OMF V5C113 Two Guests

Jinde reached up and cupped Leng Jin Yu’s face. “Don’t you dare to go out there now.”
Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly. “Shouldn’t we at least make sure who it is? What if it’s my Master? Or Longjun?”
“Qiu Ling wouldn’t come over right now. He’s busy with his beloved and he knows that we’re together. As for your Master …” He leaned closer and his breath brushed Leng Jin Yu’s face. “Don’t tell me he’s more important than your husband.”
“Nobody is more important than you.”
“Then forget about it.” Jinde craned his neck and kissed him.
In front of the door, two dragons turned to look at each other.
“Maybe he isn’t in?” Fu Heng looked at the house and then up at the path leading upward next to it.
“Then what should we do? Wait?”
“I don’t think that would be a good idea. Since he is part of the sect he should be somewhere around here. Let’s see if we can find someone who knows where he went.”
Fu Min nodded and also took a look around. His brows furrowed. “Isn’t that the guy the demon king was talking to?” He pointed at the general area of the inner sect that was situated further down the path.
Fu Heng turned around and narrowed his eyes. There were already some Disciples up and about. At the edge of the square stood Qiguan Cheng Da. He hadn’t seen the two dragons and was instead talking to another disciple, smiling brightly.
“Then should we contact Senior Xin Lan?” Fu Min looked up at his husband, holding onto his arm as a precaution.
Fu Heng furrowed his brow but still nodded in the end. “Let’s do that then.” He took out a transmission stone from the gem embedded in his belt and imbued his spiritual energy.
The pale image of Xin Lan sprang up, his silvery-white eyebrows drawn together. He certainly hadn’t expected to hear from the two of them this fast. Hadn’t it only been a few minutes since they went to the Yun Zou Sect? “What happened? Did you find him already?”
Fu Heng frowned at the other dragon. He really didn’t like talking to his love rival but he also understood that they had no other choice right now. “No, we found the house where he’s supposed to live but nobody is in.”
Xin Lan’s brows knitted together even further. Not in? He couldn’t believe that. His Master couldn’t leave the house and, certainly, that men wouldn’t leave him alone right after the wedding. “Are you sure nobody is there?”
Fu Heng nodded.
“Try again. If nobody answers, just open the door and go in.” He wasn’t afraid that the two might see his Master.
Even if Jinde hadn’t told Leng Jin Yu the whole truth, he should have at least told him that he couldn’t be seen by anyone from the dragon race. So if that man was really worthy of his Master, he would make sure that the two of them wouldn’t get a chance to meet him.
Fu Heng frowned and cut off the connection. Fu Min wasn’t too happy with his behavior. Weren’t they already married? Why would he still behave like that? At the very least, Senior Xin Lan was his savior. He should be treated with corresponding respect. Even though he thought that, he didn’t dare to speak this thought out loud. Thus he just watched as Fu Heng turned back to the door and knocked again.
The two men inside hadn’t let down their guard. Jinde furrowed his brows at the second knock.
“It seems whoever it is, is serious about this.” He leaned back with a sigh, let go of his lover and waved in the direction of the door. “Go on then. See who it is and what they want. I wouldn’t want to make trouble for my husband.”
Leng Jin Yu examined Jinde’s face. If this wasn’t important … He sighed and stepped out of the tub. “I’ll be back in a minute. Just relax for while.” He picked up his robe and got dressed before hurrying to the door.
He reached just in time to see a red-headed man opening the door. The two of them stared at each other in surprise.
Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but sweat-drop. If he had just been a little slower, this man would have surprised him and Jinde in the tub. Just thinking of it … Furthermore, it was obvious that the other was a dragon. One just needed to take a look at his hair and eyes to know.
Fu Heng likewise looked at the person in front of him before he turned to Fu Min. He didn’t mind his partner talking to other men as long as it wasn’t that Senior Xin Lan of all people. Naturally, he wouldn’t prevent him from doing this task.
Fu Min peeked out behind his husband and curiously look at the human in front of them. Or, well, the ascended deity. He hadn’t seen too many of them yet so he couldn’t help but be a little curious.
At first glance, the man had a tidy appearance. Black hair was flowing down his back while a white robe covered his body. A closer look revealed some tell-tale creases in the fabric though. Fu Min couldn’t help but raise his brows. “You are … Leng Jin Yu?”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and looked from one dragon to the other, subconsciously smoothing out the wrinkles in his sleeves. “I am. May I ask what brings me the honor of receiving two guests of the dragon race?”
Fu Min motioned to the door behind them. “Do you know of a disciple called Qiguan Cheng Da?”
Leng Jin Yu frowned. “I do. Is this about the Son of Heaven?”
The two dragons shared a glance. Senior Xin Lan had told them that Leng Jin Yu knew about the issue with the crown prince. They hadn’t expected him to catch onto the problem this fast though.
Fu Min finally nodded. “Indeed. We found out that he is providing the demon king with information. Senior Xin Lan of our race told us to come and inform you of this.” He couldn’t help but frown saying that. Their king obviously wasn’t in the Yun Zou Sect at the moment. Why had Senior Xin Lan wanted them to inform this person? Since His Highness was with their King, there shouldn’t be any reason to worry about what was happening here.
Leng Jin Yu also furrowed his brows. Xin Lan? In that case, this most likely didn’t have to do with the crown prince at all. Don’t tell him the demon king was actually after Jinde?

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