LWS V2C57 Searching for Rewards

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“Zhi Bao Yu?”
Su Yan nodded and snuggled closer against Nie Chang. “Yeah. She called to ask how our afternoon went.”
“Well … I told her the truth?”
“Mn. Did she try to give you any advice?” Nie Chang lightly furrowed his brows. After what had happened last week and then today he wasn’t that happy with Zhi Bao Yu’s interference. “If she did, don’t listen to her! She doesn’t know anything. You’d just be getting some dumb ideas.”
“Oh.” Su Yan looked away and silently sighed with relief.
Thank god the phone had rung just now! If not, he might indeed have done what Zhi Bao Yu had suggested and really had sex with Nie Chang earlier. Ah, he shouldn’t think so much and just listen to what his mother said. She was still the one who knew best how relationships worked.
Mn, it was no wonder. Zhi Bao Yu might have a boyfriend for a while already but his mother had been married to his father for more than twenty years already. Considering what a difficult person he was that was a huge achievement! Naturally, he should do what she said.
“So, what are we going to do now?” Nie Chang gently held Su Yan, his lips closing in on his cheek. He had the faint hope that maybe there was a little chance they might go back to bed and continue what they had been about to do.
Little did he know that his off-handed comment about how Zhi Bao Yu’s advice was bad would be the reason he really had to wait the two weeks that Su Yan had already thought of forgetting about.
Su Yan gulped and fiddled with his phone, trying to find something he could say. He furrowed his brows and looked at the phone in his hands when his eyes suddenly lit up. “Ah, look at this! I already finished that task of uploading the first chapter! I should really have a look if the system gave me some other task!” He hurriedly slipped out of Nie Chang’s arms and sat down on the couch.
Nie Chang sighed. It seemed the short time frame he had had to make a move on Su Yan had already closed completely. Well, there might be another opportunity tomorrow.
Su Yan just pretended nothing had ever happened and completely threw the incident out of his mind. Instead, he opened the Lovely Writing System again.
Come to think of it, there wasn’t just the task of publishing the first chapter he had finished. Shouldn’t he also get something for accomplishing those passive tasks from the publication stats?
Ignoring the main task he actually clicked on the passive tasks first. The only thing that happened was that the task [Get ten 5-star reviews] was exchanged for a task with a higher number. It seemed he had already managed to get those ten reviews.
Su Yan clicked again but nothing happened. He frowned. It couldn’t be that this thing didn’t want to give him a reward, right? He had already accomplished the task so what was this supposed to mean?!
He clicked once more without any success. Was this thing kidding him?! His brows drew closer together. This couldn’t be. Hadn’t the system said before that the passive tasks would also help him gain levels?
Mn, speaking of levels … Maybe the rewards for passive tasks would be different from the reward he got when he achieved the second level? It was, after all, something he himself wasn’t doing. It depended on the readers. So maybe he just got … whatever it was you needed to get to a higher level?
Honestly, he couldn’t exactly remember what the system had mentioned about it. He only knew he had to finish all these tasks and then he’d get to a higher level and be rewarded. But if he was right with what he just thought, then maybe he’d find out more about that at that spot displaying his level.
Su Yan decisively clicked on the sign displaying [2 Apprentice] and indeed a moment later another window opened. It showed some more details about this level. The heading alone was enough to make Su Yan cough out blood, though.
Instead of the inconspicuous sign that only told him he was an [Apprentice] that thing in the middle offensively read [Apprentice of Dating].
The hell?! He was just writing a short story! What did this have to do with dating?! Alright, the Lovely Writing System had once likened writing and publishing to establishing a relationship but still. This was such a stupid title.
He chose to ignore the bad naming sense of his system and looked at the other information it displayed. The benefits he had received were listed directly under the heading. He skimmed over them since he already knew what he had gotten and concentrated on the lower half of the window.
It showed some kind of … progress bar and a row of numbers. Su Yan stared at them for a moment, blinked and instead went to look at the shiny graph. Don’t joke with him. He had stopped understanding anything about math in the last few years of school. Not paying attention to anything including numbers had already become something like an instinct to him.
The graph looked good, though. Well, it was pink and seemed to sparkle but the progress looked good. It was already filled to two thirds. Did this mean he would soon reach the third level?
Su Yan’s eyes widened and his heart beat faster. This was so great! It had barely been a week since he got the system and he was already approaching the third level!
Nie Chang who stood to the side couldn’t help but smile. It seemed whatever the system had rewarded his boyfriend with was something good. Most likely, this would be a long night. He went to fetch his notebook and sat down next to Su Yan. Mn, if his wife was busy anyway, then he should use the time to earn some money. Who knew when they’d need it?

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