LWS V2C56 Way Too Troublesome

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Zhi Bao Yu was immensely baffled. This former co-worker of hers had finally gotten into a relationship after all these years but he didn’t jump his boyfriend immediately and instead decided with him to wait another two weeks?
Could it be … this was some kind of hidden camera TV show?
She lowered the phone and warily looked around. She couldn’t spot anyone or anything suspicious though. Well, she was already at home. The only one who could have tried to play a prank on her here was her boyfriend and he was still at work. And she felt like she was observant enough to notice had anything changed in their apartment.
No, this probably wasn’t a TV show. So that only left one possibility: Su Yan was being serious. She took some time to digest this information, an awkward silence engulfing their phone call.
At the other end, Nie Chang had already dressed and come over. Seeing Su Yan with his shirt hanging on only one shoulder and his pants grabbed without being closed he chuckled lightly.
With the mind of teasing his boyfriend a bit, he went over and looped an arm around his waist, his lips closing in on Su Yan’s ear. “Let me help you —”
Before Nie Chang could finish his sentence Su Yan had clasped a hand over his mouth. Nie Chang lifted his brows. Uhm … What was this about?
Su Yan pointed at his phone to answer the question in Nie Chang’s eyes.
Nie Chang nodded. He had heard the last bit of what Su Yan said so he could imagine that it would be really embarrassing if the person on the other side heard him asking if he should help Su Yan get dressed. Wouldn’t it seem like he had lied just now?
Nie Chang smiled and took out his phone, typing something before showing it to Su Yan:
[Let me help you put your clothes on.]
Su Yan shook his head. He definitely didn’t need help with getting dressed! Nie Chang didn’t want to hear anything like that though. His fingers once again flew over the screen of his phone.
[You’ll catch a cold like this.]
The message was presented to Su Yan before the phone was put away. Then, disregarding any protest Nie Chang grabbed Su Yan’s shirt and helped him put his other arm into the sleeve before stepping in front of him and buttoning up his shirt. Then, he unceremoniously grabbed his pants and tugged.
Su Yan couldn’t help but gave a sound of surprise, making the corners of Nie Chang’s lips raise and pulling Zhi Bao Yu out of her thoughts.
“Uh, I …” Su Yan tried to slap those hands away but Nie Chang just caught his hand and gently kissed it. Su Yan blushed and turned away himself. “I just wondered why you weren’t saying anything. It’s not that strange, is it?”
“Hah? Of course, it is! It’s stranger than strange! You told me today that you wanted to do something for him because it took so long for you to get together. And now you’re claiming that you actually want to wait another two weeks before having sex?! Damn, Su Yan, is your boyfriend a sage or something? How is he able to wait that long?”
“Uh …” Su Yan really wanted to answer but a certain someone had pulled him into his arms, reached around and pulled his zipper up before leisurely closing his belt. How was he supposed to concentrate on the call like this?!
Zhi Bao Yu grumbled. “I really can’t understand you. If you want to compensate him for the long wait but don’t want to have sex with him, then why did you want to go to the boutique in the first place?”
“To shop for clothes?” Why else would one go to a boutique? Before today he certainly wouldn’t have been able to imagine that someone might want to have sex in a changing cubicle.
Oh. Come to think of it … How would you even do that? There wasn’t even any place to lie down.
Zhi Bao Yu opened her mouth and wanted to retort but couldn’t find anything to say. After what Su Yan had just said she now had an inkling how this ‘waiting for two weeks’ had come about though. “Su Yan …”
“Could it be …” She bit her lower lip and pondered on how to proceed. She really wanted to ask but if she did, it’d probably become really awkward.
In the end, she decided against it. Whatever. She actually didn’t need Su Yan to admit it. Just from what he had said it was pretty obvious that this would be his first time. Uh, come to think about it, it really was a blessing that his boyfriend was able to hold back in a critical moment otherwise … She really didn’t want to be responsible if one of her former co-workers lost his virginity in a changing cubicle!
“What is it?” Thankfully, Su Yan had no idea what Zhi Bao Yu was thinking about. Thus he could just ask without suspicion.
“Ah, no, it’s nothing.” Zhi Bao Yu gave a cough. “It’s just … are you sure you want to wait two weeks?”
“We already talked it through.”
“Well, if it’s like that, I’m afraid I can’t really help you. It would be alright to do whatever, I guess.”
“Sorry that I’m not able to help more.” Zhi Bao Yu sighed. She had originally wanted to make up for the blunder from last week but now she had once again done something that got Su Yan in an awkward situation. It seemed like she shouldn’t try to help this guy.
“It’s not a problem!” Su Yan scratched his head and leaned back against Nie Chang’s chest. “Actually, even though we didn’t … well, do anything we still had a nice afternoon.”
“Ah, that’s good then.” Just at that moment, the door to her apartment opened. “Eh, Su Yan, my boyfriend’s back. I’ll call you another time, alright? Ah, no, wait! You’re working at your boyfriend’s repair shop now, right? I’ll bring the others over some time! You definitely have to introduce your boyfriend to us!”
“Great! That’s settled then! See you!” She directly hung up on him.
Su Yan slowly lowered his phone and turned to Nie Chang. Actually, thinking about it now, he was quite happy he had gotten himself a boyfriend and even such a sensible one. If he had found a girlfriend instead and she was like Zhi Bao Yu, wouldn’t that be way too troublesome?

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