LWS V5C13 Being Generous

Su Yan beamed and puffed out his chest. “Well, that’s a matter of course!”
“Mn, it really is.” Nie Chang agreed readily and pulled his little darling closer, kissing him again. He didn’t forget to glance at the system while he was at it.
As if the system had noticed his gaze and wanted to cooperate, it collapsed the explanation of the Sweet Kiss and showed the progress of their kissing task again. It was at nine out of ten types of kisses.
Nie Chang chuckled and motioned at it. “Ah, look at that! It seems the system is just a little slow inside your novel. It finally updated the ninth type.”
“Ah?” Su Yan turned around and stared at the mirror, his eyes lighting up. “So it counted after all!” He hugged his boyfriend and gave him a kiss as thanks for telling him. “Thankfully, you took a look again or I really would have missed it and asked you to stop doing that stupid task.”
“Mn.” Nie Chang smiled and ruffled his darling’s hair. “Then what about the last one?”
“Hm …” Su Yan glanced at the system but wasn’t too thrilled to ask for more details about any of the types. Who knew what weird thing the system would come up with? But there was only one type missing. He couldn’t just stop now, could he?
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked up at his boyfriend with the intention of complaining to him. Looking at Nie Chang’s face … he suddenly had the urge to be magnanimous.
Su Yan snuggled up against his boyfriend with a foxy smile and rubbed his chest. “Ah Chang, seeing that this is a task that we have to do together I’d feel bad if I decide everything. How about you choose the last type of kiss?”
Nie Chang grinned. “Oh? That’s rather generous of you.”
“Mn, I know. But I don’t mind being generous with you. You’re such a good boyfriend.” Su Yan kissed his cheek and pointed at the mirror. “So, which one would you like?”
Nie Chang’s lips curved up in a teasing smile. Which one he would like? Actually, he didn’t mind whatever type of kiss it was. But with the way Su Yan behaved … he felt like doing something adventurous. “Are you sure it’s alright? What if you don’t like the type I choose?”
“Ah, how could that be?” Su Yan snuggled up to his boyfriend even closer. “Such a good boyfriend like you would never choose something bad.”
“Well, I hope you’re right with that.” Nie Chang turned to the mirror. “System, please show me the list with all the types of kisses again.”
The system complied and didn’t even take much time for it.
Nie Chang took one look at the list and his lips curved up even further. “Darling, aren’t you warm? How about taking off your shoes?”
Su Yan blinked. “Huh? Why would I take off my shoes? It’s not that warm.” He looked around the study. “Actually, it’s a little cold. Why didn’t I create some heating stone that runs on spiritual energy or something?” Su Yan furrowed his brow and looked around for something to keep him warm.
Nie Chang grinned. “It’s not that cold. Maybe you’re just tired or maybe it’s your blood circulation? Here, let me help you.” He reached down, massaging Su Yan’s thighs.
Su Yan looked at him blankly. What did this have to do with that? He didn’t complain though. Quite the contrary. “Eh? You’re quite good at this.”
“It’s all for you.” Nie Chang leaned over and kissed him on the cheek before concentrating on his legs again. He slowly worked his way down until he reached the upper edge of the boots Su Yan wore. Mn … “How about massaging your feet too?”
Su Yan nodded eagerly. “Yes, yes! Go ahead!” He happily leaned back and watched his boyfriend pull the boots off his feet.
Nie Chang didn’t say anything further and got back to work. He couldn’t help but glance at Su Yan’s face from time to time though.
Su Yan was watching him for the first few minutes but finally seemed to decide that it wasn’t too interesting. A massage was obviously something that should be felt and didn’t have to be seen. Instead, he picked up the mirror and had the system show him the other experience tasks again. After all, the system certainly wouldn’t be so nice to award them enough experience points to advance to the next level just from kissing ten times, would it?
Thus it couldn’t be wrong to have a look at what other possibilities they had. Some couldn’t be fulfilled in the novel either, making it even more difficult for them to earn experience points. There were still quite a few that shouldn’t be a problem though. If he hadn’t missed anything, then there were two types of tasks: Milestones like the one with the kisses where they had to do several things to pass and milestones that only required them to do a single thing.
Su Yan pursed his lips. Doing those single-task milestones should be easier, shouldn’t it? After all, they should be faster if they did only one thing. But maybe the other tasks would net them more experience? After all, the publication statistics also hadn’t given him much experience points. Or … well, at least he thought so. In fact, he didn’t know how many experience points he had gotten through them. Most of the time, he hadn’t checked, after all.
In that case, the best thing should be to test it. They could have a look at how many experience points they got from the kissing task and then they could do a single-milestone task and check if it was more than that. Then they should know what was better.
Just when he thought so, his boyfriend lifted his foot. Muah!
Su Yan flinched and almost dropped the mirror. His foot kicked out almost on its own, hitting Nie Chang on the nose and pushing him to the ground.

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