LWS V5C17 Infected by Ziju An’s Intelligence?

Nie Chang patted his little darling’s head and pointed at the mirror again. “Alright, then let’s take a look at your experience bar?”
“Mn!” Su Yan beamed at his boyfriend as if his previous guilt and sadness had never existed. He even continued to smile when he turned to the Lovely Writing System. “System, show us my progress!”
The system reacted promptly and the pink progress bar with the row of numbers below it appeared again.
“Kya! Look at that!” Su Yan grabbed his boyfriend’s arm and laughed, pointing at the pink bar. He had no idea how much progress he had really made but it was a lot! Much more than the practice tasks had gotten him at least.
Nie Chang nodded with a smile and calculated. “That should be almost one-third of the experience points you need to get to the next level.”
Su Yan blinked. “Huh? How do you know?”
Nie Chang motioned at the mirror.
Su Yan took a look but didn’t understand. “What? There’s a lot of pink. But how do you know how much it is?” Nie Chang had sounded really sure, after all. How could he see that just from that bit of color?
Nie Chang sighed and tipped on the glass of the mirror where the numbers were. “That’s thirty-one percent.”
Su Yan stared at the numbers dumbstruck. His boyfriend … had actually calculated that in this bit of time? He looked up at Nie Chang again and blinked. “Do you think being in Ziju An’s body affected you?”
“Why?” Nie Chang raised his brows. Somehow, the way his little darling looked at him right now made him feel uncomfortable.
“You suddenly knew how many percents I got because of that task. This must be some insight you gained through Ziju An’s cultivation!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. “Darling … This is basic maths.”
Su Yan shook his head. “How can you call that basic! There are so many numbers, it’s obviously some kind of advanced mathematics.” He let go of Nie Chang and crossed his arms in front of his chest. No way this was something normal people could do. It definitely needed a cultivator for that!
Nie Chang sighed and rubbed Su Yan’s head again. Why had he even asked? Su Yan had refused to look at anything with slightly higher numbers as soon as their last school day ended. “Well, it might be true. Your male lead should be especially intelligent after all. But then again you modeled him after me, didn’t you? So this has to mean that you think I’m very intelligent on my own already.”
Su Yan still looked a little skeptical.
Nie Chang smiled teasingly and continued to rub his head. “Actually, I’m not surprised at all. My little darling is such a great catch, I certainly wouldn’t have become your boyfriend if I didn’t have to offer something in return. It must have been my intelligence that made you fall in love with me.”
Su Yan blinked. What Nie Chang said sounded logical but … had he really fallen in love with him because he was so smart? He thought back to the previous weekend where he had talked things through with his mother. In the end, he hadn’t known why exactly he had fallen in love with Nie Chang. He had only known that he didn’t want to lose him to some woman.
Nie Chang’s hand stopped moving and his lips twitched. Looking at Su Yan’s face … Just what was he thinking about? He wouldn’t have come to some strange conclusion, would he?
Nie Chang hurriedly cleared his throat and motioned at the mirror. “So what do we do now? A fifth is a lot already. If we manage to find some good tasks, we might really return home this weekend.”
His words successfully pulled Su Yan out of his thoughts. “Ah, you’re right. It’s really a lot. Who could have known just this one task would get us so many experience points? Doesn’t that mean that we’ll return after just fulfilling another …”
“Two?” Nie Chang helped out. “I doubt it. You didn’t take a look at your progress bar after reaching the new level, did you?”
Su Yan shook his head. “No. Why should I? The progress bar had to be full at that time, didn’t it? Otherwise, how would I have advanced?”
Nie Chang nodded. “That’s true but you got the experience stats, didn’t you? And some of the things on there should have been fulfilled already so … it’s very likely that you already got the experience points for that and the task right now only added to it. I doubt you really got more than thirty percent of the necessary experience just by kissing me ten times.”
Su Yan’s face fell. So they would have to do more tasks? But it had already been so difficult to find ten types of kisses they could perform! Just take a look at Nie Chang’s face! Just from this one task, he was badly injured! How could he force him to do more than two other tasks?! Wouldn’t that be torture?
Su Yan very conscientiously reached out and rubbed his boyfriend’s arm. “Don’t worry! I won’t force you to do any strange tasks. If we do something, we’ll make sure beforehand that it’s nothing dangerous.”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “What could be dangerous about these tasks?” Wasn’t it just furthering their relationship? He couldn’t see anything dangerous in that.
Su Yan pursed his lips. Nie Chang still had the nerve to ask! He certainly wouldn’t answer this!
Actually, Nie Chang didn’t need him to say something anyway. Just taking a casual look at his face was enough to understand. Nie Chang sighed and turned to the mirror. “System, show us the list with the upcoming milestones from the experience stats again.”
The system happily complied. Looking at the list though … Both Su Yan and Nie Chang were stumped for words. It wasn’t that there was nothing they could do. It was just that the things they could do … Maybe they weren’t too good to do now?

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