LBM C2 Starving Disciples (1): Let’s Eat, Father!

Elder Baili cracked an eye open and looked at the little one in front of him. The boy didn’t say anything so he closed them again and continued to meditate.
Yun Bei Fen likewise continued to wait in front of him.
Some minutes passed and finally, the Elder couldn’t take it anymore. He sighed, opened his eyes and looked at the boy. “What is it, Fen’er?”
Yun Bei Fen blinked. “Father! When are we going to eat?”
Baili Chao’s brows twitched. This was the second day since he brought the child home but the boy still refused to call him ‘Master’ like a good disciple! Ah, even those other three brats hadn’t made that kind of trouble for him. Just how was he supposed to explain this to him?
The Elder scratched his head. Well, he couldn’t do anything about that for now. Rather than that … “Eat? What do you mean?”
Yun Bei Fen’s eyes widened in shock. “Father! I’ve been here since yesterday and we haven’t even eaten once! Is your sect this poor?” He touched his tummy, looking aggrieved.
Elder Baili looked at his new disciple. Ah, it had been so long since Luo Lin joined them that he had completely forgotten that his disciple would need to eat until he reached the fourth layer of the Qi Refining stage. And until now, he hadn’t even told him how to sense spiritual energy. Of course, he would need to eat! The child was probably very hungry.
Baili Hao hastily got up and patted Yun Bei Fen’s head with a guilty conscience. “I’m sorry. Master forgot about it. Then let’s go eat.”
Yun Bei Fen happily took his Master’s hand and followed him. Unfortunately … Baili Chao didn’t know where to go. He didn’t have food in the house and back then when his other disciples had been young he had found somebody to cook for them. As someone who was supposed to cultivate they would only get plain congee anyway. It wasn’t that hard to find someone who could make some. But … he had already starved his poor disciple for a whole day! He had to get him something fast.
Baili Chao finally led the boy into a room close to the entrance and motioned at the old table in there. “Uh … This is our … dining room. You can sit down and wait here while your Master gets you something to eat.”
Yun Bei Fen looked around curiously and climbed onto a chair. He looked at the table that had already accumulated a layer of dust and couldn’t help but wonder: The table looked like that … How long had his senior martial brothers not eaten?
Baili Chao ran out as if the room was on fire, feeling as if his face was also burning. He definitely had to feed the child fast!

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