LWS V2C36 Like a Rich CEO?

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Su Yan and Nie Chang arrived at the boutique Zhi Bao Yu had recommended. It didn’t look much different from the second shop. The boutique was at an intersection with broad shop-windows on both sides that showcased a few of the designs already. Most of it was decorations though.
Su Yan perked up. This really looked good! Asking an experienced woman for this kind of thing had still been the right choice!
Su Yan hurriedly pulled Nie Chang into the shop. He didn’t even wait for him to open the door even though it was obvious that Nie Chang had intended to do so. Being faced with such enthusiasm Nie Chang only smiled wryly. He really was curious what Su Yan had planned.
As soon as they entered, two saleswomen hurried over, beaming at them. One of them turned to smile at Su Yan. “You must be Su Yan!”
Su Yan nodded, a bit stunned. How did she know? Had Zhi Bao Yu done something? Well, she had said she knew the people here so she had probably called them when she had her break. Ah, what a good person! He really had such great friends!
With a wide smile, he latched onto Nie Chang’s arm and introduced him. “That’s right, ah. And this is Nie Chang, my boyfriend!”
Nie Chang couldn’t help but smile proudly. It really felt great being introduced like this! He had waited to hear this sentence from Su Yan for so long and now it was said just like this as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It felt … especially sweet.
He hugged Su Yan’s waist and nodded at the two women who tried to stifle their giggles behind their hands. They both felt that this couple didn’t need any help but if Zhi Bao Yu insisted, they certainly wouldn’t mind lending a helping hand.
“Alright, so the two of you are looking for clothes to wear on a date, right?”
Su Yan nodded again, his mood lifting even more. He had already felt really good in the last shop but having someone who already knew what you wanted when you just entered was even better. Even more so when he found out that it wasn’t just that he didn’t need to explain.
One of the women motioned at them. “Then please follow me. We took the liberty to choose some clothes already that might fit what you’re searching for.”
Su Yan excitedly tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve and got a nod in response. He really couldn’t believe what was going on! This was really like in a movie where the male lead was some rich CEO or something and took the female lead who happened to be his assistant or the new intern or anything along those lines out to go shopping for some kind of event. All the salespeople would stumble over their feet to hurry and get him whatever he wanted and in less than ten minutes the female lead would be standing there in a perfectly fitting dress and once again rob the cold-faced CEO’s heart.
Su Yan nearly fell over his own feet at this thought. Thankfully, Nie Chang grabbed him in time.
“Is everything alright?”
Su Yan looked up at him with tears in his eyes. “Ah Chang, I just thought that this is very much like in those movies with the rich CEOs. Say … do you think buying here will be very expensive? You just brought that car last week!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Honestly, could his boyfriend stop bringing up the car? It’s not like he was broke now! “It’s just a car.”
“It was expensive, wasn’t it? Come on, you don’t have to lie. Uh, and now you even have to pay me. No, this isn’t good! I should ask if I can go back to the rail station or maybe I could find something else and —”
Nie Chang paused, grabbed Su Yan by the shoulder and pulled him into his arms. Then he bent down and shut him up with a kiss. “Are you done now?”
Su Yan was completely frozen in his arms. Uh … What had just happened? Had Nie Chang been really moved because he worried about him so much? But why had his question sounded nothing like that?
Nie Chang could see that Su Yan was thinking something strange again. He rapped him on the brow and shook his head. “The repair shop is doing really, really well. Neither the car nor your salary is going to be a burden to me. And if anything, I’d much rather sell the car than let you go and work somewhere else. It was hard enough to get you over to my side.”
“Are you … You’re just saying that so I won’t worry, right?” Su Yan was a little moved that Nie Chang would go this far for him. He promised himself that even if it was really expensive this time he would definitely be the one paying for the clothes. After all, he was Nie Chang’s boyfriend, too. It was to be expected that they swapped the role of who paid and who was provided for every now and then, right?
“I’m not. The shop is really doing well.” Nie Chang calmly repeated but instead of some relief on Su Yan’s face, he actually got a pitying gaze in return.
Nie Chang’s brows twitched. Could his boyfriend have a little more trust in him, please? He took out his phone, opened the information on his bank account and wordlessly showed it to Su Yan.
His boyfriend didn’t understand though. He frowned, took the phone from Nie Chang and slowly read through everything. Then he looked up again. “Ah Chang, what’s the meaning of this?” In other words: Why were there so many zeros? Hadn’t they started working at the same time? And Nie Chang even had to pay two employees and then bought that car. Why were there still so many zeros?
Nie Chang took his phone back and slid it into his pocket while looping his arm around Su Yan’s shoulders. “It means ‘treat me like your rich CEO’. You won’t have to worry about money with me at your side.”
Then he followed the two saleswomen who had pretended not to see or hear anything to the changing cubicles, pulling a mystified Su Yan along.

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