OMF V5C107 Two Owls Huddled Together

Qiu Ling frowned. Argh, this bastard Jin Ling again! And it had to be now of all times when he was finally making some progress with his beloved again! Couldn’t this guy just stay in his stupid demon realm and leave them alone?! Hadn’t he anything else to do? Like combing his damned copper-colored hair or admiring himself in a mirror or something?
“What is he doing?”
Xin Lan motioned toward Fu Min and Fu Heng. “I just wanted to ask the two of them that. They were spying in the demon realm before, weren’t they?”
“So were you. So why would you need to ask them? And if you need to ask, then why are you so sure he is planning something?”
Xin Lan didn’t bother to care about Qiu Ling’s accusatory tone. “I was in the Yun Zou Sect for a while to support His Majesty so I don’t know about the latest developments. But I saw him fumbling around with a black crystal so he was likely trying to contact somebody. With how Jin Ling is, I’m sure this has to do with the Yun Zou Sect.”
“Well … my beloved and I aren’t in the Yun Zou Sect right now.” He turned away, not intending to care about this any longer.
Xin Lan naturally wouldn’t let him. He grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled him back. “His Majesty is there though. As is your father. And you and your beloved will return there sooner or later, won’t you? So do you want some nasty surprise to wait for you there or would you rather work together with me to prevent that from happening?”
Qiu Ling narrowed his eyes. “You’re just doing this for the old geezer.”
“I’m indeed doing this for His Majesty but it benefits you, doesn’t it?”
“I could just ask Fu Min and Fu Heng myself. Wouldn’t that be the same?”
“Not if you want me to help you from inside the demon realm. So will you keep quiet about His Majesty’s whereabouts in front of those two and let me ask?”
Qiu Ling tightened his lips. Ugh. He definitely didn’t want to do this! He wanted to go and find something to eat for his beloved and then surprise him. He had to show him what a caring husband he was! Well, caring for him also meant making sure that he wouldn’t suffer in the future so …
“Alright.” He freed himself from Xin Lan’s grasp and jumped back onto the tree, ignoring the two lovebirds crouching there.
Xin Lan followed and turned to Fu Min. “Before the demon king caught you, you were investigating things in the demon realm, weren’t you? Do you know who he contacted and what they talked about?”
Fu Min turned to look at Fu Heng and his ears turned red. His husband obviously wasn’t that pleased that his idol had come by and was talking to him. But this wasn’t his fault, was it? Senior Xin Lan had come by to ask something related to his mission. This was totally harmless!
To make sure that Fu Heng wouldn’t misunderstand, Fu Min slid closer to him and grabbed his sleeve before looking away. Even if they asked him a hundred times, he wouldn’t answer! They could just ask Fu Heng. Hmph.
Xin Lan stared at the small dragon in front of him and his brows twitched. That guy hadn’t been able to reign in his excitement when he saw him just a day ago and now he was acting like this? Did he have to be so fickle? At least wait until his Master was safe!
Qiu Ling also frowned and reached out to shake Fu Min. Fu Heng reacted faster though. He pushed Fu Min behind him and glared back at his king.
The two dragons looked at each other.
“What is this supposed to mean? I’m your king! Shouldn’t you help me out?”
“He’s my partner.”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. Alright. He couldn’t argue against that. If this was about Jing He, he would also do the same. Although … “You’re being too much, Fu Heng! I don’t even want to hug him! I just want him to answer Xin Lan’s questions!”
Fu Heng didn’t seem too convinced. Even if it was just answering a few questions, it was still answering the questions of his biggest love rival. If Fu Min didn’t want to do that, then he would happily help him to get around that.
Qiu Ling frowned. Alright, talking to Fu Heng wouldn’t yield any result. That guy didn’t like talking anyway and it would probably get worse if it was about Fu Min. No, the only way to get this done was to go directly through Fu Min! He didn’t believe that he couldn’t make him talk! “Fu Min! Are you going to answer him or not?!”
Fu Min looked at his king, looked at his husband and finally turned the other way, snuggling up against Fu Heng’s back for some support. Ah, as long as he didn’t look at their king and used Fu Heng as a shield, nothing could happen.
Fu Heng’s lips curved up happily. Mn, being married was great. He reached to the back and gently patted Fu Min’s hands. His lover didn’t need to worry. He would definitely protect him. If he didn’t want to say anything, he didn’t need to. Not even their king could force him.
The said king looked at the two of them and blinked. Sticking together like this and Fu Heng smiling like that … “You two look so stupid.”
The heads of three dragons swiveled around to him. Excuse them but who had been the one sitting together with his beloved down there, huddling together like two owls in winter?

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