LWS V5C10 Two Types of Kisses

Nie Chang raised his brows? “Experience tasks?”
“Yes, yes! Don’t you remember? When I leveled up earlier, the system said I would get some experience statistics so everything we do together will give me experience points! Ah, how could I forget about this?!” Su Yan who had almost been crying right now started laughing.
Getting back home would be so easy! There had been a lot of things they hadn’t experienced yet. They would just need to go through the list and then he would reach the next level and they could go home. And the system had even promised that he would get more experience points the more important the milestone was for their relationship so there should be some that would get him a lot of experience. Maybe doing two or three of those would be enough to advance.
Su Yan leaned over to the mirror and stared at the list with the experience stats again. “System, show me that list with the upcoming milestones again.”
The system didn’t waste any time and showed him the list he had already seen before.
“Mn …” Su Yan stared at the first few items. “We can forget about that call at work but we might be able to figure out what the ten types of kisses are.” He looked at Nie Chang and furrowed his brows. “How many can you think of?”
“Uh …” Nie Chang glanced at the mirror. “Doesn’t the system have more information on what it expects? Like, can we see our progress or something?”
Surprisingly enough, the system had indeed something to show. Before Su Yan could even think about what Nie Chang had said, a list popped up in the mirror. Both of them looked at it before exchanging a look.
Su Yan opened his mouth to ask but Nie Chang raised a hand to interrupt him.
“Don’t ask me. I don’t know either.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Why don’t you know about this? It’s important for getting home.” He cupped his own cheeks and stared at the mirror. Well, the result wasn’t that bad, was it? From all the types of kisses the system listed, they had already done several: the kiss on the cheek, the kiss on the forehead, the kiss on the hair, the peck, the French kiss, and the candy kiss, whatever that was.
Su Yan counted on his fingers and showed them to Nie Chang. “That’s six already.”
“So do you know any of the others? Then we can try them now and get the experience points.”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. He wanted to complain that this was something that shouldn’t be done as if they were completing a checklist but with Su Yan blinking at him cutely, he couldn’t work up any anger. In the end, he just sighed and took a closer look at the list.
Su Yan also read over it again. He could only blink in confusion though. “Ah Chang, what do you think is a Spiderman kiss?”
Nie Chang looked at him. “Did you see the movie?”
“Uh … Maybe? Why are you even asking? I wanted to know what type of kiss it is!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. He barely held back his laughter and waved his little darling over.
Su Yan didn’t understand but still inched closer. Could it be Nie Chang didn’t know how to explain so he wanted to demonstrate instead? Well, that was also good. The system should count the demonstration as a kiss, shouldn’t it?
Nie Chang smiled at his little darling, grabbed him by the shoulders and abruptly turned him around.
“Ah! Are you — Hmph.”
Before Su Yan could scold him, his head was already lying on his boyfriend’s knees and a certain unscrupulous person leaned down and kissed him upside down.
Su Yan really wanted to slap him but he was only half-sitting on his own chair right now. If he slapped his boyfriend and he let go of him, wouldn’t he be the one who crashed to the ground? He definitely didn’t want to hurt himself!
Without another alternative, Su Yan bit him.
“Ow!” Nie Chang recoiled and stared at Su Yan, touching his mouth. Gosh, there was actually blood! “Darling …”
“Hmph!” Su Yan stared up at him from his lap just as displeased. Or, well, there probably wasn’t anyone who could look as displeased as Su Yan.
Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Uh, you wanted to know what it is. And you said you didn’t know the movie so …”
“Don’t try to talk your way out of this! You’re despicable!”
Nie Chang shut up and just looked at his little darling. Seeing Su Yan lie there glaring at him from his lap without any way to get up … His lips twitched.
Unfortunately, Su Yan’s eyes were sharp enough to catch it this time. He grabbed onto Nie Chang’s robe and tugged at the fabric. “I’ve seen that! You dare laugh at me! Wait until we get home, I’ll tell my mom!”
Nie Chang coughed. “Darling, I’m so sorry! It’s just … you’re so unbelievably cute! I can’t resist you at all.” He reached down and put his arm below Su Yan’s arms, carefully pulling him up onto his lap. “Everything alright again?”
“No! I’m angry. Can’t you tell?!” Su Yan crossed his arms in front of his chest and pouted. “I won’t talk to you anymore! I won’t even look at you. I’ll just do all these tasks on my own and leave you here. Who needs a boyfriend like you? Torturing me like that and then even laughing? That’s mean! You’re a bad person. I shouldn’t have gotten together with you. I bet that —”
Nie Chang pulled one of those paws out and placed a kiss on it before glancing up at Su Yan.
A certain someone couldn’t resist looking at him warily. “What are you doing?”
“Helping you. Didn’t you say you want to finish the tasks and go home soon? I’m afraid you can’t kiss on your own so I was trying to help you achieve your goal. I think a kiss on the hand was on the list. Why don’t you have a look?” He motioned at the mirror and a certain someone couldn’t help but look over too.
His displeasure was forgotten. Ah! How come they had two types of kisses more on their list now? Didn’t this mean they only needed another two to get the experience points?!

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