RMN C19 I’ll Teach Him How to Fly

Both flying swords took a short dive at those words. Come again? Nobody knew for sure if he would be in a group with Mei Chao Bing. And even if … Who said Mei Chao Bing would win against everyone? Originally, he might have been a talent that formed his core early on but after his Master’s betrayal and without access to the sect’s resources his cultivation had stagnated, giving the other disciples the time to finally catch up to him.
Yang Wu Huang was sure that he wouldn’t lose to him in a fight. Not now and definitely not in the future. After all, he still had the backing of his Master and the sect while Mei Chao Bing … Well, he had gotten what the disciple of a traitor deserved. There was no way for him to ever recover from this setback. And if he did find a way … then Yang Wu Huang didn’t mind barring it for him.
Even though his thoughts were sinister, Yang Wu Huang still managed to control his expression in a few seconds. That amicable smile returned to his lips and he pretended not to have heard that Yun Bei Fen had mentioned Mei Chao Bing specifically. “Junior martial brother Yun is right about that. With your senior martial brothers around, you’ll have to worry far less about sustaining any injuries on this mission. But still. What if there are more heretic practitioners than there are righteous cultivators on our side? I can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep you safe. No, in that case, it would still be better if you knew how to use a flying sword. I could at least buy you enough time to escape.”
Yun Bei Fen grew even more confused. What did this have to do with this Yang Wu Huang? He turned to look at his Master for an explanation.
Baili Chao really wanted to facepalm. Had he already promised his disciple that he would be paired with Mei Chao Bing? Actually, he had just meant that there was the possibility for them to be in a group. If that would indeed happen and if there would be other disciples in that group … he had no idea.
He was intent on ignoring his disciple’s questioning gaze and pretend he hadn’t heard or seen a thing but while his Fen’er was quite well behaved, that Yang Wu Huang didn’t intend to let go of this opportunity so easily.
“So in conclusion, it would be better for junior martial brother Yun to learn how to use a flying sword. Wouldn’t you agree, Elder Baili?”
Baili Chao frowned. How old did this brat think he was? Wasn’t it obvious how this guy would proceed if he said yes now? But he could hardly deny that it would indeed be better for Yun Bei Fen to learn how to use a flying sword. Hmph. Cleverly arranged. But he wouldn’t make it that easy for him. “Well, he’ll learn sooner or later.”
“I guess it would be better if he learned it sooner. With this speed, it won’t take long to reach the border region. As soon as we’re there and the patrols start, junior martial brother Yun will be in danger. Mn, how about this? Since Elder Baili is busy I could take some time to teach him. Naturally, this can’t replace Elder Baili’s superb teaching but it might be enough to save junior martial brother Yun’s life in a critical moment.”
Baili Chao gnashed his teeth. How had this guy still managed to bring that suggestion up?
While his Master fretted over how to refuse Yang Wu Huang decisively while still staying polite Yun Bei Fen’s eyes started to sparkle. Ah, learning how to fly a sword … It should take a lot of time too. Maybe … He tugged at his Master’s sleeve and looked up at him with watery eyes
Baili Chao’s lips twitched. He really wanted to rap this boy on the head or maybe cut it open and take a look if there was something else inside than that Mei Chao Bing. Unfortunately, he was defenseless against that look. And, well, he’d still prefer Mei Chao Bing over this Yang Wu Huang. Especially …
He thought of what the Sect Master had said and patted Yun Bei Fen’s head. If even the Black Warrior was alarmed because of the possible demise of their sect, then it had to be serious. If Yun Bei Fen becoming Mei Chao Bing’s Dao partner was the only thing to prevent that … He should encourage it. And why not? His disciple was already crazy about that man. He wouldn’t mind marrying him.
Baili Chao looked back at Yang Wu Huang and smiled noncommittally. “Fen’er hasn’t broken through to this stage that long ago. I’m afraid his foundation is still a little unstable so he should concentrate on cultivation for now.”
Yang Wu Huang’s eyes narrowed and he glanced at Yun Bei Fen. Not that he could understand why but the boy was obviously already interested in Mei Chao Bing. If he wanted to get him for himself, he’d have to invest a lot of energy. Patrolling together would be an idea but who knew in which groups they would end up? Especially if Elder Baili wanted to keep him away from his disciple. There were only three Elders in charge of this mission, after all. If Elder Baili wanted him to never get into contact with Yun Bei Fen, then he could arrange it like that.
He had thought that the Elder would definitely allow him to spend time with Yun Bei Fen if he selflessly offered to teach him how to use a flying sword so he could save himself in case of an emergency. But now it seemed that things wouldn’t be as easy.
Now, what should he do? Just wait? He definitely couldn’t do this or Mei Chao Bing would get the boy. He definitely couldn’t allow that. No, he would never stand by and watch how this traitor got something he wanted. Especially if it was such a beauty.

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