LWS V5C2 Let’s Go out and Play!

Su Yan was too wrought up to think about it any deeper. He leaned forward and grabbed Nie Chang by the shirt. Well, he grabbed him by the lapel of Ziju An’s robe, frowning at the unfamiliar sensation.
“Ah Chang, just what’s happening here?”
Nie Chang sighed and patted his darling’s hands. “Well, I’d say you’re right. We did transmigrate to your novel. I guess that so-called ‘Dimension Ticket’ was indeed that: A ticket to a different dimension.”
Su Yan’s eyes widened and he looked around the study. “So we’re not on earth anymore?!” Continue reading

LWS V5C1 Look at Yourself First!

In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain female official facepalmed. How stupid! Just why had Su Yan been her favorite author?! He didn’t deserve that high spot in her heart at all! Since she had given him a system, he was only making trouble! It hadn’t even been two weeks but he had managed to thwart her plans several times already!
Just why had he used the Dimension Ticket before taking that hot shower? Or, even better, couldn’t he have waited until tomorrow and tried it after they had had sex? How was she supposed to get her story back on track now?! Continue reading

LWS V4C89 Using the Special Reward

Nie Chang and Su Yan indeed didn’t need long to reach the apartment. Su Yan happily jumped out of the car and ran over to his boyfriend, linking arms with him.
“How about you come with me to check out the reward? That way you won’t have to worry that I’m gone too long.”
Nie Chang sighed and ruffled his darling’s hair. “If you want me to, then I’ll naturally come with you. Wait, let’s get your notebook first.” Nie Chang pulled Su Yan back to the car and got his notebook before accompanying him inside.
Looking at it, Su Yan blinked. “Eh, Ah Chang, say, I can also use the system on the notebook, right?”
“Sure.” Continue reading

LWS V4C88 The Milestones of a Relationship

Su Yan swiveled around to Nie Chang and stared at his profile. He hadn’t gotten it wrong, had he? They were in a relationship so there would also be milestones they could reach together. And each milestone gave him experience points so … Doing things with Nie Chang would get him closer to the next level.
Nie Chang felt cold sweat break out on his forehead. He had no idea what was going on but he had the feeling that Su Yan’s gaze spelled trouble for him. “Darling … Is something the matter?”
Su Yan leaned back in his seat and grinned. “No. Everything is great.” Really great, ah! He could actually do things with his boyfriend and become a better author at the same time. The system should have told him earlier!
Nie Chang glanced at Su Yan but there was no way he could know what his boyfriend was thinking just from taking a short look. Ah, he’d have to wait until they were home. Continue reading

LWS V4C87 Experience Stats

Nie Chang really would have liked to take a look at his little darling just to see the expression he made right now. Unfortunately, he had to concentrate on the traffic. Not that that was easy with Su Yan next to him.
After noticing how strange his statement was, Su Yan scrambled for words. “Uh, that’s not what I said. It’s what the system said. You know how it always gives strange names to the levels? I think the first one was ‘Lovely Novice’ and then there was ‘Apprentice of Dating’ and ‘Adept of Flirting’, so I guess ‘Expert of Seduction’ isn’t too strange? I mean, it totally is strange but not that strange for the system. Don’t you think so?” Continue reading

LWS V4C86 Expert of Seduction

Su Yan blinked. Eh? This story didn’t seem as bad as he had thought. There were actually two interesting characters around and a lot at stake. He couldn’t see where any kind of romance might happen for that Qiu Ming Wen though. Wasn’t that a little strange for a bl novel?
He pondered but finally ignored the issue. Who knew? Maybe there would be other characters later on and Qiu Ming Wen would fall in love with one of them. It was absolutely possible.
That wasn’t what he wanted to know for now though. No, much more important was if this was enough to have the system check his task! Continue reading

LWS V4C85 A Hen-Pecked Husband

Su Yan looked at his boyfriend with a complaint clearly written in his eyes. “Didn’t you say it would be enough to read the first chapter? How come the task isn’t checked yet?”
Nie Chang gulped. “Uh … I’m not sure. Well, we didn’t really complete the first chapter, right? Maybe doing so will help you get to the next level?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. That could actually be true … He raised his phone again and navigated back to the website. The novel was still open and he even found the spot where Nie Chang had left off. Before he could start reading though, his boyfriend grabbed his shoulder.
“Heh, Ah Yan, you wouldn’t want to read it here, would you?”
“Of course. Why not?” Continue reading

LWS V4C84 A Big Three

Su Yan stared at the back of his boyfriend with his mouth gaping open. This … This was so mean! “You’ve cheated!” Su Yan ran after him and tried to get his phone but a certain someone was, unfortunately, a lot taller than him and hadn’t been careless enough to put it into his pocket.
Su Yan stamped his foot. “How can you do this to me?!”
Nie Chang raised his eyebrows at him. “Didn’t you tell Zhi Bao Yu earlier that I’m a really mean person?”
“Well, you are! But I also said you’re nice to me so give it back!”
“Only if you promise not to do anything stupid.” Continue reading

LWS V4C83 Irresistible

As soon as Nie Chang and Su Yan stepped out of the restaurant, a certain someone retracted his head and looked in all directions.
Nie Chang’s brows raised and he also looked around but couldn’t see anything. “What are we looking for?”
“The thugs!” Su Yan hissed at him and grabbed his arm again, hurriedly pulling him down the road. He might be excited to see what his reward was but he certainly wouldn’t forget about something as important as this!
“Oh, I see.” Nie Chang refrained from saying anything and just followed his little darling down the street. There was one problem though. “Darling, don’t you think you’ll attract those thugs even more if you’re running like this?” Continue reading

LWS V4C82 Taking a Shortcut

Nie Chang glanced at his little darling and narrowed his eyes. Alright, he obviously couldn’t read this to him. So how to make it short without angering him?
His gaze fell onto the two bowls in front of Su Yan. Even the second one was almost empty by now. It seemed his little darling really wanted to go home as fast as possible. Nie Chang smiled and his brows raised a little. Come to think of it … That might be the best reason he could use for his problem.
He opened the novel and skimmed the first chapter before clearing his throat. “Darling, considering that you want to reach the next level as fast as possible and then have a look at your reward from before … How about we take a shortcut?” Continue reading