OMF V5C39 Don’t Forget to Close the Door

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Jinde was unable to find a comeback. He might be able to be shameless when it was required to seduce his lover but … How was he supposed to react to this when his lover was standing only a few steps away?
Eh? Jinde barely held back a smile and turned to look at Leng Jin Yu with a wronged expression that clearly asked for him to step out and defend his virtue.
Leng Jin Yu gulped. Alright. Jinde obviously wanted him to do something. And he really should. The sooner they managed to solve the dragon king’s problem, the sooner he would leave and then …
Leng Jin Yu turned to Qiu Ling and cleared his throat. “Longjun, considering that the situation with your fiance is partly my fault, maybe there is something I can do to help you with the other matter?”
Qiu Ling looked back at him and frowned. “You? You couldn’t even win against me! How do you want to break into the demon realm and free two of my people? It’s not like that bastard wouldn’t have someone guard them.”
Jinde slowly turned around and stared at Qiu Ling until his skin crawled.
“Uh … What is it?”
“So you were the one who hurt Jin Yu?”
Qiu Ling blinked. He somehow felt … that this was something he couldn’t admit under any circumstances. “How could that be?! Even though I hate him because he seduced my beloved, I would never be so base as to attack him while I know fully well that he doesn’t stand a chance against me.”
Jinde’s hand clasped over Qiu Ling’s arm, his nails digging into the fabric of the robe. “Are you sure that is what I’ll hear if I send Xin Lan to investigate?”
“Uh … We might have exchanged a few pointers earlier. But honestly, there was no danger involved at all. Now could you let go? This actually hurts.”
Jinde stared at Qiu Ling. He would need to be an idiot if he even considered believing Qiu Ling’s words. Fury welled up in his heart. The injury to Leng Jin Yu’s shoulder might not have been life-threatening but that was probably only due to the fact that he had been able to evade. His attacker had certainly gone for his heart in a sure-fire attempt to kill him.
Well, he couldn’t fault Qiu Ling. He was a dragon and even one that had bound his soul to his beloved. Naturally, he would lose all reason when he was told that his beloved had now fallen in love with another man.
Jinde loosened his grip. “He’s human now. That’s something you should keep in mind. He doesn’t understand the impact it has to reject you or even cheat on you. Even if he was …” Jinde shook his head. “Things aren’t always as easy as they seem. You know that fully well.”
Qiu Ling looked at Jinde and took in the way his gaze clouded over. The old geezer was obviously thinking of his old man again. “I only know that he had bad judgment. But, well, seems like you don’t care anymore.”
Jinde sighed and let go. “I would never.”
“But —” Qiu Ling stopped talking and his eyes went wide.
Wait! The old geezer had left the special dimension and was now living in this house. He had obviously been about to kiss some man even though he was supposedly in love with his father. And, well, it wasn’t like any dragon would just make up being in love with somebody since it was such a serious issue for them. So that left only one possibility.
This senior martial brother Yu Jin that had seduced his beloved away only to flirt with the old geezer right after … was his father?!
Qiu Ling knelt down next to Jinde in defeat. This couldn’t be! He had actually lost to his own father?! He turned to Jinde with reproach written in his eyes. Please, tell him that this wasn’t true! He didn’t want to lose his beloved to his father out of all people! This was probably the most humiliating thing that could happen!
Jinde just smiled, not bothering to say anything. Wasn’t this matter clear already? There certainly wasn’t any man beside Chun Yin he would ever try to seduce. It was a wonder Qiu Ling had needed this long to figure it out.
He turned to look at Leng Jin Yu, his gaze gentle. Mn, his lover had finally returned. He had found his other half again. Whatever the future held for them they could finally confront it together.
Love really was such a wonderful thing. Mn, since everything had turned out so well for him, he shouldn’t slight his stepson and help him out a bit. “You can ask Xin Lan for other ideas. Don’t forget to close the door on your way out.”
Qiu Ling’s brows twitched. Alright. He got the hint. “At least wait until I’m outside.” He got up and threw Leng Jin Yu an angry look. Tch. What a fine father he was, actually seducing his son’s fiance!
He harrumphed and ignored him while walking past him. “Don’t forget to pay attention to your bones.” With that, he picked up his speed and ran out of the house, slamming the door shut behind him.
Jinde blinked. Bones? He leaped to his feet and clenched his fists. “Damned brat, come back here if you dare! Do you think I wouldn’t tell Xin Lan not to lift a finger?”
Unfortunately, Qiu Ling was already gone and Jinde could only remain standing there, his chest heaving up and down in anger. This damned boy! How could he say something like that and even in front of his lover?!
Ah! Jinde paled. His lover! Leng Jin Yu had actually seen him lose control like this … What would he think now? This stupid brat! He would definitely tell Xin Lan to go and teach him a lesson when he was free!

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