OMF V6C180 Make up for Sad Memories

Leng Jin Yu knelt down on the ground and took out a few materials from his spatial ring. He had lived long enough to have accumulated quite a bit of them when compared with other people in the mortal realm. There had been a few things that he left behind for the Jian Yi Sect when he ascended but most of it had been taken with him to the Nine Heavens. After all, he hadn’t known what awaited him back then and he wanted to be prepared in case it was something bad. Thus there were still more than enough materials to set up a simple array.

He took out some crystals containing spiritual energy that would have made any cultivator raise their brows. This kind of crystal wasn’t rare but the size of the ones in Leng Jin Yu’s hands … Such big crystals could only be found at the most primal of spots in the human realm. The fact that he could casually take out a handful of them showed just how strong he had been when he finally ascended.

Leng Jin Yu didn’t think anything about it. He formed a simple array that only consisted of the most basic shape to make sure that the God of War would be able to connect it with the more sophisticated array he had come up with.

As soon as the array was finished, Leng Jin Yu stood up and stepped into the middle. He took a deep breath and calmed down, gathering his strength. Creating a realm wasn’t easy, even for somebody who had ascended. After all, he needed to cut through space, connect this place with another dimension and then fill the place that had been created with his spiritual energy. It would be a huge drain but it was worth it for Jinde.

He slowly lifted his hands and the spiritual energy rose to his fingertips. He put his palms together, condensing the energy into a thin blade. He struck out, expelling a breath and cutting the space. It ripped open and faint energy could be seen swirling in the air. Leng Jin Yu reached out, his fingers touching the vortex. A blinding light erupted, hiding his figure from sight.

Not far away, Zhangsun Xun Yi furrowed his brows. This person … As an ascended deity, he shouldn’t have any trouble doing this, should he? He certainly didn’t want to explain to that man that something had happened to his husband. If he did … even with how heavily injured that man was, the Yun Zou Sect might not be able to live through his wrath. He had shown more than once that the person he loved was the most important to him. He was even more important than his own life.

Leng Jin Yu had no time to think about Zhangsun Xun Yi. Right now, he was at the most crucial stage. He couldn’t stop or slow down. Otherwise, not only would his attempt fail, but he himself would also be gravely injured.

His hands moved, his spiritual energy widening the rip he had made in space. He stepped forward, his feet leaving the ground and stepping into the gap. His hands shot forward, rays of spiritual energy wrapping around him and stabilizing the opening of the realm. Looking from afar, it seemed as if a gigantic gate had appeared behind the Sect Master’s palace. The opening wasn’t wide but with the spiritual energy swirling around it, it seemed to glow like a star in the night sky, impossible to miss.

Leng Jin Yu looked into the dark space behind the gate, his lips curving up imperceptibly. The realm was created, now … He glanced at the array behind him and nodded to himself. Very well. The realm was already tied to the array. For the time being, this would suffice. He could now go about finalizing his creation. After all, the realm might be created but it was still empty.

He turned back again, using his spiritual energy to stabilize the realm further until it calmed down completely. The gate next to him seemed to solidify as if it was an actual gate to a building that somebody had constructed.

Leng Jin Yu stepped further in, closing the gate behind him so it wouldn’t draw any more attention. Not that he held much hope. Something like this would alarm the whole cultivation world. Most likely, several delegations from other cultivation sects would be sent over soon. Well, this might help his Master with revitalizing the Yun Zou Sect so it might even be a blessing in disguise. They just had to tread carefully in the aftermath.

After all, even though he was the one who had created the array, he had used only a simple one without any restrictions. Everybody would be able to open this realm as it was now. He didn’t believe that many people would dare to give this a try with the Sect Master and the Grandmaster around but it couldn’t hurt to be cautious.

Well, that was something for later. Now, he first had to form this empty plain into something that Jinde would appreciate. He closed his eyes and his energy surged, changing the ground when he walked, raising it into the air to form mountains and lowering it down to form valleys. Rain formed of spiritual energy fell and created rivers and lakes before Leng Jin Yu finally stopped in the middle of the realm.

His eyes opened and an image flashed in front of them. He hesitated but finally, a tall tree shot out of the ground, stone slabs appeared below his feet and a building rose behind him.

Leng Jin Yu turned in a circle and his lips curved into a smile. Ah, this place, he wasn’t too sure if Jinde would like it or if seeing this would bring back unpleasant memories but it was a place that connected the two of them. After all, this was the place he had seen since the day he came to the Yun Zou Sect. This was the place that had led him to search for Jinde. So even though this was the place they had met at in his previous life when they didn’t manage to stay together in the end, it still had a special meaning to them now.

Maybe they would be able to make up for a few of the things that had gone wrong in the past. Maybe the sad memories could be offset by the good ones they would make now. At the very least, that was what he wished for. He could only hope that Jinde would feel the same.


Author’s Note:

This is already (?) the end of volume 6, Demon Realm Guest. Even though many things were set in motion, there wasn’t as much about Jing Yi in this volume as in the previous ones. Things will change in the next one again but you’ll still get your fair share of Jinde, Leng Jin Yu and the others. 😉



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OMF V6C179 A Second Dimension

Zhangsun Xun Yi and Leng Jin Yu walked into the Sect Master’s study one after the other. Yuchi Bing Xia got up when he saw the Grandmaster and then broke into a happy smile when he saw his disciple. “Grandmaster Zhangsun. Yu Jin, are you also coming over to see your old Master again? I was really thinking you had all forgotten about me after moving in with a beauty.”

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. He already knew what his Master thought about Jinde but hearing it like this after they had married … It did feel a little strange. Well, not that he could deny it. A person that dared to say that Jinde wasn’t beautiful probably wouldn’t have any sense of aesthetics. “It’s all this disciple’s fault.” He cupped his fists and bowed.

Yuchi Bing Xia waved. “Well, you’re young. I’m just happy that he hasn’t driven you crazy yet.” Continue reading

OMF V6C178 I Need You as a Cover-up

When Leng Jin Yu finally arrived in the Yun Zou Sect, he directly flew to Grandmaster Zhangsun’s peak. Never mind the transmission stone for now. Qiu Ling didn’t care about it too much and most likely, nobody would want to contact him right now anyway. No, it was better to take care of the matter at hand first.

Zhangsun Xun Yi looked up when he heard steps in the corridor outside of his study. He furrowed his brows and rose to his feet, his body tensed. When had been the last time that he hadn’t known as soon as somebody set foot on his peak? To actually manage to get to the corridor before he noticed them … This person had to be much stronger than him.

The person that finally appeared made him relax and give a sigh. “Grandmaster Leng —” Continue reading

OMF V6C177 Use the Time

Qiang Yan nodded. “You might be right about that. Still, I’d like not to take any chances. So let’s just be careful about this, alright? I’ll work on that array as soon as I can.”

“I’m very much in favor of that. Could you bring it over here after you’re done? I wouldn’t presume to let you do this normally but … I think it might bring some difficulties if I were to leave here again. I’ve already run into some trouble in the dragon realm. I was able to throw the person off but …” He sighed and shook his head. “Furthermore, the demon king went to the Yun Zou Sect recently. He’s onto something so it’s important that all of this is done as soon as possible and with involving as few people as possible.”

Qiang Yan furrowed his brows. The demon king was involved as well? This wasn’t good! The person that would get the most out of this was certainly that guy. From the very beginning, he had hated Qiu Ling. At the very least, that was what was being said. And preventing the marriage between Qiu Ling and Jing He would certainly bring trouble to both their races. That was something the demons would be able to take advantage of. That should be exactly what he was hoping for. He wanted to speak up again when he remembered something. “Wait, the current demon king … Wasn’t he raised by the previous Longjun?” Continue reading

OMF V6C176 He Has Enough Appeal

Leng Jin Yu answered his transmission stone without delay. He couldn’t help but raise his brows when he saw the face of the God of War though. “God of War, what a surprise.”

Qiang Yan grimaced. “Certainly not as big of a surprise as the one I just got. I hope you don’t mind me asking but who did you say your husband was again?”

Leng Jin Yu kept his previous expression of surprise, not giving any other hint whatsoever. “I don’t think I mentioned anything other than getting married. The person is somebody I met in the human realm while on the mission. I’m afraid the God of War doesn’t know him.”

Qiang Yan nodded his head. “I might be a little too young to know him.” Continue reading

OMF V6C175 The Person You Promised …

Bai Mu raised his brows in surprise when his transmission stone pulsed again just after his father had cut the connection. He imbued his spiritual energy and Qiang Yan’s apparition appeared. Before he could even greet him, Qiang Yan already spoke up.

“The person that needs you to create the array, have you seen them?”

Bai Mu raised his brows. Just what was is about? “If this is important for how the array has to be?”

Qiang Yan clicked his tongue. If this person wasn’t his son, he probably would have scolded him for evading to answer like that. “I’m being serious here, Bai Mu. Have you seen them?” Continue reading

OMF V6C174 A Person He Couldn’t Forget

The heavenly physician handed the lists with the ingredients over to the God of Medicine and then stepped to the side.

“These are the lists of ingredients?” The God of Medicine sifted through the pages and furrowed his bushy brows.

Qiang Yan nodded and then patted the bag that he had tied to his belt. “Yes, I also have the ingredients here. There’s more than one recipe but I think that we have the ingredients for all of them here. So whatever the God of Medicine deems best, I’d be happy if you could refine that one.” He didn’t care about the compensation he’d have to pay. If it would help Nie Huang acquire the spirit veins or make the process easier for her so that it wouldn’t hurt as much, then he would definitely pay a higher price. This was nothing to him. Continue reading

OMF V6C173 A Promise to Fulfill

Bai Mu took out his transmission stone when he left the room and imbued his spiritual energy, contacting Qiang Yan. His father immediately answered.

“Bai Mu! I’m currently in the Temple of Medicine, having them evaluate the lists. I don’t know anything yet though.”

Bai Mu nodded. “That’s still good. It’ll probably not take that long anymore then. Father, there is one thing …”

Qiang Yan who had just been worrying about the lists, couldn’t help but turn away from the desk of the heavenly physician and look at the apparition of his son more closely. Bai Mu seemed a little … tense? “Did something happen?” Continue reading

OMF V6C172 He Didn’t Want to Leave Her

Bai Mu continued with the links. Once again, he tried to group them to make sure that they would fit into the shapes of the array with as few variations as possible. Unfortunately, there was still about a dozen of them when he had managed to connect all lines. He furrowed his brows and stared at the drawing.

One dozen … That was way too much. If it was supposed to be stable, then half of that would be necessary. If he also wanted to have this work for a long time, then even less would be better. Three or maybe four combinations should be the most. And three would be much better for this kind of array. Would this really work? Right now, he saw no way to do so. Continue reading

OMF V6C171 The Base of the Array

Bai Mu sighed and shook his head. Whatever. That wasn’t important now. He would have time to get to know his father better in the future, maybe even having that fight he had dreamed about. For now, he had to concentrate on the task at hand though and make sure that he didn’t make any mistake. After all, he had promised this and from what Leng Jin Yu had told him, this was extremely important to him and his lover. He couldn’t be careless.

He looked back at the initial drawings on the scroll and couldn’t help but furrow his brows. This kind of array … It really was complicated to set up. Just how long would he need to come up with something that would be safe to use? And not just for a short amount of time? After all, he needed something that could support a gate between two equally strong dimensions, one that would be able to last for several thousand years in the best case. After all, who knew how long the two of them would want to stay in there? Continue reading