedule that will allow me to not only start posting again soon but to also regain the early access chapters as I need to balance both public and Patreon releases.

The schedule works so that I will focus on one project at a time, starting with OMF, then continuing on to RMN, SML, and finally all other projects with each of the big ones getting a week dedicated to rebuilding their schedule.

Now, let me explain this in a little more detail: The first week will start with 3 daily OMF chapters on Patreon while the other projects are still on hold. Chapter 1 will immediately be posted publicly as well (April 25th). Chapter 2 will be timed to be released the day after (so, Monday, April 26th) while chapter 3 will release the day after that on Tuesday (April 27th).
This way, public readers won’t have to wait the full amount of time to be able to continue reading which would be 2 weeks for OMF, 3 weeks for SML, and a full 5 weeks for RMN. Instead, you will immediately get chapters when I start to release again just not as many as the readers over on Patreon so that I can build up the early access chapters again.

The precise dates for me starting up the projects are as follows:

Week 1: OMF (April 25th – May 1st)
Week 2: OMF + RMN (May 2nd – May 9th)
Week 3: OMF + RMN + SML (May 10th – May 16th)
Week 4: Back to the actual, usual schedule, including (currently) Patreon-only projects like OCN and FTMH (May 17th – May 23rd)

If you are a public reader, that means:

Daily OMF chapters starting from April 25th.
The usual three weekly RMN chapters starting from May 3rd – which follow the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Which actually means that you were never hit by the RMN hiatus, you lucky guys, as I still had a stockpile until May 12th anyway! 😁 So RMN just continues to run for you as it did previously.
The usual three weekly SML chapters starting from May 10th – which follow the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

I hope that this schedule will work out well for everyone so that we can go back to the original schedule with the least problems. I’m looking forward to finally being able to write for real again and not just the occasional little episode and hope that this kind of situation won’t occur again in the future.

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