OMF V6C7 He Seemed to Attract Strange Men

Jin Ling looked at the person that was obviously terrified. It shouldn’t be too hard to make this kind of person waver. After all, this wasn’t the true Son of Heaven and he didn’t remember everything. If he showed him a vulnerable part of him, then he would naturally soften and with a bit of time …
Jin Ling sighed again. “You’re afraid. I’m sorry. That’s not what I wanted.”
Jing Yi didn’t answer. He couldn’t trust this person. The less he talked, the better. Instead, he should try and find a way out of here. He glanced in all directions and noticed two doors. One was behind Jin Ling but the other one was on the other side of the room. If he managed to get there before him … Maybe he could find a way outside?
But no. This person lived here. He would know this place better than him. If he tried to flee but got lost, he would be caught in no time and dragged back here. And then this Jin Ling would have been warned and every new attempt to flee would become harder. He couldn’t risk that.
“You see, when I left the demon realm the last time, I coincidentally watched the two of you. Seeing how happy you were I couldn’t help but be envious. I thought that it must be so wonderful to have somebody care about you so much. Somebody who would accompany you wherever you go and help you if you get into trouble. Just someone who … is there for you.” He leaned closer to Jing Yi but didn’t try to touch him. If he had learned anything in the many years of collecting beauties for his harem, then it was that such things couldn’t be rushed. This type of person wouldn’t submit to only beauty. No, this type of person wanted a heart.
“Maybe you think I’m cruel to just take you away like this. But I couldn’t help myself. I thought that if that man can be so happy with you at his side, then maybe you could bring the same happiness to me?
“Please, I don’t ask for much. Just … stay with me for a while. Let me feel the same love he feels. I’m sure the two of us will also make for a great couple.”
He waited for Jing Yi’s response, already preparing his answers for the two types of reactions he thought the most likely. If Jing Yi grew angry, he would admit that he had made a mistake and then he would beg him. This kind of person had trouble resisting that. But if he had already softened, then …
Wait. Why wasn’t he saying anything?
Jin Ling looked up only to find Jing Yi stare at the door behind him as if his gaze alone could open it. This … this stupid boy! Don’t tell him he hadn’t listened at all?!
Jin Ling frowned but hurriedly smoothed out his expression. No, he couldn’t get angry. The success of this relied on how well he could portray a personality this boy could love and he certainly wouldn’t like someone who would lose his fuse at the first problem. That bastard was also very patient with the Son of Heaven, even though he couldn’t hold back in any other situation. So … he had to be exceptionally patient as well.
Jin Ling leaned over even further and slowly reached out. “Jing He.” He lightly touched his leg, making Jing Yi recoil again. But at least, his ‘guest’ had finally come out of his thoughts. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to … pressure you. It’s just that I don’t know what else to do.”
“How about bringing me back to the Yun Zou Sect then?”
Jin Ling smiled. “How could I do that? I really like you. You might not believe it but it’s the truth. I want to have you by my side, to accompany me, to ease my loneliness and heal my heart. Can’t you imagine that at all?”
Jing Yi’s brows twitched. What was this man talking about? “I don’t even know you.”
Jin Ling smiled even more serenely. “That’s not important. We can still get to know each other. I just know that we’re right for each other. I knew from the moment I first saw you.”
Jing Yi smiled wryly. Somehow … he seemed to attract strange men. Or how come Qiu Ling proposed to him when they first met while this man told him they were made for each other? That certainly wasn’t what a normal person would do!
Ah, but his fiance at least had a good excuse. He had been with Jing He for so long and then finally found him in the world of the mortals again. Naturally, he had been unable to wait any longer. He had seen him when he was still a child, after all. To wait until the Gathering of Practitioners had probably needed a lot of willpower already.
Jing Yi smiled at Jin Ling, making him hope that his plan had already worked out. Unfortunately, Jing Yi’s following words destroyed this hope. “I’m sorry but even if you say so, it won’t change that my heart only holds my fiance. So please let me go. I don’t intend to spend time with any man but him.”
“What a lucky man he is.” Jin Ling got up and turned to go. At the door, he stopped once again. “We’ve traveled rather far to get here so … Why don’t you rest for a while? I’ll come and see how you’re doing later on.” With that, he stepped out of the room, leaving Jing Yi alone. He didn’t worry that his ‘guest’ would manage to escape. This was his palace and that boy was just a mortal. Even if he left that room, he would be able to find him and drag him back. So there really was no need to worry.

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