LWS V4C30 Wear Nothing

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Su Yan pouted and tried to give his bad boyfriend a reproachful look but Nie Chang didn’t fail to notice that the corners of his lips had quirked up. He was obviously very pleased with being called adorable even though he hated that his boyfriend had managed to lead him around by the nose.
Nie Chang smiled and continued to eat in a happy mood. If it went on like this, then their date today would be great.
Su Yan tried to glare a bit longer but finally just huffed and turned back to his bowl. Whatever. He could let Nie Chang have some fun considering that he had been so nice to him today. His boyfriend probably needed to tease him a bit to keep the balance or something.
Soon enough the two of them had finished eating. Nie Chang very naturally got up and started to put the dishes away. He didn’t forget to give his little darling a kiss on the temple though.
“How about you go shower now? I’ll take care of all this and pack your stuff.”
“Mn, sounds good!” Su Yan leaped to his feet, hugged Nie Chang and rewarded him with a kiss on the lips. Ah, his boyfriend was really good to him today! “Then I’ll be back in a moment. You don’t have to miss me too much.”
Nie Chang grinned and pulled Su Yan closer. Honestly, how could he expect him to just let him go to the bathroom when he was so sweet? “You know, Ah Yan, even if you went away for just one second I would already miss you terribly.”
Su Yan’s lips curled in a way that seemed to say that this was very much expected.
Nie Chang laughed and bent down, kissing him again. “You know if you look like this, I’ll miss you even more.”
“If I look like what? I’m looking like I always do!”
“Ah, no, you were looking especially enticing right now. If we hadn’t eaten breakfast just now … I’d really consider taking a bite out of you.”
Su Yan slapped his chest and ducked out of his arms. “It’s all mine! You can’t even lick it!” Then he ran away.
Nie Chang laughed again. Can’t even lick it? He’d show him tomorrow just how well he could do that! He shook his head and went back to work.
By the time Su Yan had finally finished to shower the dishes were already clean and back in the cupboard, Su Yan’s notebook and phone were packed and Nie Chang was sitting on the couch doing some work.
“Finished already?”
“Mn!” Su Yan nodded very proudly. “I was especially fast today, wasn’t I?”
Nie Chang took an inconspicuous look at the clock on his notebook and his lips twitched. Su Yan called that fast? He would be able to shower three or four times in that amount of time! Well, he wouldn’t argue with him on that.
Nie Chang closed his notebook, put it away and stood up. “Well then, let’s go to work.” He walked over and put an arm around Su Yan’s shoulder, smiling happily.
Su Yan eyed him strangely. Why was Nie Chang so hyped up to go to work? Don’t tell him his boyfriend didn’t like staying at his apartment? But that had never been a problem before! Or … had it? Could it be Nie Chang had just never said anything but actually hated it?
Mn? Su Yan’s gaze flitted about. Hating the other’s apartment but being forced to be there all the time … This really reminded him of that task the system had given him! Could it be that this was also a reason for couples to break up?!
Su Yan stopped just when they reached the front door and stared into space.
Nie Chang turned back, raising his brows. “Did you forget something?” He couldn’t think of anything though. After all, Su Yan didn’t know that they weren’t going to work and the only things he would need there were his notebook and phone.
Su Yan hurriedly nodded. “Let’s go back up and pack some things!”
“Pack some things?” Nie Chang’s brows raised even higher. “What kind of things?”
“Clothes, of course!” He frowned and looked at him as if he was an idiot. “We packed your clothes yesterday so you could bring them over here. Shouldn’t we pack some clothes for me to bring to your apartment too?”
Nie Chang wanted to say something but he had no idea what. In the end, he just opened and closed his mouth a few times and finally nodded. “Sure.” But how come you just came up with that randomly when we wanted to leave? He really didn’t understand his darling sometimes.
Su Yan didn’t care about his boyfriend’s confusion at all. He turned around and ran back up, not even waiting whether Nie Chang would join him or not. Nie Chang could only sigh and also go up again. Well, thankfully he hadn’t booked anything where they needed to be on time. Otherwise, this would really be a problem and he could hardly tell Su Yan that they were going on a secret date to convince him to hurry up, could he?
When the two of them stood in front of Su Yan’s wardrobe it turned out just how lucky this was. A certain someone pulled some things out pretty decisively but after three or four garments he stopped and stared at his wardrobe as if in a trance.
Nie Chang sighed. Ah, he had expected this. Naturally, Su Yan wouldn’t be able to decide just what he wanted to take with him. He just never felt good when he didn’t have all the possibilities to choose from. Well, nothing could be done about that as long as they didn’t live together.
“Just take one piece of everything. That should be enough.”
“How is that enough?!” Su Yan turned around incredulously.
“Uh …” Nie Chang scratched his head. He really didn’t understand on what land mine he had stepped now.
Su Yan harrumphed. He hadn’t expected anything else from someone who didn’t even dare to say that he didn’t like his place! He resolutely pulled half of his clothes out.
Nie Chang’s brows raised up. Just what was his little darling doing there? “Ah Yan, don’t you think this is too much? If you take all of that with you to my place, then what are you going to wear here?”
Su Yan turned around, fuming with anger. He still dared to say that! “Nothing! I’ll just wear nothing!”

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