LWS V2C34 You Took My Breath Away

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Su Yan slapped those hands away and frowned. “What do you think you’re doing?!” Naturally, he wasn’t angry because of the kiss. But how could Nie Chang just pinch his cheeks like this in public?! Wouldn’t everyone think of him as an idiot?
Nie Chang just smiled and even took it up a notch and ruffled his hair. Su Yan was even cuter when he looked this disgruntled. It had the charm of a baby hedgehog that tried to scare one away with its spines but only managed to draw people closer. Ah, even if it hurt, he’d still want to hug him!
Nie Chang knew he couldn’t go too far though or his little hedgehog would get grumpy. He didn’t want to ruin his day. “Alright. So let’s just see if the size fits. Then we’ll take it.”
The saleswoman nodded and got the suit and the shirt for them. “The changing cubicle is in the back.” She motioned to the other side of the room and silently followed them.
There was only one cubicle though. The saleswoman smiled a bit embarrassed. The boutique wasn’t very big so one had always been enough. But now a couple had actually stumbled into the store and picked something together that should even match. How were they supposed to see if it matched if they didn’t have a look together?
“Uh … How about one of you changes first and then just leaves the clothes on for the time being? Then you can see how it matches?”
Nie Chang nodded. “Do you want to go first?”
Su Yan instantly shook his head. “You go first.” He shoved Nie Chang to the cubicle and hurriedly sat down. He’d have to see how Nie Chang looked in the suit first. If he was too handsome, he wouldn’t wear that damned shirt. He’d just refuse to change. What could Nie Chang do?
Nie Chang lifted his brows but still went in and changed. He took a look at the mirror inside and nodded. He felt like he looked good. If Su Yan saw him like this … His lips hooked up in a smile. Even before they had become a couple Su Yan had said he was a ten. How would he elevate his judgment if he stepped up his game?
In a good mood, Nie Chang opened the curtain and leaned against the side of the cubicle, his arms crossed. “So? Satisfied with your boyfriend?”
Su Yan gaped and then gulped. Shit. Why had he found himself such a good-looking boyfriend? He should have looked for someone who was a bit more normal. If Nie Chang wore that when they went out together it would be irrelevant what he wore. Whether it was the same color or not he would look bad next to him in any case!
Thus looking at him Su Yan pressed his lips together and pondered really hard what to say. “You definitely can’t wear this.” That was what he finally spit out.
Nie Chang stared back and tried to gauge what was going on in Su Yan’s head. In the end, he laughed, went over and bent down to give him a kiss. So it turned out Su Yan was afraid other people would try to latch onto him if he went out like this! It seemed this was once again a manifestation of his jealous side.
“Don’t worry. Regardless of what other people think or want to do, I’ll only ever have eyes for you.”
Su Yan was stunned. Why was Nie Chang saying this? “That … That’s a matter of course! Don’t even think about something else!”
Nie Chang just gave him another kiss. “I wouldn’t dare. Now go and change.” He put the shirt into Su Yan’s hands and lightly pushed him toward the cubicle before sitting down.
Su Yan closed the curtain with a harrumph and then froze. Wait! Hadn’t he been intent on not changing into this thing?! Why was he inside the cubicle with this damn shirt now?!
He leaned his head against the wall and sniffed. Ah, this definitely wasn’t a good day! He shouldn’t have gone out with Nie Chang!
Uh, well, since he had already gone out and was now inside the changing cubicle with the shirt it would be dumb not to try it on. Thus he actually changed. Looking into the mirror … His lips slowly lifted up. He turned around and opened the curtain with an especially dramatic gesture.
Nie Chang coughed. This … was too cute!
When Su Yan didn’t get an answer besides the coughing he opened his eyes and looked at Nie Chang in dissatisfaction. He was looking so good! How could his boyfriend react like this?!
Nie Chang patted his chest, stood up and slowly went over. He reached out and encircled Su Yan’s waist with his arms, his gaze earnest. “Ah Yan, my darling, you know … you literally took my breath away just now.”
Su Yan who had just been miffed instantly perked up. So it was like this! Well, if that was the case, he’d reluctantly forgive him. He couldn’t make it too easy for him though. “Good for you that you came up with that at the last moment.”
“I really mean it. You looked so cute right now. I’d really like to take a bite to make sure whether or not you actually taste like it.”
Su Yan blushed. What was this guy saying? There was still the saleswoman standing over there!
Seeing Su Yan’s gaze, the woman blushed too and hurriedly went back to the counter. Uh, those two could probably handle themselves. They certainly wouldn’t … She eyed the cubicle but hastily shook her head. No, no. They both looked like decent people. They definitely wouldn’t do something like that in public!
Su Yan slapped Nie Chang’s chest when the woman was gone. “You! What will she think now?”
“I hope she thinks you’re in a happy relationship and not available. I didn’t like one bit how she looked at you when we came in.”
Su Yan grinned. He hadn’t seen anything but as someone who hadn’t gotten any attention from women before he felt a bit smug hearing this. “Jealous?”
“Mn. I’m feeling like someone wants to drown me in vinegar.” He kissed Su Yan again before reluctantly letting go. “You go and change back I’ll pay in the meantime.”
“Hah? No!” Su Yan shook his head. “You just bought that car last week! Let me pay for this.”
Nie Chang smiled and ruffled his hair. “Nonsense. I’m your boyfriend. Naturally, I’ll pay. Now be good and go change.”
“Oh.” Su Yan closed the curtain and unbuttoned the shirt while Nie Chang’s steps receded.
Just when Su Yan reached the last button he jerked. Wait! What the hell had Nie Chang meant with that just now?! Wasn’t he his boyfriend, too?!

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