Announcement: OMF V3 Batch Upload

Here comes a warning for the next upload of revised Oh. My. Fate?! chapters: I’ve finished a good chunk of the new volume 3, Wandering Cultivator, that I had to add because of the changes to volume 1 and 2 I made in the revision. Thus I’ll be going to upload the revised and added chapters over the next couple of days/weeks.

For the ones of you who have enabled their email notifications, I’ll be once again uploading in small chunks of about ten to twenty chapters each so that you’ll get one swap of notifications in a row each time. Overall, there are currently a bit over a hundred chapters in the volume so it’ll take a bit of time.

In the following, I’ll give a run-down on the added and revised parts from volume 2 for those of you that read the first version and want to cross-reference or are trying to decide which version to read. I will also include some of my reasonings behind these decisions for those that are interested.
To distinguish between revised and original version, I’ll be referencing chapters of the original version as vXcX (X) (for volume and chapter number, as well as the overall series chapter number for those that read on webnovel) and vXrcX for the revised version’s volume and chapter number without the overall series chapter number.

Please note that this section contains spoilers so read at your own discretion:

The added volume spans the part between the original v2c47 (167) “Nothing Has Changed” until the end of the volume at v2c88 (208) “He Turned His Life Upside Down”.

Plot-relevant changes are as follows:

  • v3rc3 – v3rc35 (with intermissions):  Expansion of the time Jing Yi and Qiu Ling spent in the capital city.
    • This is to flesh out the meeting of Zhong Guanyu and Qiu Ling (which was originally only later referenced in passing) and prepare for the storyline surrounding Xiao Li starting in v3c65 (273).
      It also gives Madam Zhong another (IMO impactful) appearance and gives Jing Yi time to finally mourn for his father which is something that wasn’t given much time in volume 1 (both original and revised).
  • Added details to the months Jing Yi and Qiu Ling spent traveling, as well as Jing Yi slowly learning how to cultivate.
    • This helps with Jing Yi’s process of growing up from a child into the young cultivator he finally becomes at the end of that year of traveling. I felt that this was very lacking in the original version because of the large timeskip. In the new version, him finally being able to use his spiritual energy doesn’t seem as abrupt and his change in maturity, as well as him falling in love with Qiu Ling, are more gradual, making it more believable in my eyes.
  • v3rc48 ff: Added reappearance(s) of ‘grandfather’ and a visit to the village Jing Yi grew up in.
    • In the original version, Qiu Ling’s role as ‘grandfather’ pretty much vanished with the end of volume 1 while his lies were never fully acknowledged. This struck even me as odd since they played such a huge part in how Jing Yi turned out to be. Thus I used the revision as a chance to add in some chapters centering around this that give the two of them time to work out their problems and force Qiu Ling to actually acknowledge his mistakes while Jing Yi can get some closure on his childhood.
      Just like with the other details of their travel, this plays a part in Jing Yi’s process of finally growing up and gaining more maturity. Basically, this is him letting go of his past and embracing the future. Some of these chapters are also a little more lighthearted in contrast to the later chapters of this volume which turn increasingly dark.
  • Continuation of the added storyline around Yu Jin and the village of the demonic practitioners from volume 2 starting in v3rc66.
  • Added chapters surrounding the storyline of Qiguan Cheng Da, mostly to explain matters regarding the Amethyst Lightning pill and prepare for his advancement to the inner sect and his continued vendetta against Jing Yi.
  • v2c58 (178) ff: The disaster Qiu Ling caused has been changed from a storm to a flood in the revised version to better tie in with v2c31 (151) / v2rc144 ff where the connection between water and the dragons’ true form is explained. This ties in better with Qiu Ling’s trauma as well and allows us to revisit the problem that was already mentioned when he went to search for the ingredients of the Amethyst Lightning Pill in the previous volume.
  • v3rc119-183: Added arc about Jing Yi’s travels alone and his first encounter with the demon-hunting sects and their sometimes fanatic pursuit of their task.
    • After Qiu Ling causes the disaster, Jing Yi is left to fend for himself and needs returns to the capital of the Long kingdom on his own. In the original version, I glossed over this time which made it seem ridiculously easy considering that neither did he know where exactly he was, nor could it have been easy to travel a disaster-ridden region.
    • Thanks to the changed disaster (see previous point), Jing Yi’s travels become easier while the fact remains that he is lost. As a consequence, he first meets with Yu Jin, then encounters several new characters (most importantly Peng Mu and Yawen), and finally also makes the acquaintance of Liu Cheng from the Chun Feng Sect.
    • This change allowed me to strengthen the importance of the demon-hunting sects. In the original version, they were introduced in volume 1 when Hong Bao meets Liu Cheng in the capital city, then mentioned in volume 2 when she joins them and again when their Sect Master Xian asks Yuchi Bing Xia for help in finding the lost Hong Bao, as well as in volume 3 when Hong Bao speaks about her crush on Liu Cheng several times, but only become slightly more important in volume 5 when Qiu Ling goes to break out Bai Mu from their dungeon. After that, they made themselves rare and the final reveal of their true colors in volume 7 felt slightly too abrupt for my liking. With the added storyline around Jing Yi’s meeting with Liu Cheng and getting to know the work of the demon hunters, it becomes more apparent at this point already that they aren’t just good but that there is also a more tragic side to the task of demon-hunting.
  • v3rc193 ff: The introduction of Shen Qiang.
    • Shen Qiang is one of the disciples of the Chun Feng Sect and has a major part in the storyline surrounding his sect in the original volume 7. Because he was originally only introduced in that volume, there was not much space to explore his character though. Now, he is involved in wrapping up the task Liu Cheng previously worked on in this volume which not only allows to explore his character slightly better but also adds to the continued storyline surrounding the Chun Feng Sect.
  • v2c67 (187) – v2c78 (198): Added details to the arc taking place in Qiu Ling’s inner self.
    • The arc surrounding Qiu Ling’s inner self is the final reveal following several hints about his past and mixed heritage in the first two volumes. It is also something I regard as one of the major plot points of the series that wraps up Jing Yi’s childhood, establishes the direction of Jing He’s trial and influences his future decisions. As such, I felt that it deserved much more room than I originally gave it. I’ve also felt that several changes were necessary in the way I set it up to show the gravity of the situation and its consequences more clearly.
    • In the original version, a lot of this arc was focused on Jing Yi’s perspective in so far as that he was the one discovering things in Qiu Ling’s inner self and making his own assumptions before meeting Qiu Ling and having him spill the beans.
      While I did like the contrast between what Jing Yi assumes to be true and the actual truth (especially since it’s a recurring theme between the two of them where Jing Yi is normally off by miles), I feel that this wasn’t giving enough room to Qiu Ling’s feelings that should be the most important in this instance. After all, this is the moment where he finally acknowledges the need to speak about his past and fears with the person he loves. It is his turning point and one that he was not able to reach when being with Jing He in the Nine Heavens but that required the trial to take place.
    • On the other hand, this is also a turning point for Jing Yi: After finally falling in love with Qiu Ling, he is now faced with the idea of another person occupying half of Qiu Ling’s heart despite their ‘death’. It is the moment that haunts Jing Yi for the following years, that makes him doubt his assumptions about ‘Tian’ in the original volume 4, Secret Realm Prisoner, and is much of the reason behind his changed behavior in the original volume 7, Peak Cultivator, after he knows he is Jing He’s reincarnation and that Qiu Ling wants Jing He to return.

These are the major changes to this part of the story. In general, the plotline stays intact save for some details. There are mostly added chapters to make the story overall flow better and add some depth.

To give an estimate of the added length of the revision so far: Volume 1 started out with 120 chapters in the original version and ended up with 168 chapters in the revised version, volume 2 was extended from 88 chapters to 171 chapters while the added volume 3 has accumulated 107 chapters so far with about a third still needing to be revised/added. I expect about 170 chapters for this volume as well. turned into a humongous volume of 242 chapters that I actually needed to split into 4 instead of the usual 3 parts. Not that I think this to stay the only volume with that problem …

In other words: The series has grown a lot with this revision and I do think that it is much closer to the vision I originally had of this story than the first version managed to accomplish. Ah, I really want to make a joke about this being a re-vision now … 😏

Anyway, for those of you that started out with the revised version, I hope that you liked it while I also hope that those switching from one version to the other won’t be too confused. If anybody still wants to switch, you can always shoot me a message and ask for the next best point to do so. I do love hearing from you! (Even though I’m an uncreative slob when it comes to responding to comments and thus often stay silent … Ah, my mind must have been sucked dry by writing already. I still read all the comments, I swear!)

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