OMF V6C1 A Combination That Could Steal Hearts

A young man dressed in a green robe approached the gates of the Yun Zou Sect on his flying sword. Just a meter short of it, he swooshed down, kept the weapon and walked up to the two disciples guarding the entrance.
He cupped his fists with a smile. “Greetings. This one is You Xin Ru from the Liu He Alliance. I came on the orders of my Master, Alliance Head Hua, to deliver something to Grandmaster Zhangsun.” He took out a scroll and showed it to the disciples but didn’t open it.
The two disciples exchanged a glance. “For Grandmaster Zhangsun?”
You Xin Ru nodded. “Yes.”
The two looked at each other again before one of them motioned inside. “Then let me show you the way. We couldn’t let Grandmaster Zhangsun wait.”
You Xin Ru cupped his fists again. “Thank you for your help. I’m much in your debt.” Then he happily followed the disciple into the sect and up the mountain where Zhangsun Xun Yi’s palace stood.
The disciple of the Yun Zou Sect couldn’t help but feel curious. What exactly was it that this guy’s Master had made him bring over? And would their Grandmaster really be interested in it? Ah, but this was something an Alliance Head of the Liu He Alliance had sent. It should be something pretty important. Maybe it was some rare cultivation resource? But that couldn’t be. The Grandmaster certainly wouldn’t need something like that. He had already reached the highest stage, after all.
He came up with some other ideas but had to let go of all of them. Nothing seemed to fit. Either it was something the Grandmaster wouldn’t need or it was something that the Alliance Head wouldn’t send. A lot of things also weren’t possible because this thing looked like a simple paper scroll.
Well, maybe it wasn’t a simple paper scroll. It was probably a special paper scroll instead. Just look at the fabric that had been used on the outside! It was certainly worth a lot.
Like that the two of them finally arrived in front of the palace. The disciple took a deep breath and cupped his fists, bowing in front of the building. “This disciple greets the Grandmaster. A disciple of the Liu He Alliance came by on the orders of Alliance Head Hua to deliver something to the Grandmaster.”
Inside the building, Zhangsun Xun Yi opened his eyes. Oh? It seemed his old friend had already taken care of the favor he had sent with the paper crane yesterday. He certainly hadn’t expected the results to be brought over this fast.
“Come on in.”
The disciple turned to You Xin Ru and motioned inside. “Please follow me.” Then he walked into the palace toward the place where the voice had come from.
Ah, being on duty today was great! He would actually get to see their elusive Grandmaster! He couldn’t help but hasten his steps in anticipation. It wasn’t like he had never seen Zhangsun Xun Yi before. He had been at the Gathering of Practitioners, after all, where the Grandmaster had come by with his disciple.
But this and that were two completely different things! At the Gathering, he had been far away and hadn’t been able to see much of him. But today he was in his palace and actually brought somebody over to his study or wherever he was right now. He might see him from just across the room! If it wasn’t a big room, they might only be separated by a few meters. That wasn’t much at all. It was almost as if he could touch him.
The disciple’s heart was beating wildly and his hands already sweating when they reached the room where Zhangsun Xun Yi had been meditating. He still remembered to cup his fists again and bow though.
“Greetings, Grandmaster. This is the disciple of the Liu He Alliance that asked to see you.”
“Mn. Thank you. You may go.” Zhangsun Xun Yi didn’t look at him for even a moment and instead looked at the disciple of his old friend. It seemed he had seen this one before.
The disciple of the Yun Zou Sect was a little disappointed that he wasn’t able to take a longer look but thinking about the fact that the Grandmaster had spoken so many words to him, he felt like he was walking on clouds when he returned to the gate.
Inside the Grandmaster’s palace, the two people looked at each other.
You Xin Ru smiled and also cupped his fists. “Greetings, Grandmaster Zhangsun. I’m You Xin Ru, my Master sent me to deliver this scroll to you. He said it is something that has been kept by his Master before and he couldn’t bear to give it away so he stored it for the time being. It should be able to dispel your doubts.”
“Oh?” Zhangsun Xun Yi got up and walked over, taking the scroll from him.
Just like the other disciple had noticed before the scroll wasn’t simply made out of paper. Instead, the back was made from fabric and the ends were attached to an engraved wooden beam each. This was obviously something very precious.
Zhangsun Xun Yi walked back into the room and unfurled the scroll. The drawing inside made his breath catch for a moment. It depicted a man, who looked to be in his mid- or maybe in his late twenties. He wore a pristine white robe and his long black hair seemed to flutter in a breeze. He held a sword in hand and his eyes seemed just as sharp as the edge of the weapon at first glance but upon examining it closer, a hint of laughter could be seen in them.
The rest of his face could certainly be described as equally good-looking. He seemed youthful but also mature, a combination that had certainly been able to steal a lot of hearts back in the days.
Well, most likely, it was still able to do so if he considered how that person had reacted to him.

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