LWS V2C37 Operation Cubicle

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This boutique was a bit bigger than the one from before and also had three instead of just one changing cubicle. There was even enough room to distribute them along the back of the shop so that the one changing and the people accompanying him would have a little bit of privacy.
Su Yan’s eyes lit up. Yes! That meant it would be just him and Nie Chang. Zhi Bao Yu had been right, this really could be a good way to prepare for their dates. He once again tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve. How come he was still looking so calm? Wasn’t he happy at all?! He should share a bit of his excitement!
Nie Chang barely held back a grin. Right now, Su Yan looked as if flowers would bloom on his head the very next moment. He really was incredibly cute. Unfortunately, there were still those two saleswomen. Su Yan might not be embarrassed if he said anything but since he had already been a little miffed before he didn’t want to risk it. Thus, he only nodded and gently took his hand.
The saleswomen stopped in front of the cubicle that was the furthest in the back. “Alright. This is the one. We put your clothes in already. Mn, we weren’t sure about your boyfriend’s size though so why don’t you try the first outfit while I’ll go and look for the right one?”
Su Yan nodded. “Sounds good!” He grinned at Nie Chang and slipped into the cubicle without further ado. His eyes instantly lit up when he saw the clothes inside.
Nie Chang heard a satisfied sound coming out of the cubicle as soon as the door closed. It seemed Su Yan liked whatever those women had prepared. Nie Chang shook his head and sat down on the little couch in front of the cubicle. He really wanted to see what kind of clothes they had chosen that had convinced Su Yan immediately. How would he look like in them? Come to think of it, was whatever he was just trying on going to be what he’d wear on their final date?
While Su Yan changed the woman who had gone to get the clothes for him already came back. She didn’t hand them over though. “How about just putting them inside when your boyfriend is done with the first outfit? The couch isn’t that big. They’d probably just be in the way.”
Nie Chang nodded. He himself wouldn’t have minded but he understood that it would be troublesome if they didn’t take everything and the clothes were crumpled. The cubicle seemed big enough too so it probably wouldn’t bother Su Yan while he changed.
Soon enough there was the click of the door opening. Nie Chang straightened up.
Before the door could completely open the saleswoman put the clothes into his hands though. “Here!”
“Uh …” He glanced at her questioningly. Why was this handed to him? And now of all times?
The woman just smiled. “Well, we’re both single. It wouldn’t do for us to ogle at your boyfriend while you’re right outside, would it? Just put it in yourself. We’ll go back to the front then. If you need anything else, just call for us or come over. We’ll be there immediately.”
Nie Chang nodded although he felt that something was off. Well, even if Su Yan had somehow managed to rope them into whatever surprise he had thought up they couldn’t just attend to the two of them, could they? Someone still had to be in the front in case other customers came.
“Oh, sure. We wouldn’t want to keep you from work.”
“Don’t worry, don’t worry.” She waved and hurried over to her co-worker.
Nie Chang just nodded and went to the cubicle. Actually, he would also much prefer if he was the only one who saw Su Yan in these clothes. Even though he would be wearing it anyway when they went out on their date so other people would still see him in it but at least for now it would be nice if he was the only one. He felt special just thinking about it.
Su Yan pushed the door open and was greeted by the sight of his boyfriend with a heap of clothes under his arm. “Huh?” He looked up at him with a questioning gaze but before any of them could say anything more Nie Chang suddenly felt something in his back.
He stumbled forward, crashed into Su Yan and the two of them fell into the cubicle. Nie Chang hurriedly grabbed Su Yan around the wait and turned him around so that he was the one to crash against the wall. The door closed behind Su Yan. Something heavy dragged across the floor and a clap sounded. Then the steps of the saleswomen receded.
Su Yan and Nie Chang looked at each other, the latter frowning slightly. The clothes the saleswoman had given him had fallen to the ground in the process of their tumble and Su Yan pressed onto him with his whole body.
“Is this your idea of a surprise for your boyfriend?”
Su Yan blinked. “Huh?”
Nie Chang frowned even more. “I asked if you prepared this.”
Su Yan frowned back at him. “What do you even mean? How could I plan something like this? You were the one who suddenly stood in front of the door and then crashed into me!” He slapped Nie Chang’s chest and tried to scowl. “Get out!”
Nie Chang groaned and rubbed the space between his eyebrows. Yes, how could he have thought that Su Yan would plan something like this? Even though he was a bit clueless sometimes he certainly wouldn’t do this. After all, he had been the one who wanted to wait and even he couldn’t get wrong what kind of thing would normally happen in such a situation.
“Alright, alright. I’m sorry. I was just … a bit surprised.”
“Hmph.” Su Yan pouted. He wouldn’t be this easily appeased! Definitely not!
Meanwhile, in the front of the shop, a message was sent on WeChat: [Operation Cubicle has started! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑]

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