OMF V5C85 You Should Reciprocate

Leng Jin Yu felt like he was going crazy when Jinde’s leg rubbed against his. Ah, this was really going too far! Even if he didn’t mind sleeping with him, shouldn’t he still hold back a little when teasing him? He was still injured! They couldn’t leave all reason behind and let this go overboard.
Even though he thought so, he was unable to actually follow through with it. Before he could think further his body had reacted on instinct. Jinde’s outer robe was pushed off on the other side too, his thigh grabbed securely and pressed up against Leng Jin Yu’s hip.
Jinde gave a muffled groan and pulled his head closer, deepening their kiss.
“Mn …” The second layer of his robe followed the first one and Leng Jin Yu’s hands slid across the innermost layer. Ah, it was indeed just as thin as he had thought. It was hardly thick enough to cover his skin. Well, it was still too much. He reached up and pulled the lapel of the last layer further down, exposing Jinde’s clavicle.
His lips left Jinde’s and slid down to his jaw. Jinde hummed, raised his chin and pushed Leng Jin Yu’s head further down. Those thin lips found his neck and left a row of kisses. Jinde smiled. Mn, yes, that was what he had imagined.
His hands slid out of Leng Jin Yu’s hair and down to his shoulders. He brushed his chest before grabbing his lapel. “Shouldn’t you reciprocate?”
Leng Jin Yu looked up from his neck. “Reci—”
The halves of his robe were wrested apart. Jinde curled his hands into the fabric and pulled Leng Jin Yu even closer onto his body. “See there? Much better.” He pushed the outer robe over Leng Jin Yu’s shoulders as good as he could from his position.
Leng Jin Yu smiled and bent further down, his lips trailing Jinde’s clavicle. Ah, he really didn’t know why but every part of Jinde looked so elegant it was maddening. Honestly, if he hadn’t ascended back then and was still a simple mortal, he might not dare to do this. Thankfully …
“Mn …” He sighed and pulled the innermost layer of Jinde’s robe further apart, exposing his chest. “You’re beautiful.”
Jinde chuckled. “I know. So how long do you still want me to wait?”
Leng Jin Yu lifted his head and looked into Jinde’s eyes that were sparkling with a teasing light. It seemed he wouldn’t get past this until they were done. “I thought I’d take my time so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Shouldn’t I make up for everything you’ve missed out on until now?”
Jinde’s lips curled up. “I see now what you meant when you said you could be eviler. But isn’t this a little too cruel?” He stroked Leng Jin Yu’s chest and pulled at his inner robe. “This feels more like you’re trying to torture me.”
“I would never.” Leng Jin Yu sat up, opened his belt and threw it off together with his outer robe.
Jinde happily pulled at his inner robe. The two halves parted and exposed the body below. Jinde hummed and stroked Leng Jin Yu’s skin with his fingertips. Ah, his lover’s body hadn’t changed that much in this reincarnation. His built might be a bit leaner than Chun Yin’s but his body wasn’t any less strong. His chest and the arms that could be seen below the white inner robe were sculpted beautifully.
Jinde smiled and sat up too. Mn, maybe it wasn’t too bad to take it slowly. With Chun Yin, everything had always happened in a rush. He had never been able to enjoy this kind of thing.
His hands came to lie on Leng Jin Yu’s abdomen and brushed against the muscles, slowly following their curve. Jinde leaned closer and his lips touched Leng Jin Yu’s chest, slowly feeling their way upward. A pair of strong hands founds its way into his hair and pulled him closer.
“Jinde …”
Jinde chuckled and looked up. “You said to take our time and enjoy this to the fullest. So you should give your lover the time to enjoy this.” He reached up as far as he could and pressed a kiss beneath Leng Jin Yu’s chin while his hands brushed across his waist and onto his back. He lightly scratched Leng Jin Yu, leaving a faint red line, and gave another chuckle. “Jin Yu, you know, you’re really evil. Doing all that … But there’s still no trace left on my body. Do you think people will be able to read our minds tomorrow?”
Leng Jin Yu took in a sharp breath and swayed on the spot. He really was just half a breath away from pushing Jinde down. Ah, screw all those concerns. He should just take him.
Jinde hummed again, reached up and pushed the inner robe from Leng Jin Yu’s shoulders. Mn, great, his lover was at least half-naked now. It couldn’t take that much longer.
Leng Jin Yu closed his eyes and suppressed a groan. How was he the one torturing Jinde? It was obviously the other way around! His fingers curled tighter into Jinde’s hair but he didn’t know how to proceed. Pull him closer? Push him down?
Jinde used his indecisiveness and continued to feel up those muscles. His lips stayed on Leng Jin Yu’s chest while his hands brushed his torso down to his abdomen and to the rim of his pants. Mn, he would be an idiot if he didn’t make use of the situation. His fingers slipped below the fabric, lightly scratching Leng Jin Yu’s skin. He definitely wouldn’t give him any opportunity to get out of this tomorrow.
With a jerk, the pants were pulled down. Jinde inwardly congratulated himself while his gaze slipped down. Mn. The corners of his mouth lifted up. Not bad, not bad. His hands slipped down but before he could reach anything Leng Jin Yu grabbed his waist and pulled him up.
“Ah! What —”
The last layer of his own robe was wrested from his shoulders and he was pressed down onto the bed, his hands that had just tried to explore his lover’s body some more held down at his sides. Ah, really evil!

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