Announcement: JHMH

It’s announcement day! The thing I want to announce is a very special short story that I’ll be abbreviating “JHMH” for the time being and that will go public on October 20th!

Just like with MYMMP, I’ll be doing another cover reveal with some attached information over the week to shorten your wait. 😉 Just have a look at my Patreon page or my Twitter account to keep up to date. As for the first information …

Yan Su Su_JHMH_preview_1 Other than this part of the cover, the information for today is that I haven’t chosen the publication date arbitrarily. There are two reasons why I decided on this one and I’ll let you guess what they are 😉 Here are two hints:

1. The first reason has to do with Hobbits (think Bilbo).

2. The second reason has to do with Marilyn Monroe.

I’m curious whether anybody will figure it out 😁


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