LWS V2C55 I Thought it Was Exciting

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Su Yan and Nie Chang both froze, their faces not even an inch apart. Should they ignore the phone and just continue?
The bit of courage Su Yan had just worked up withered instantly. He picked up the phone, and half climbed and half stumbled out of the bed. He even went so far as to grab his clothes on the way out of the room.
Nie Chang sat up and stared at his leaving figure. This was … really awkward. Su Yan had looked as if the bed was on fire. But he hadn’t even done anything! It was Su Yan that suddenly inched closer!
Nie Chang gave a sigh and lay back down. This was probably what one would call a wasted chance. If he hadn’t seen things, then Su Yan had wanted to go further just now. So … Was it good that the phone had disturbed them since Su Yan had only decided at the spur of the moment and might have regretted it later on? Or was it bad because he had finally found the courage to go forward but had now retreated which might make it even more difficult to take that step in the end?
He honestly didn’t know but he was a bit afraid of what this episode may bring about in the future. With another sigh, Nie Chang sat up again and fetched his own clothes. He really wanted to know who had disturbed them right now!
Meanwhile, Su Yan had hurried into the living room and picked up the call while simultaneously trying to get dressed again. It didn’t work that well. He had managed to put on one of the sleeves of his shirt and had half-way jumped into his pants but he couldn’t go on. Doing so with just one hand really was to difficult. Especially if he was supposed to concentrate on the call. And he needed a tremendous amount of concentration for that.
The other side had immediately started to chatter when he answered the call and didn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon. “Oh my god, Su Yan! I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to your message before. You know just when you sent it over there was that group of tourists and you know how they are. They asked this and then they still wanted to know that and when I thought they’d finally given up they remembered there was that other place they wanted to go and they actually expected me to tell them how they could get there when they had visited that other sight first. The problem was they really weren’t sure which station they’d be leaving from then. How would I know how they’d get there then? I’m not a clairvoyant! Well, anyway, back to the topic. Did everything go well?”
Su Yan was stunned into speechlessness. “Uh …”
“It didn’t?” Her voice went up and she tsked. “What a pity! And I had everything prepared so well! So, what was the problem with the first one? Which one did you choose anyway? Maybe I know it. You see it’s not too late just because it didn’t go so well today. It wouldn’t be too good to attempt it again immediately, though. You see men often don’t like going shopping anyway. Persuading him once and then suffering through an awkward afternoon certainly won’t have helped. Give him a bit of time to forget about it and then you can go for another try. If you’re uncertain, I can recommend you a few other stores you could visit before that one. You definitely won’t regret going there. Ah, I should have done so right from the beginning. Now you actually wasted so much time. What a pity!”
Su Yan stared blankly ahead. He hadn’t even said anything like that? In fact, the only thing he had managed to say since answering the call had been ‘uh’. How did she conclude that the afternoon had been ruined?
“Maybe we should meet up this weekend to discuss this in detail. Mn, that’s a pretty good idea. We should also consider what kind of look would suit your appearance and your boyfriend’s taste. You know it’s not that easy as a man. I mean it’s not like you could just walk into a lingerie shop and then pose for him.” Zhi Bao Yu stopped to consider for a moment. “Alright, maybe that wouldn’t be impossible. Since he’s gay he’d probably like to see you like this. Ah, let me look up where they’re selling lingerie for men here in Shanghai. Oh, wait, does it have to be Shanghai? You could also make a trip over the weekend. I don’t know. Maybe go to the coast and relax together? It’s still warm anyway and being at the beach would be a prime opportunity to show off your body to him.” She laughed. “Oh, wow, actually I’d like to be there and watch. You’d probably make him go speechless.”
Su Yan rubbed his brow. “Zhi Bao Yu … It’s not like that.”
“Mn? You doubt he’d be speechless? Well, he doesn’t have to. It’s alright as long as he likes what he sees.”
“That’s not what I meant. You were wrong … about the thing in the afternoon.”
“Ah? So you had sex? Why did you sound so down then? Isn’t it good then? Or … wait. The sex wasn’t good?”
“What made you think I wanted to have sex with him in a changing cubicle in the first place?”
“You didn’t like it inside the cubicle? I thought it was exciting.”
Su Yan was left speechless once again. In the end, he could only mumble his explanation in a voice so low that Zhi Bao Yu on the other side wasn’t sure whether she had heard correctly. “But we agreed not to have sex immediately. We still have to wait two weeks.”
“Come again?”
Su Yan grumbled. Why did he have to tell a former co-worker something like this? Now he really felt embarrassed! “I said we agreed not to have sex in the first two weeks!”
This time, it was Zhi Bao Yu’s turn to be too stunned to respond.

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