OMF V5C112 The Right Way to Fight Back

Leng Jin Yu went to fetch water and filled the tub behind the folding screen on the other side of the room bit by bit. Halfway through he turned to look at Jinde. His lover was still sitting there in all his glory and watching him run around with a smile.
Leng Jin Yu went over. “Aren’t you cold? How about you put your robe on for the time being?” He picked up the inner robe before gently wrapping it around Jinde’s shoulders. “I’ll be finished soon.” He kissed his cheek and hurried outside again to get another bucket of water.
Jinde smiled and crossed his legs, making the robe open in the front. He definitely wouldn’t let his husband get away that easily.
When Leng Jin Yu stepped into the room the next time, the first thing he saw was a pair of long legs and a dainty foot that blocked his way. He smiled wryly. “I feel like you’re doing this on purpose.”
Jinde leaned back and propped himself up on the bed. “I certainly am.”
Leng Jin Yu looked at him and sighed. Ah, what should he do? The person he had fallen in love with actually liked to seduce him this much. He should probably get used to this soon. After all, he couldn’t make Jinde stop and there was no way to resist him either.
He sighed and brought the bucket over to the tub, filling in the rest of the water. Mn, this should be enough for Jinde? Ah, it was still too cold though. He reached in and warmed it up with his spiritual energy.
“You could get in now if you want.” He turned back and was met with Jinde’s beautiful smile.
His lover got up and slowly walked up to him, his lips curving even further when he stopped in front of him. Jinde reached out and gently touched his chest, tiptoeing to kiss his lips. “Thank you, my husband. Showing me so much care …”
“It’s what I should do.” Leng Jin Yu grabbed him by the hips and leaned down, giving him a kiss in return. “You should get in now or the water will get cold again. Tell me if it’s not hot enough. I’ll heat it up some more.”
“Mn.” Jinde moved his lips and the thin inner robe slipped from his shoulders, falling down to his hips where it was only held in place thanks to his lover’s hands.
Leng Jin Yu stared at him and his lips curved up. “I guess I fell for it.”
“I hope you fell for me.”
Jinde grabbed the lapel of Leng Jin Yu’s robe and tried to pull it to the side. Unfortunately, his lover had already closed it. Jinde hummed and set out to open it again. “Ah, it’s a pity I can’t use my claws anymore. This could have gone so much faster.” He glanced up through his lashes and caught Leng Jin Yu smiling. “Oh? You like the idea?”
“I like you.” He reached down and helped him open the robe, pushing it to the ground together with Jinde’s.
Jinde wrapped his arms around his waist and snuggled up against his chest. “Ah, my husband …”
“Alright, alright. You already got your wish. Let’s get in now or you’ll get cold.”
Jinde chuckled, let go of his lover and stepped into the tub. “You know, you don’t have to worry this much. I might have been injured and will need time to heal but I’m not frail to that extent. Didn’t I say that the dragons were the strongest race in respect to their physique?” He sat down in the tub, leaning to the side to make space for Leng Jin Yu.
“You did say something like that. But does that mean I can’t worry about you?” He leaned down and propped himself up on the edge of the tub, smiling at Jinde.
“Of course not. But if you’re so worried, then the only thing you can do is to stay very, very close to me. So get in already.” He reached out and grabbed onto Leng Jin Yu’s arm, trying to pull him in.
Unfortunately, his lover didn’t seem like he wanted to make it easy for him this time. Jinde pursed his lips.
“Is this your revenge? That’s so mean! How can you be like this to your lover? Didn’t you say you wanted to care for me?”
Leng Jin Yu grinned. “But that’s what I’m doing. I’m making sure this won’t get too much for you.”
Jinde leaned back and examined his husband’s face. Ah, look at this! His husband actually had such a teasing side to him. How utterly … enticing!
He leaned back even further, submerging himself almost completely in the water. It didn’t serve to cover his body that well though. After all, Leng Jin Yu had just used plain water. Jinde didn’t care. That wasn’t what he had in mind anyway. Instead, he lifted one foot and placed it on the other side of the tub’s edge, just where Leng Jin Yu stood.
“That is too thoughtful of you, my husband. I can’t thank you enough. Maybe … I should reciprocate?” He stretched his leg even further and his toe brushed Leng Jin Yu’s leg. “We wouldn’t want you to suffer because I’m so frail, would we?”
Leng Jin Yu looked down at that foot and sighed before catching it. “I guess I’m defenseless against you.”
“Ah, that’s not it. You just … haven’t found the right method to fight back yet.” Jinde smirked and reached out again, accurately grabbing onto his wrist this time. “Now, get in here. We’re a newly-wedded couple. How can you make your husband suffer this much?”
Leng Jin Yu laughed and stepped into the tub, moving to sit next to Jinde.
Just then a knock sounded from the door.
The two of them froze and stared incredulously at each other. They had played around for so long and now that they finally reached this part, someone actually came to disturb them?

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