LWS V4C29 Is There Something on My Face?

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Nie Chang sighed when he finally managed to pull that sweater over Su Yan’s head without lifting the blanket. Ah, he had really worked hard today. But, well, what could he do? He still wanted to have a nice day with his little darling today. If he made him angry in the morning already, he could forget about that. So, he had to be especially careful today.
“Warm now?” Nie Chang used the opportunity to hug Su Yan’s waist and stroke his back.
Su Yan nodded happily. “I am! So, are we going to eat now?”
“Mn. Thankfully, you didn’t make things too difficult or the food would be cold by now.” He leaned over, kissed Su Yan’s cheek and sneakily pulled the blanket back. Ah, finally, some fresh air! He honestly couldn’t understand how Su Yan managed to complain about being cold in the middle of summer. It was so warm this week.
Nie Chang got up and pulled Su Yan to his feet before he could find something else to complain about. Su Yan indeed didn’t make things difficult for him. Why should he? He was warm and his boyfriend had taken the pains to prepare tasty food for him. Mn, when he thought about it like that he wouldn’t mind if every day was like this from now on. Ah, they should move in together soon. Or he should have Nie Chang stay over every day.
Eh? Come to think of it, it seemed like they had already done that since they got together? Well, they had also slept in Nie Chang’s apartment but anyway, they had been staying in the same place. That was probably a lot like living together already.
When Su Yan stepped into the kitchen he paused. Mn! It smelled so good! And it looked so good!
He turned to the side and hugged Nie Chang. “Ah Chang, in the future, you always have to cook for us, alright?”
Nie Chang chuckled. “In the future? I thought I was doing that already.” He kissed Su Yan’s cheek, gave him a light slap on the butt and shoved him to the table. “Now, sit down or it’s going to get cold. Don’t make me reheat it again. It’ll lose all the vitamins and then my little darling will get sick and I’ll have to nurse you back to health.”
“Hmph.” Su Yan pouted but sat down and snatched the pair of chopsticks Nie Chang had put on the table. How could Nie Chang just casually slap his butt? Well, he would forgive him in light of the fact that he had cared for him so much today.
Nie Chang watched how Su Yan happily gulped down his food. Mn … His little darling was really too cute. Today would probably be a lot of fun. Ah, he couldn’t wait to see Su Yan’s face when he noticed that he hadn’t driven him to work at all. He would probably be half curious and half furious. Curious because he really wanted to know where they were and why they were there and what they would do now and furious because he had dared not to tell him beforehand. He would be even more furious if he didn’t come out with the truth immediately.
Ah, their date would be great!
Su Yan paused when he was halfway through his breakfast and raised his head. “Why are you looking at me like this?” He frowned. His boyfriend had been looking at him the whole time. Even if he didn’t look back, he could still feel that! “Don’t tell me we’re late already?! Why didn’t you say anything? I could have showered already!”
Nie Chang raised his brows. Hadn’t he told him that he could go and shower before they ate? If he remembered correctly, then a certain someone had refused because it was cold and just stayed in bed where he was warm and comfortable. “What are you even talking about? We’re not late at all.” After all, we’re not going to work today. Otherwise …
Su Yan pouted. “Then why are you looking at me like this? Is there something on my face?”
“Really?” Su Yan’s eyes widened and he rubbed over his mouth. “Is it still there?”
Nie Chang nodded. “Yes.”
Su Yan rubbed at his cheeks next. “Now?”
“It’s still there. It’s even more obvious now.”
Su Yan frowned. How could this be? He had already rubbed so much! “Where exactly is it? My cheeks?”
Nie Chang looked at him as if he was unsure how to answer that. “No, it’s … on your whole face.”
“My whole face?!” Su Yan turned to look at his bowl incredulously. Just what had he gotten onto his face that it was everywhere now? He didn’t feel anything at all? This wasn’t scientific!
Su Yan lifted his head in disbelief but his boyfriend just nodded. Su Yan frowned, pursed his lips and patted his cheeks. Maybe it had been wrong to wipe and he had spread it even further? Maybe it would be better if he just patted it off? But that wasn’t right either. Patting would only work if it was something powdery.
He turned to Nie Chang helplessly, his eyes begging him to do something. “How about you wipe it away?”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “How could I do that?”
“What do you mean? There’s something on my face and I’m not getting it off! At least you can see where it is! You have to help me!”
Nie Chang smiled happily. “I really can’t imagine why I would want to do that.”
“Hah?” Su Yan’s brows knitted together. “But …” He paused. Wait. Something was wrong here. And Nie Chang’s smile … Wasn’t that the teasing sort he hated so much? He had a bad hunch but he still asked. “What’s on my face?”
Nie Chang smiled even more brightly and reached out, poking the tip of Su Yan’s nose. “A very adorable expression.”

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