LWS V5C11 Too Indecisive!

Su Yan swiveled around and stared at his boyfriend unblinking, clearly asking him to hurriedly perform the last two types with him so they could get the experience points and return home.
Nie Chang looked away. If he started to explain, his little darling would certainly get embarrassed and then pretend to be angry to cover it up. If he didn’t explain and just kissed him, then … there wouldn’t be any need to cover something up. Su Yan would be angry without question if he did that again. So for now … he could only pretend he didn’t see him looking and come up with something else.
“Ah! How about you ask the system for some more information on those types? I’ll go and have a look around to see whether there is anything that can trigger a special task or something.” He got up, leaned down and kissed his darling on the cheek.
Su Yan first wanted to complain but finally reconsidered. Triggering a special task wouldn’t be bad either. Then they could decide if they wanted to do the experience tasks or the special tasks. And who knew what kind of special task Nie Chang would manage to find? It might be a great one that would be fun to do!
In the end, Su Yan only nodded and picked the mirror up. “System, can you explain those types to me?” Su Yan blinked his eyes at the mirror but still didn’t get an answer. Su Yan pursed his lips. How mean! Hadn’t it answered almost everything Nie Chang asked before?!
He looked to his boyfriend that was slowly circling the room, picking up things and putting them down again. “Ah Chang! The system is bullying me. It just won’t answer.”
Nie Chang looked over his shoulder and rubbed his brow. He wasn’t sure either why the system sometimes answered and sometimes ignored them or took its sweet time to respond. Maybe this was like with a program? It would need a different amount of time to compute the answer and some things couldn’t be calculated? Maybe in those cases, it wouldn’t answer instead of giving an error notification? That might be it. In that case …
“Try asking a simpler question.”
“Simpler?” Su Yan frowned. “But that was really simple, ah! I just wanted an explanation.”
Nie Chang sighed and went back to his little darling, scooping up him into his arms and kissing his cheeks. “It’s simple for you because you’re so intelligent but the system is just a stupid program. Don’t expect too much from it.”
Su Yan pursed his lips and happily clung to his boyfriend. Nie Chang was right! How could he have such high expectations? Naturally, it wouldn’t be able to measure up to a genius like him!
Feeling a lot better, Su Yan was so generous to simplify his request. “System, explain that back kiss to me!”
Nie Chang hurriedly let go of his little darling and sneaked away to make sure he wouldn’t be there when Su Yan erupted. He was just in time. When he reached the other side of the room, the system’s explanation floated over.
[As the name suggests, a back kiss is a kiss your partners leaves on your back. It might often be done in a row of kisses, starting from the neck downward, as a way to prepare you to take things one step further.]
The system stopped and Su Yan blinked in response. Alright, this was … pretty obvious, right? Like, where would a back kiss be left if not on the back? But what exactly did the system mean with ‘prepare him to take things one step further’?
He furrowed his brows. Taking things one step further that couldn’t mean …
Su Yan frowned and leaped to his feet with his clothes rustling. He pointed at the system and gritted his teeth. “Stupid thing! What are you even saying?! Who would do something like that?!”
Nie Chang very conscientiously lowered his head. He definitely wouldn’t do something like this, that was for sure! Not after experiencing this outburst.
Su Yan’s finger shook and he finally lowered it. He didn’t know whether he should ask the system to explain another type to him or just ignore the stupid thing but … They had to do this, right? After all, if they didn’t finish the experience task, then they wouldn’t get the experience points either and couldn’t go home.
Su Yan frowned and pursed his lips before turning to his boyfriend. “Ah Chang!”
Nie Chang pretended to be very interested in one of the special drawings on the wall of Ziju An’s study. “Mn?”
“Ah Chang!” When he didn’t get the expected reaction, Su Yan’s tone got even whinier.
Nie Chang winced and turned around. “What is it, darling? Do you need help?”
Su Yan pursed his lips even more and then pointed at the floor in front of him.
Nie Chang’s brows raised. Alright …? Actually, he had no idea what his little darling wanted. He went over and looked at the floor in case there was something his little darling wanted to show him but … It seemed nothing was there?
He looked up and was faced with Su Yan’s backside. “Uh … Darling? What are you doing?”
Su Yan’s face flushed red. “Give me a kiss!”
Nie Chang stared at him appalled. Come again? “Aren’t you facing the wrong way for that?” Excuse him but with how Su Yan had reacted just now, he certainly wouldn’t believe that his little darling had suddenly changed his mind and wanted a kiss on the back.
Su Yan frowned. Why was it so difficult to give him one kiss to finish this stupid task sooner? He glared over his shoulder and waited for his boyfriend to get the hint. Unfortunately … Nie Chang still didn’t understand.
Su Yan harrumphed and turned back around to him, grabbing him by the lapel of his robe. “What are you being so indecisive for?!” With that, he pulled him forward, leaned over and tried to reach his back. His lips barely made it over his shoulder and only lightly touched the fabric of the robe.
With his lips still pursed for a kiss, Su Yan tried to glance at the mirror. This … should count as a back kiss, shouldn’t it?

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