LWS V4C81 The Most Famous Tropes

Nie Chang took the phone with a sigh and opened the main task for his little darling. Naturally, the task of reading the ABO-story was already checked so he clicked on the [next] button to read the confirmation message to Su Yan.
“Alright, the system writes —”
“Ah!” Su Yan waved with his mouth still stuffed with noodles. He hurriedly gulped them down and shook his head. “I don’t need to know that. It’s just some message summarizing that part of the task. It’s not that important. Just go to the next story.”
Nie Chang raised his brows and read the message silently just in case his little darling would change his mind later on. Well, Su Yan wasn’t that wrong. The system had indeed just summarized this part of the story:
[Just like contemporary stories will follow the rules of our world and stories set in a world resembling past ages will often borrow from actual history, futuristic stories have their own set of rules.
One of the best-known bl variations of timeframes comprises of stories set in so-called ABOverses where some kind of genetic mutation or the result of experiments led to an evolution of humanity that will allow new types of relationship. If you want to explore new worlds and different correlations between your characters, then having a protagonist that is an Omega might be the right thing for you.]
Nie Chang nodded to himself. This wasn’t anything new to him so in case Su Yan might ask later he could still explain it to him. Thus he clicked for the next part of the task line.
“Do you want to know what the next part is about?”
Su Yan shook his head again. “No, no, just —” He stopped and waved in front of his mouth again, gulping down the noodles he had just wanted to eat. His face grew red and Nie Chang lowered the phone, leaning over to see if he was alright.
“Do you want some water? How about —”
“Ah! Hot!” Su Yan turned to him, looking aggrieved as if this had been his fault.
Nie Chang smiled wryly. He certainly hadn’t wanted this happen. Well, he probably shouldn’t have asked him while he was eating. “Better? Or do you want some water? I can go and get some.”
Su Yan shook his head like a rattle drum. “No need, no need. Is the next text important? It should be about what the next story is, right?”
Nie Chang took a look. “Seems like it. Do you want to hear it?”
This time Su Yan nodded before going back to eat. Nie Chang watched him for a moment before lowering his gaze to the phone again and reading the task for him.
[While the effect of a setting on a story is obvious at first glance, the roles the characters take up will also influence the plot strongly. Thus different types of characters can also be used to create variation in the genre.
Whether it’s the distribution of who is —]
Nie Chang reeled. The system had actually written [who is shou and who is gong or if there is such a classical separation of roles at all] but he certainly couldn’t read it like that. Wouldn’t his little darling ask him what exactly the system meant with shou and gong then? He really didn’t know how to explain without making him angry. He gulped and changed the sentence a bit, hoping that he wouldn’t make a mess out of everything.
[— the one starting the relationship or if it’s a transmigrator that takes up the role of the villain and ends up as the protagonist, every type of set-up will allow for a great love story.
Naturally, using some tropes will also evoke expectations in the minds of your readers. Thus you have to know them well yourself so as to not disappoint your readers.
The stories you’ve written so far are judged to not follow any typical tropes. To start learning about them choose one of the following tropes.
Hint 1: For each trope, one story will be assigned that will show you the essentials of the corresponding trope. You can find the story after choosing the trope you want to learn about.
Hint 2: After completing this task, you may finish the task line or continue to learn about the other tropes first.]
Su Yan’s eyes sparkled when his boyfriend read the second hint. “So this is actually the last task?”
“It seems so.”
“Then does this mean I’ll be able to get to the next level after we’ve decided on a trope and read the story?”
“I guess that would depend on how many experience points you get. Let’s just try it. So … Which one do you want? There are —”
“Just take the first one!” Su Yan pushed his empty bowl to the side and pulled Nie Chang’s over.
His boyfriend didn’t notice though. He stared at the first ‘trope’ the system offered him: [shou and gong]
Yeah, sure. As if he would choose that one. Considering the other stories Su Yan had been supposed to read he was positive that this one would consist of almost 90% sex scenes. After all, the system wanted him to learn something about the genre and the thing about shous and gongs Su Yan had to learn … Well, it was kind of obvious what would happen if he really clicked on that.
He decisively clicked on the button reading [Scum villain protagonist] next to it and was treated to the sight of another button. He sighed and clicked on it only to watch the website load where Su Yan was uploading his story. Ah, he’d really like to see if this was something he had read on his other account.
When the novel was finally displayed he almost laughed. Alright, yes, he knew this novel. Or maybe it would be better to call it a story. After all, this one only had a couple of chapters and the content … Well, when he was finished skipping everything that Su Yan wouldn’t like only a few chapters should remain.

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