LWS V5C12 I Love Every Part of You!

Unfortunately for Su Yan, he was standing on his toes and had placed the mirror onto the table that didn’t even reach his knees. Looking from his boyfriend’s shoulder onto the list was almost impossible. Well, most likely it was completely impossible but he still hoped that he would somehow pull it off. With his lips still pursed, he leaned further back, holding onto his boyfriend’s shoulders so he wouldn’t lose his balance. His lips touched on Nie Chang’s earlobe.
Nie Chang couldn’t help but grin teasingly. “If you bite it, that might just count as a kiss.”
“Mn?” Su Yan wanted to say something but his lips were still pursed just in case he needed to use them again. So he only raised his brows to get his question across.
Nie Chang clearly understood what Su Yan wanted but he wouldn’t try and explain it himself. No, no, there was still the system for that dangerous task. He would only capitalize on the great sides of this experience task.
With that thought in mind, Nie Chang chuckled, grabbed his little darling around the waist and pursed his own lips, pressing them onto Su Yan’s. With a satisfied expression, he leaned back. “How was that?”
Su Yan finally retracted his lips. “What kind of kiss was that supposed to be?”
“A sweet one.”
Su Yan blinked and wriggled out of his boyfriend’s embrace, running over to the mirror to check whether the back kiss and this ‘sweet kiss’ had made them finish the task already. Seeing their progress still at eight of ten types of kisses, he frowned.
“Hah? This doesn’t make any sense! I clearly kissed your back! We should at least get that one.” Uh, well, maybe that hadn’t counted as Nie Chang’s back? His boyfriend was so tall, he might only have reached his shoulder. Argh, it was all Nie Chang’s fault! Why hadn’t he done as he said and kissed his back instead? It was much easier for the taller person to kiss the shorter one! Not that he was so much shorter than Nie Chang …
Su Yan shook his head and poked the system. “System, what about that ‘sweet kiss’? Why didn’t that count?”
[The Sweet Kiss was already counted.]
“Huh?” Su Yan blinked. “When? We did it just now and the number didn’t change at all! Where is our progress if you counted it already?”
The system refused to give him a verbal reply and just opened an explanation: [The Candy Kiss, also known as the Sweet Kiss, is an especially sweet type of kiss that lets you share something tasty with your partner other than the kiss itself.]
Su Yan turned to his boyfriend without reading the rest of the explanation. “Ah Chang, are you sure that you got the name of the kiss just now right? The system explains it completely different from how you’ve done it.”
Nie Chang raised his brows but refused to come over from the other side of the room. “Really? How strange! I was so sure it was a sweet kiss.”
“Hm …” Su Yan turned back to the system and frowned. Maybe the system didn’t want them to finish this task and refused to accept their sweet kiss because of that? It could be possible! After all, who could say for sure that it wouldn’t show him a wrong explanation? He definitely wouldn’t be surprised if it tried something like this.
He didn’t know why the system should do that though. Didn’t it want him to advance? But it was a Lovely Writing System! Getting him to write should be the most important thing and now he was trapped inside of a novel where he couldn’t write at all.
Su Yan sighed and leaned back on the chair. Whatever the reason was, if he was right and the system really didn’t count those kisses because it didn’t want him to advance, then it didn’t make any difference whether they tried some other types or not. The system certainly wouldn’t be fair and count them this type.
Hm … Then what should they do? He turned to look at Nie Chang again. “Ah Chang, did you find something that can give us a special task? I think the system isn’t counting our kisses properly.”
Nie Chang coughed and shook his head. “Unfortunately, not. But we’ll certainly find something. We just have to keep looking.”
“Hm …” Su Yan stretched his legs and sighed. “Are you sure? What if we don’t? And what if the system still refuses to count? Then we’ll be trapped here.”
Nie Chang also sighed and came back to Su Yan’s side, braving the potential danger. He kissed his cheek and then leaned to the other side, pressing his lips onto Su Yan’s spine.
His little darling immediately froze before slowly turning his head, his expression bewildered. “What are you doing there?”
Nie Chang lifted his head and inched closer, pursing his lips and pressing them onto Su Yan’s with a resounding smack. “Getting another sweet kiss from my little darling. You know, even if the system is so stupid that it can’t even count, at least it gives us a very good excuse to spend lots of time together. And isn’t it also nice to kiss like this? We’re a couple now, after all.”
Su Yan pursed his lips and shifted around on the chair. He didn’t mind kissing Nie Chang but … “Who kisses someone’s back? That’s so strange.”
Nie Chang very happily hugged his darling’s waist. “Well … Maybe it’s a little strange but I don’t mind. Do you know why?”
“Mh-mh.” Su Yan shook his head. “Why?”
Nie Chang nudged his nose. “Because I love every part of you!”

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