Update: OMF Revision

About a week back, I announced that I would upload the first batch of chapters of the revised version of Oh. My. Fate?! to my website. Or maybe I should rather say that I wanted to exchange the chapters of the first version for the new one. Anyway, I’ve finally uploaded the last one of them today! 😊

So the first 60 chapters of “Mortal Child” are the chapters of the revised version now. If you’re unsure whether a chapter is of the first or the revised version you can recognize the revised ones through the °-symbol in the Table of Contents on the series’ main page from now on. Chapters of the first version won’t have the “°”.

Now, what about the rest of the chapters you ask?

It’s like this: In the rest of the volume, several completely new chapters will be added to expand on some parts of the story that weren’t explored very much, like Qiang Yan’s investigation or Yin Lin Lin’s involvement for example. Those chapters often tie together into something like a mini-arc but as you’re probably used to from the first version already the chapters in the Nine Heavens and those taking place in the mortal realm take turns.
So it’ll take quite a while until one such arc is finished and until it is, there would be loose ends if someone starts out reading the revised version and then reads the rest of the volume with the first version.
I don’t want to do that to anyone so I’ll upload the other chapters in batches when I’m sure they won’t make you feel like there’s something missing later on. So updates could be every few weeks or every other day depending on how much I’ll add in.
If you want to know if there’s something new, take a look at the Table of Contents or keep an eye on the new posts since I’ll announce each batch of updates 😉

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