OMF V5C106 Cuddle Now or Cuddle Later?

When Qiu Ling woke up he and Jing Yi were sitting huddled together. A blanket was hanging around his shoulders while his beloved clung to him, seemingly searching for warmth.
Qiu Ling blinked and stared at him, his thoughts circling around all the great things he could do now. His beloved had obviously come over to him on his own volition so maybe it wouldn’t be overboard to wrap him into his arms, topple him to the ground and cuddle with him until he woke up. Then he could pretend to be really surprised and say that he had no idea how this could have happened. Maybe Jing Yi would even believe him.
He entertained the idea for a while but finally sighed. No, he couldn’t do this. Not without jeopardizing his current mission of making Jing Yi realize that Tian was him. After all, a mature man like him wouldn’t do something as sneaky as cuddling with his beloved in his sleep.
Qiu Ling gave pause and pondered the issue a little longer. Maybe it wasn’t all that immature if he did? They had cuddled in sleep before, after all. It was nothing new. And if he pulled him into his arms now and then closed his eyes, he might just fall asleep and then Jing Yi might wake up before him and couldn’t blame him at all when he saw how deeply asleep he was.
Qiu Ling reached over but stopped just before his fingertips could touch Jing Yi’s shoulder. No. He couldn’t do this. It was very, very tempting but he had to withstand this temptation. Cuddling now wasn’t worth the risk of never cuddling again. It was better for him to take responsibility now.
Mn, now, what would a responsible man do in such a situation?
It was early in the morning, his beloved was obviously cold and they would have another long day in front of them. The answer should be … prepare for everything his beloved would need!
Qiu Ling pulled the blanket from his shoulders and wrapped Jing Yi back into it. His beloved actually sighed with satisfaction and snuggled up closer to him. Qiu Ling’s zest for action instantly withered. Uh, maybe he could still remain here and let his beloved cuddle with him? That wasn’t the same as him starting to cuddle, was it?
His heart heavy with sadness, he pulled his arm out of Jing Yi’s grip and stood up. He got the other blanket and put it over Jing Yi’s legs so his beloved wouldn’t be cold while he was away. Then … he bent down and kissed his temple.
Ah, don’t blame him! He just hadn’t been able to resist! And it was a very, very short peck anyway. Nothing important. Even if his beloved knew, he wouldn’t blame him!
He sighed and got up again, turning away from Jing Yi before he could get any worse ideas. He went over to the pond and rummaged through his spatial ring until he had found a basin and a cup. He filled both of it with water and brought it back to Jing Yi.
Putting both of it down next to him, he looked at his beloved again before turning away again. Uh, his beloved would also need something to eat. He didn’t have anything in his spatial ring so he’d need to go and search for it. Mn, he’d have to hurry though or his beloved would worry for him.
Qiu Ling nodded to himself and soared into the sky, taking a look around to see if he could spot something from there. Who knew there might be a fruit —
Uh? Weren’t that Fu Heng and Fu Min in that tree? And next to them … Qiu Ling frowned and rushed over, landing next to the three and glaring at them.
“What are you doing here? Are you trying to watch my beloved?”
Fu Min had the decency to lower his head and look guilty. Fu Heng … Argh, never mind that stupid newlywed! Naturally, he was looking at Fu Min and ignored even his king.
Qiu Ling harrumphed and turned around to the third person that Fu Heng had very conscientiously distanced from Fu Min with his own body. Qiu Ling frowned. “What are you doing here?”
Xin Lan frowned back at him. “You’ve only noticed us now? What kind of dragon are you? The two of you could have been dead ten times over if one of the demons attacked you.”
Qiu Ling raised his chin. “If it was a demon, I would have noticed. And I knew that Fu Min and Fu Heng were here anyway. So what are you doing here? Don’t think I wouldn’t have noticed that you didn’t answer my question. Is this because of the o—”
Xin Lan leaped to his feet, grabbed Qiu Ling by the collar and hauled him off the tree. This brat! Did he want to make the fact that his Master was still alive known to everyone? He followed him down and dragged him along, not caring at all that Qiu Ling was trying to scratch him with his claws.
“You better shut up or I won’t tell you what I’ve come here for.”
“I don’t care anyway! My old man is already with the old geezer. He doesn’t need to bother me anymore!”
Xin Lan finally let go of Qiu Ling and turned to look at him skeptically. He didn’t believe for a single moment that it was his Master that had bothered Qiu Ling. “I could also go and just inform His Majesty but I thought you might also want to know about this. After all, this might have to do with your beloved.”
“Ah? What is it?” Qiu Ling conveniently forgot what he had just said and leaned closer to Xin Lan. If this had to do with his beloved, then he would reluctantly listen to what this bastard had to say!
“Jin Ling. He is planning something again. I don’t know the specifics yet but considering what happened the last time it won’t be anything good.”

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