LWS V4C87 Experience Stats

Nie Chang really would have liked to take a look at his little darling just to see the expression he made right now. Unfortunately, he had to concentrate on the traffic. Not that that was easy with Su Yan next to him.
After noticing how strange his statement was, Su Yan scrambled for words. “Uh, that’s not what I said. It’s what the system said. You know how it always gives strange names to the levels? I think the first one was ‘Lovely Novice’ and then there was ‘Apprentice of Dating’ and ‘Adept of Flirting’, so I guess ‘Expert of Seduction’ isn’t too strange? I mean, it totally is strange but not that strange for the system. Don’t you think so?”
“Mn.” Nie Chang made a sound that could have meant anything from ‘You’re naturally right, darling’ to ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’. Actually, both of them was true. Although those names had him wonder if there was some more meaning to this. After all, they still had no idea where this system had come from but it was safe to say that it had had some influence on their relationship.
If not for that anonymous message he had gotten or him being part of several tasks the system had issued in the beginning Su Yan might have needed longer to understand he was in love with him. Wasn’t that somehow being like a novice to love?
And now the last few tasks had all involved stories that had a certain amount of smut. Su Yan might not have read most them but if he had … Wouldn’t the same thing have happened that the story with the birds had caused? Su Yan would have found out something, confronted him with it and then come to some kind of realization.
If that had indeed happened … calling him an ‘Expert of Seduction’ might not have been completely wrong. At least compared to how Su Yan had been a week ago, he certainly would have been an expert. Or, well, maybe he had rather been an Adept of Flirting at that time. After all, it was a little like flirting to talk with him about having sex, wasn’t it?
Anyway, could it be that the system wasn’t just about writing and instead also had to do with Su Yan’s life? Maybe it wasn’t that much of a coincidence that they had gotten together now of all times. Maybe that had been thanks to the system.
While Nie Chang still pondered the purpose of the system, his boyfriend heaved a sigh of relieve.
So Nie Chang hadn’t misunderstood him. That was good. He certainly wouldn’t want him to think that he wanted to seduce him. Well, at least not now. He was probably supposed to seduce him tomorrow? That was Friday, after all. If he wanted his boyfriend to sleep with him, then seducing him was probably the right thing to do?
Hmmm … Su Yan pondered the issue but finally only came up with a blank. Alright, he had no idea if he was supposed to seduce him or not. Probably not since they had already agreed on Friday anyway. Ah, whatever. He’d think about that tomorrow!
He looked back at his phone with a happy grin and then showed it to Nie Chang. “I’ve gotten rewards for it too.”
“Oh?” Nie Chang couldn’t look at the phone since he was still driving but he hoped that Su Yan would talk about them a little longer. Maybe he would even be able to drive them home in the meantime? It actually wasn’t that far anymore. “So what exactly did you get?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and lowered his phone. It wasn’t fun if Nie Chang wasn’t looking but, well, he couldn’t blame him since they were still in the car. Ah, he should have waited for a red light!
“Ah Yan?” Nie Chang glanced over but didn’t dare to keep his eyes off the road for too long.
Su Yan sighed. “Well, it updated what I can do with the Special Dimension. Other than that I’ve gotten a new type of statistics. It’s called ‘experience stats’ but the system didn’t explain what it is.”
“That’s strange.” Nie Chang furrowed his brow. Experience … This wouldn’t have to do with the experience he gathered with the tasks, would it? “Is there no help button or anything you can click?”
Su Yan looked at his phone again but shook his head. “No, I can only close it. Should I do that?”
Nie Chang tapped the steering wheel with his fingers. “Well, if there isn’t any explanation there, then you don’t really have to keep it open. Maybe there is some more information on the main page? That should be where the statistics are displayed, right?”
Su Yan’s face lit up. Right! The publication stats were also on the main page. It was to be expected that this kind of statistics would be there.
He closed the notification about his advancement and was transported back to the main page. And indeed, right next to the publication stats was a new area with the heading ‘experience stats’. There weren’t any actual statistics displayed though. Instead, there was just a [Start] button below the heading.
Su Yan clicked on it.
Once again, a window opened but it didn’t display any kind of statistics as he had expected. Su Yan already wanted to close it when he noticed that he had instead gotten the explanation he had missed before. He hurriedly retracted his thumb and started to read.
[With reaching rank 4, ‘Expert of Seduction’, the host has finished learning and practicing the theoretical knowledge needed to write any kind of story, as well as started exploring his chosen genre. All that is left to become the best possible bl author is to hone your writing skills so as to make your stories more engaging.
Besides technical options that may be learned through the practice tasks that were unlocked at rank 3, ‘Adept of Flirting’, the credibility of a story is an important factor in keeping readers. This is especially true for the most important plot points of the story. The more believable and engaging they are, the more likely a reader is to continue following a story.
For a novel of the bl genre, most major plot points will revolve around the relationship of the main characters. As such it is important that the host manages to make the milestones of a relationship as impactful as possible. The easiest way to achieve this is to draw upon the host’s own experience.
The ‘experience stats’ will keep track of the milestones the host reached in a relationship, as well as list the next milestones he should try to achieve. Each of the milestones will also give experience points based on the stage of the relationship at which the milestone is achieved and the importance it has in the bl genre.]
Su Yan blinked. Wait. So did this mean … whatever he did with Nie Chang would give him experience points from now on?!

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