OMF V6C8 What to Do?

Jing Yi was left alone. He continued to sit on the bed and listened for Jin Ling’s steps to recede outside. Only when he was sure that he couldn’t hear him anymore, did he heave a sigh of relief.
Ah, at least he wouldn’t have to deal with this unreasonable person for the time being. He didn’t doubt that he would come back though. Before that could happen, he needed to get an idea of where he was and if there was a way to flee from here without being caught immediately.
Thinking about that he couldn’t help but sigh. “I should have asked Qiu Ling more questions. I would at least know a bit more about the demons then.”
Right now, he had no idea what to expect but he certainly wouldn’t buy that story about how that guy wanted him to become his lover. Wasn’t that more or less what had happened to Qiu Ling’s father? Getting together with someone from the demon race who only wanted to use him to get to their …
Jing Yi perked up. Could it be that this whole thing was about that? Had that Jin Ling taken him with him because he was Qiu Ling’s fiance? Because he thought he could use him to hurt Qiu Ling? And since Qiu Ling was the king of the dragon race, hurting him would equal to hurting his whole race? That seemed plausible.
Jing Yi clenched his fists. That bastard! That despicable bastard! Hadn’t Qiu Ling gone through enough because of the demons? And he was even partly of their own race! How could they want to do something to him?
He definitely couldn’t let it happen.
Jing Yi slid down from the bed and tiptoed to the door on the other side of the room. Opening it he was greeted by the sight of yet another room. He frowned and took a look around. There were a large tub and a chair next to it with a robe and a towel on it. What he couldn’t see was a door.
Jing Yi sighed. Thankfully, he hadn’t blindly rushed over here before. In that case, not only would he have alarmed that Jin Ling, he would also have gotten himself into an even worse situation. It seemed he really needed to be careful from now on.
Jing Yi went back and checked on the other door. Outside was an empty corridor. His heart screamed at him to run but he took a deep breath and closed the door again.
No. No, he couldn’t be reckless. He didn’t know even nearly enough. He first had to find out where exactly he was and what that Jin Ling really wanted from him. If he indeed wanted to use him against Qiu Ling, then he certainly wouldn’t let him go just like that. Who knew? There might be guards just around the corner and if he stepped out and was caught, he might indeed be chained up somewhere. What then? He couldn’t risk it.
Jing Yi went back into the room and paced up and down. He needed a plan. But what kind of plan was that supposed to be? He didn’t know anything about the demons in general or that Jin Ling specifically. The only thing he knew for sure was that they didn’t have a good relationship with the dragons. Otherwise, what had happened to Qiu Ling’s parents would never have occurred.
With that kind of starting point, he didn’t even need to try and get something out of Jin Ling to help Qiu Ling. If he tried, that man might just exploit his ignorance like he had tried to do with taking on Qiu Ling’s appearance and pretending to be Tian. No, just getting out of here would be enough. He had to get out and somehow meet up with Qiu Ling.
Jing Yi folded his hands in his lap and bit his lower lip. It sounded so easy when he thought about it. But how was he supposed to do it? Even if he got out of the room without being seen, he would still need to find a way out of the building first, and depending on where they were … Maybe this was a town somewhere in the demon realm? Then he would also have to navigate the streets, get out of the gates and maybe even make his way through the whole realm.
Something like that … Was it even possible?
Probably not. He might still be able to escape out of the building but that was it. If the town had a gate, then he was done for. And even if it hadn’t, it was entirely possible that demons could tell who was one of them and who wasn’t. They would recognize him immediately and if that Jin Ling was someone important, he would be delivered back to his doorstep.
And even if he managed to flee by a simple stroke of luck and even made it out of the demon realm … Who knew where he would end up? He didn’t know where the demon realm was. He wouldn’t know how to get back to the Yun Zou Sect or to any place where he could get help.
Jing Yi leaned back and sighed again. Then what? He couldn’t just wait until Jin Ling gave up, could he? Considering how that guy had talked, that might never happen. So should he just … wait for Qiu Ling to come and save him?
Jing Yi’s cheeks grew hot. Considering everything that seemed like the most reasonable approach but … he felt shameless just thinking about it. It had been more than five years since they had been a proper couple. He had been in the secret realm for most of the time since then and broken up with him right after he had been freed. He had rejected and pushed Qiu Ling back again and again in the weeks after that, even though his fiance had tried to approach him more than once.
All that time, Qiu Ling had never pulled back. He had stayed close to him, protected him, helped him … How did he deserve this man?

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