OMF V5C40 I Only Asked You to Lie Down

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Jinde didn’t have to worry at all about what his lover would think. As soon as Leng Jin Yu saw his face pale he hurried to his side, grabbed his waist and pulled him up against his chest.
“Are you alright? You seem a little pale.”
Jinde looked up, surprise written on his face. Leng Jin Yu … didn’t mind?
“What is it? Do you want to sit down?” He already moved to help Jinde back onto the chair but a pale hand on his arm made him pause.
“It’s alright. I guess it was just a bit much. I … Although it’s been a long time since I suffered those injuries I still feel a little worn out sometimes. Thank you for caring so much for me.” He leaned closer onto Leng Jin Yu and once again rubbed his chest. Mn, this was probably the best opportunity to get the right atmosphere back.
Unfortunately for him, Leng Jin Yu wasn’t such an easy character either. He might be seduced by Jinde but he had enough self-awareness not to go any further when Jinde’s injuries were brought up. He had already bitten him. He definitely couldn’t do anything else that would hurt him. Not if he knew that Jinde was suffering from previous injuries.
Thus Jinde was bound to fail this time. Since he didn’t know yet he still tried though. And considering how everything had developed until now he felt that he had a pretty good grasp on what Leng Jin Yu liked.
Actually, it wasn’t too different from Chun Yin’s preferences back then. He also had that wish to see his lover a little … helpless. It might not even be conscious but he craved that feeling to wrap his special person into his arms and reassure him, to hold him tight and make sure he was safe.
It was nothing strange for a dragon. And maybe humans weren’t that different from them in that regard or maybe Leng Jin Yu just had a lot in common with Chun Yin since part of his soul hadn’t gone into reincarnation. Anyway, he liked this. He had always admired Chun Yin’s strength and he had indeed always felt secure when he lay in his arms.
This feeling of warmth … Maybe he had craved this the most. Just how long had it been since Chun Yin held him like this? After he became king, it had hardly happened because Chun Yin had always thought of it like overstepping some invisible boundary.
Jinde shuddered and hugged Leng Jin Yu more tightly. He had found him so he wouldn’t let him go again. He would hold onto him. Forever.
Leng Jin Yu gently rubbed Jinde’s back. “You’re shivering. How about sitting down? Or maybe you want to lie down? I can help you to your room.”
Jinde burrowed his face into Leng Jin Yu’s chest and smiled. “If I say yes, will you lie down with me?”
Leng Jin Yu’s grip tightened. “Is that really such a good idea? You’re injured …”
Jinde chuckled. “What were you thinking? I was just talking about lying down. Let’s just … spend some time with each other, alright?” He had already lost Chun Yin because he hadn’t been courageous enough. He shouldn’t make the same mistake twice.
Jinde raised his head and cupped Leng Jin Yu’s cheek. “I like you. I like you very much. And if I’m not wrong, then you’re not indifferent to me either.”
Leng Jin Yu gazed at him and smiled. “Is it that obvious?”
“Is it bad if it’s obvious?”
Leng Jin Yu examined his face. Why hadn’t he found this person sooner? He had been in the human realm for so long but never known there was someone like him.
He smiled, bent down and picked up Jinde.
“Ah! What … What are you doing?” Jinde grabbed his shoulder but only got a chuckle in return.
“Didn’t you say you’d lie down if I accompanied you? You’re still looking pale. I think it’d be better if you took a rest.” Without waiting for Jinde to respond, he carried him out of the study and to his room, only putting him down when they reached the bed.
He wanted to step back but Jinde encircled his neck. “Didn’t you say you’d accompany me?”
“Mn. But does that really require me to lie down next to you?”
Jinde smiled and shuffled back on the bed. “I want you to hold me.”
Leng Jin Yu sighed. He wasn’t sure if this was such a good idea but if Jinde insisted … He sat down on the side of the bed and grabbed Jinde’s hands.
“Is that all? You really don’t want to lie down?” Jinde grabbed onto those hands but he wouldn’t accept just this. Chun Yin owed him so much. He should at least fulfill this little wish of hi.
Leng Jin Yu took a deep breath. “Well …”
“Come on, now. It’s not like I asked you to ravish me. Just be with me.”
“And I can’t do this from here?”
“No, you can’t. How am I supposed to burrow into your arms and cling to you and feel your heartbeat? You’re making me feel insecure.” Jinde’s voice went from a soothing and somewhat seductive gentleness to a tone of begging.
Leng Jin Yu couldn’t take it any longer. He brushed his hair back in resignation and indeed lay down. Not only that, he even pulled Jinde into his arms. Ah, what use was there in denying it any longer? He had liked this man from the moment he first saw him and Jinde had said that he liked him too.
They had to take some time to get to know each other better and then they could make this official. But that could only be done if he didn’t refuse to spend time with him. Sure, it could have been done differently but he could understand that Jinde would crave this contact after being alone for so long.
So, why shouldn’t he give him what he wanted?

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