Love Online: Extra

I recently watched a really cute movie called “Love Online” or “Love Online: Extra” because it is actually an extra movie to the series of the same name. I can’t believe I never heard of the series or the movie before and only happened upon them by chance! 😳 I definitely would have regretted not seeing it because it’s just too cute to describe! 😍
Please note: I watched the movie first and actually haven’t had a look at the series yet so this is a totally unbiased review of the movie. 😉

What is “Love Online: Extra” about?

Love Online - The Movie_03Bai Xiao Peng and Lan Yi Jing were originally childhood friends but somehow lost sight of each other. When they both reunite they don’t really look favorably upon each other. Although they manage to become closer again through the course of some silly competition things seem to take a turn for the worse when the media gets involved in the relationship between the rich second generation and the rockstar.


My opinion

Love Online - The MovieAs I said I haven’t watched the series so I probably missed a ton of things one will only understand with background information. Nevertheless, I really liked this movie. The main characters are cute, their interactions are sometimes funny and sometimes very affectionate even though this definitely isn’t the most explicit bl movie you’ll ever see. 😁 In fact, like most of the time the bl is more of an insinuation then really there but I guess my mind is already so tuned in with everything bl that I don’t even notice that anymore. At least I felt like it was quite obvious with this one. 😅

The movie’s format was quite unique and really surprised though I guess it would explain itself if you watched series. (That’s just a guess though.) The whole thing starts with something that looks like an interview where the main characters are asked about their relationship and things, then you’ll get something like long flashbacks that tell the actual story.
That was new to me and was fun watching. Especially since it wasn’t just done at the beginning but popped up later, too. I like that kind of thing!


Overall …

Love Online - The Movie_02… I’d recommend watching this movie if you like cute, fluffy stories that aren’t too serious and like novel approaches.  Or, well, if you’ve seen the series and want to see whatever extra there is, then naturally, you should watch this, too. 😁

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