OMF V5C84 A Beautiful Robe

The two dragons somewhere in the wilderness weren’t the only ones who were about to have a heart-to-heart talk. In the Yun Zou Sect, Leng Jin Yu and his dragon were about to do the same.
Jinde clung to Leng Jin Yu’s neck and hummed while his lover left the study and walked to Jinde’s room with determination written in his features. Jinde stayed well behaved. He didn’t touch him in any other way than encircling his neck and even held back from kissing him. Now, things were up to his lover.
Leng Jin Yu had no idea what Jinde was plotting. He silently carried him into the room and put him down on the edge of the bed as gently as he could.
Jinde’s hands slipped onto his shoulders but he made sure not to do anything else. Leng Jin Yu had finally decided. He had to make sure that he wouldn’t pull back again so he couldn’t go overboard now. He needed to give him the initiative until the end.
Leng Jin Yu knelt down in front of him, his hands resting next to him on the bed. He took a long look at Jinde’s face and smiled. This was his lover, the person he would spend the rest of his life with. Their fate had already been sealed when they met in his past life and now, it would finally be fulfilled.
Leng Jin Yu leaned closer and their lips finally met halfway. He reached up and cupped Jinde’s cheeks, his fingers brushing against that silky, golden hair. He hummed and slowly rose, toppling Jinde onto the bed. Those elegant fingers finally let go of his shoulders and instead slipped into his hair, trying to pull him closer.
Leng Jin Yu chuckled. He had wanted to ask him one last time if he really wanted this but it seemed he was thinking too much. Jinde had already been clear about what he wanted long before he came to terms with his feelings.
He pulled back and looked into those golden eyes again, his breath mixing with Jinde’s. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Leng Jin Yu’s gaze slid down and he touched the lapel of Jinde’s robe, admiring the embroidery for a bit. “That is a very beautiful robe.”
“Then you should take it off very carefully.” Jinde pushed against his chest and rose slightly.
Their gazes met and Leng Jin Yu’s fingers slid down without looking until they reached the rim of the belt. “I’ll try my best but I can’t promise anything. Not in regard to that, at least.”
The belt opened and fell down onto the bed. The outer robe slid open to reveal the second layer. Leng Jin Yu laughed. “Why did you have to pick such a robe?”
“Well …” Jinde leaned closer to him and traced the frame of his face. “Maybe it’s one layer for every rejection you’ve made me suffer until now. You can be glad you didn’t hesitate even longer or you might not get me out of my clothes in an hour. This should be … just enough to keep you occupied for a moment.” He looked up through his golden lashes, his gaze teasing.
Leng Jin Yu observed him for a moment, unsure if he was indeed trying to punish him or if he was still seducing him. Ah, whatever it was he couldn’t go back now. And even if Jinde wanted to punish him, it would be for not being decisive enough. He shouldn’t make his flaws even more obvious.
He pecked Jinde’s cheek in apology and pushed him back down onto the bed while one of his hands slid below his outer robe and pushed it to the side. His fingers brushed the fabric below and his eyes fell shut. It was smooth, unlike the outer robe and the innermost layer beneath it was obviously very thin. He could feel the warmth of Jinde’s body through the fabric. Maybe if he managed to take that one off, he would even be able to feel his skin through the last one.
His lips trailed the slight curve of Jinde’s cheek back down to his lips. Before he had time for another kiss they parted. Leng Jin Yu cracked his eyes open and looked at Jinde. This time, there was no doubt that he was teasing him.
“You know you can’t tease forever.”
“I never intended to tease for long. The plan was for you to take me up on the offer.”
Leng Jin Yu looked at him and his lips couldn’t help but curve up in a smile. “I wouldn’t want to thwart your plans.”
His lips returned to Jinde’s and his tongue flicked out, touching the supple skin. Jinde murmured approvingly and his fingers continued to brush through Leng Jin Yu’s hair until it finally came undone. The black strands fell down beside their faces, enclosing them in a world of their own.
Jinde curled one of the strands around his finger and smiled. “You know you’re pretty different from Chun Yin in a lot of regards but your hair is just as beautiful as his.”
Leng Jin Yu didn’t answer. He leaned down, one arm slipping below Jinde’s body and pressing it up against his chest while his other hand grabbed him by the neck. When their lips met this time it wasn’t as gentle as before. He pressed his lips up against Jinde’s, forcing his mouth open again before finally invading it.
Jinde chuckled, his fingers still combing through the black strands of hair. So it seemed somebody was jealous of his own past self. Wasn’t this ridiculous? Well, he couldn’t judge. He hadn’t reincarnated. And as long as this man was with him, he hoped that he’d never be forced to. He just wanted to spend the rest of his life with him, however many days or years that would be. From now until the end of time, he would be his.
Jinde clung to Leng Jin Yu’s neck, not giving him any opportunity to draw back. His legs moved to the side, trying to trap him in the sweetest way. He definitely wouldn’t let this person who had evaded him for such a long time get away ever again.

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