LWS V2C35 Bad Boyfriend! Punish Him!

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When Su Yan came out of the cubicle and went over to the counter his expression said that he knew exactly what was going on and that he absolutely wasn’t happy about it. Nie Chang just looked at him and smiled though. Actually, he hadn’t thought any deeper about what he had said. He was Su Yan’s boyfriend now so it felt natural to him to cover his expenses. In fact, if he hadn’t been afraid that he’d be asking too much he’d have invited Su Yan to move in with him already.
He had been in love with Su Yan for so many years already. If he could, he’d do all these things immediately: Having sex, moving in together to spend every day with him and even marrying him. After all, what reason was there to worry about the future? He had waited all those years because he was sure that Su Yan was the right person for him. He was the one he wanted to spend his life with. He didn’t need to deliberate any further.
Unfortunately, he knew Su Yan too well to consider that for more than a moment. His friend clearly hadn’t been in love with him for long or even if he had, he himself hadn’t known. It was great that he was so easy-going in regard to their relationship, not even caring whether anyone saw them together, not even when they kissed or hugged in public. But asking him to go further than that right now was still too much. It was too early. Su Yan still needed time.
Most likely, he just wasn’t feeling secure enough yet. So, the thing he had to do now was slowly changing that. He had to show him that there was no reason for any insecurities, that he would always be there for him, always at his side. He didn’t need to worry.
Nie Chang looped an arm around Su Yan’s shoulders and smiled. “Alright. Let’s go then?”
“I’m angry! Can’t you tell?”
The saleswoman hastily nodded at them and then hurried away with a wry smile. This couple … they walked in affectionately, then started to make out in the boutique and now even wanted her to bear witness to a lover’s tiff? Thanks, but no thanks! Thus she pretended to be terribly busy with rearranging a dress hanging of one of the mannequins.
Nie Chang tried very, very hard to restrain his smile. “Mn, I can see. I’m a bad boyfriend. You should punish me.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. That actually sounded right. How dare he make him angry?! “Indeed! I should!”
“So how about you have me pay for everything today?”
Su Yan’s eyes narrowed. “Do you think I’m an idiot? You’ve already paid anyway. Hmph. I should rather add another day without sex for you.” With that, he slipped out of Nie Chang’s embrace and left.
Nie Chang could only watch his little hedgehog swagger off. How come Su Yan already knew how to threaten him with that even before they had had sex? It seemed pissing him off would be really dangerous from now on. If he wasn’t cautious, he might just end up as a monk for the rest of his life.
With a sigh, Nie Chang nodded at the saleswoman who was still rearranging the very same dress with a red face and hurried after Su Yan. Maybe he should brush up on his coaxing skills?
When he caught up to Su Yan he immediately knew that he had thought too much. Su Yan was obviously very satisfied already. Who knew how long he had wanted to make him speechless and then walk out on him? Well, he had finally gotten his wish. Still, he would probably feel much better if he saw that his respective other half had become worried because of his treatment. So, Nie Chang felt like he should humor him a bit longer.
“Ah Yan, don’t be like this! I didn’t mean anything bad by it. I just love you very much. Can’t I care for you?”
Su Yan felt really good right now. Not only was his boyfriend expressing his feelings so outright, Nie Chang even cared very much about the fact that he was angry. He really had gotten himself such a good boyfriend! Still, he wanted to bask in this feeling a little longer. Thus Su Yan pursed his lips, trying very hard not to show how pleased he was with himself.
Hn, Nie Chang should suffer a bit for that! That would teach him not to treat him like a girl! After all, even if he was in a gay relationship, he was still a man. How could he take being treated like this by his boyfriend?
“Ah Yan …” Nie Chang grabbed his arm and pulled him over. “Come on, don’t be like this. Forgive me, please?”
Su Yan looked up and felt that this kind of pleading look was nice. “I’ll reluctantly consider it.”
“Mn. My boyfriend really is the best!” Nie Chang bent down, encircled his waist with his arms and kissed him. “So where do we go now?”
Being faced with that question Su Yan instantly perked up. Right! There was still the boutique Zhi Bao Yu had recommended him! Since she knew the people working there she should have a pretty clear view on what they had. Her recommendation couldn’t be a bad one!
“Come on!” Su Yan threw completely out of his mind what had happened before and grabbed Nie Chang’s hand. Then, he hurried toward the boutique. Ah, he really wanted to see what kind of place it was!
Faced with Su Yan’s suddenly surging optimism Nie Chang also couldn’t hold back a smile. It seemed whatever surprise Su Yan had prepared it should have to do with this third place. No wonder he had chosen so carefully where to go. Most likely the other two places had only been a camouflage.

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