OMF V5C41 He Could Get Used to This

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Jinde smiled happily when Leng Jin Yu finally did as he had wanted. He scooted closer and just as he had said he burrowed into his arms. Mn … This really felt good.
Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but smile either when he saw Jinde like this. He reached out, wrapped his arms around him and gently stroked his back, his fingers sliding through his golden hair.
Leng Jin Yu picked one of the strands up and looked at it. Golden hair … “So you’re part of the dragon race?” It probably should have tipped him off sooner but he had been preoccupied with figuring out his feelings.
Jinde nodded, not minding at all. He didn’t even consider that Leng Jin Yu might only have realized now.
“I see. And you and Longjun …”
This time Jinde froze. How was he supposed to explain this without giving his age away? Qiu Ling had already hinted at it and Leng Jin Yu was too smart not to understand if he said he knew him from the past. Eh? Wasn’t there also …
Jinde playfully tugged at Leng Jin Yu’s robe. “He’s Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple, isn’t he? The Grandmaster threw him into the special dimension before and that boy only left five years later so you could probably say that we’re pretty familiar with each other.”
Leng Jin Yu looked at the pale fingers playing with his robe and gave a low murmur. He didn’t believe that this was the true nature of their relationship though. Even if they spent five years together, that was nothing to a dragon. And the kind of familiarity the two of them had displayed had to have other reasons. Leng Jin Yu didn’t intend to pry though. If Jinde only said this much, then it meant that he wasn’t comfortable with disclosing the rest. He should respect that.
“And that Senior Xin? I didn’t think about it before but he seems to be some kind of Elder of the dragon race and I saw him several times here at the Yun Zou Sect.”
Jinde sweat-dropped. His lover was too sharp! How come he could suddenly bring all those things up? He really felt like the next question would be just how many years he had spent in the mortal realm already.
He gave a nervous smile and tugged at the robe a little harder. He was afraid what Leng Jin Yu would think when he caught onto the fact just how big the difference in age between them was but he also didn’t want to lie to him. “Well … We met before I came to the human realm. ‘Meeting’ is probably not what I should call it though. Xin Lan … he was badly injured back then. I stitched him back together so since then he followed me around for a while. We only recently met again though.”
Leng Jin Yu nodded but his thoughts were churning. He had always assumed that this Senior Xin’s attitude was because he thought that he had seduced the Son of Heaven and thus disrespected his king. But now it seemed as if he had been wrong. This wasn’t about Longjun at all but about Jinde instead. That also explained why Xin Lan would interfere when Longjun tried to kill him. He had done it for Jinde because he knew that Jinde liked him.
Then his attitude at the beginning … Leng Jin Yu tried to gauge something from Jinde’s expression but other than a little nervousness there wasn’t anything to see there. Could it be that Jinde had known about him before? What he thought of as their first meeting, had it been something different for Jinde? Or … was this because Jinde remembered their past lives? No, his past life. If he was right, then he was the only one who had died. Jinde had lived on.
Leng Jin Yu suppressed a sigh. He felt that he was right but there was no way to confirm. He would have to ask Jinde for this, especially if he wanted to know more about what had happened. He felt like this wasn’t the moment though.
They had just gotten closer and Jinde seemed happy. He shouldn’t risk destroying this just to satisfy his curiosity. After all, whatever had happened it was the story of how Jinde had lost his partner. He certainly wouldn’t want to remember.
Leng Jin Yu started to stroke Jinde’s back again, making him narrow his eyes in pleasure. If he thought about it, then it was no wonder that Jinde had insisted on lying down together. He probably wanted to reassure himself that this was real, that his lover had indeed returned to him. For him who had waited all this time, this was probably something he needed to have.
Ah, thankfully, he had given in. He should probably take note of this in the future.
Jinde sighed in satisfaction when Leng Jin Yu caressed him. He snuggled up against his chest more closely and hugged his waist. Mn, he suddenly felt a little sleepy. He really would have liked to close his eyes and just sleep in Leng Jin Yu’s arms but he didn’t dare to. What if he woke up the next morning and his lover was gone again? He couldn’t risk that!
He pressed his eyes together before opening them wide. He couldn’t fall asleep under any circumstances! He had to use this time with Leng Jin Yu. He couldn’t waste even a single second.
“Mn, how about you? You’re from the Nine Heavens, aren’t you? An ascended deity?”
Leng Jin Yu peered at Jinde’s face. “How did you know?”
Jinde chuckled. “You told Xin Lan, that’s basically the same as telling me.”
“Oh. Well, I hope he only said good things then.”
“Of course. What bad thing could there be?”
Leng Jin Yu’s hand stilled. Yes. What bad thing could there be? Why did Xin Lan who was obviously very supportive of Jinde hate him so much? Just what had he done to deserve this treatment?
Once again he held back from asking. This had very likely to do with his past life too. It was better not to think about it for now. In a few days or maybe weeks, things would be different.
Leng Jin Yu started to stroke Jinde’s back again. “Well, it’s good then. I wouldn’t want you to think badly of me.”
“I would never.” Jinde’s voice lowered and his eyes fell shut on their own. He really was … so tired.
“As for the Nine Heavens …” Leng Jin Yu stopped talking and looked at the person in his arms. “Jinde?”
He didn’t get an answer. Jinde had obviously fallen asleep. Leng Jin Yu brushed his hair back and took a closer look at his face. His eyes were shut and his lips had curled into a sweet smile. Even though he slept, it was obvious he was very happy.
Leng Jin Yu also smiled, bent down and kissed his temple. Mn, holding him while he slept wasn’t bad at all. He could get used to this.

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