OMF V3C69 Negotiating a Wedding

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Zhong Gang’s mood lifted immediately. Such a good man! He would really make a fine husband for his daughter! He definitely had to make sure nothing would go wrong!
He scrambled over to the tea table but noticed that both seat cushions were already taken. Well, whatever. He just sat down directly on the floor and looked at Xiao Li with sparkling eyes.
“No need to repay anything with blood. Marrying her is fine. So … When should the wedding be held?” He silently pondered how much of a delay he could accept. With how fast his daughter managed to fall in love, it shouldn’t be more than a week.
Xiao Li obviously noticed how eager he was to marry his daughter off and since he still pretended to be a righteous cultivator who would take his promises very seriously he knew he couldn’t give a long amount of time. “How about three days?”
“Three … days?” Zhong Gang’s eyes went wide. He had first thought that the man would suggest three weeks but now it turned out he wanted to marry Guanyu even sooner than expected? It couldn’t be that he had also fallen in love with her?
Zhong Gang pondered it a bit more. It wasn’t completely impossible. Guanyu was a pretty girl and always dressed well. As long as she didn’t interact too much with him so that he couldn’t find out about her personality that wasn’t quite up to par it was indeed possible that he had fallen in love with her.
If that was the case, he had to strike as fast as possible!
“Three days sounds good to me. How about having the wedding in the morning? I heard someone on the streets saying today that that would be an auspicious hour for nearly anything.”
Xiao Li just nodded. Honestly, he just wanted to get it over with this negotiation. He wouldn’t marry her anyway.
Zhong Gang grew a little suspicious. Could it really be this easy? “Then … is there anything else?”
Xiao Li narrowed his eyes. “Well, you see, I’m from the Yun Zou Sect. So we’d have to hold the wedding here in the city. Would that be a problem?”
A glint flashed through Zhong Gang’s eyes. This man was from the Yun Zou Sect? He looked at the white robe. Well, he really looked like a cultivator … This was terrific! How did his daughter have that much luck this time?! She was actually about to marry a cultivator!
He hastily put on a smile and rubbed his hands. “Heh, no problem at all, no problem at all. We’ll just have the wedding at our house.”
“Mn. That would be great. I guess I should also inform my Master and I still need to organize some presents. Would it be too much to ask of you to prepare the wedding on your own?” Xiao Li timely put on a troubled expression again.
Zhong Gang’s mood lifted even further though. Just look at how serious his future son-in-law took this wedding! He even wanted to inform his Master! That man was probably a great Daoist Master. Ah, he’d have to prepare a grand wedding! One only got the opportunity to make such connections once! “No problem, no problem at all.”
“That is good then.” Xiao Li looked at the human girl. In fact, this might be a good opportunity for him, too. If she was Zhong Jing Yi’s cousin she might also know a lot about him. He could use her to find out more.
With this plan in mind, he turned back to her father. “Your daughter hasn’t even had the opportunity to see me. I’m afraid she’ll be troubled when she wakes up. So how about this? After sending a message to my Master tomorrow morning, I’ll come over so she can see who she is about to marry.”
Zhong Gang’s smile froze. Shit! This couldn’t be allowed! Wouldn’t his daughter ruin everything as soon as she opened her mouth in front of this cultivator? He had to prevent this at all costs! “Mn …” Sweat covered his forehead when he tried to hurriedly come up with an explanation why this wouldn’t be a good idea. Ah, it was impossible to outright reject him lest he snubbed this powerful man! But he didn’t have any idea either. If he could ask his wife …
Zhong Gang finally nodded with gritted teeth. “Naturally.” For now, he could only compromise and accept. Maybe his wife would have an idea how to take this back.
Xiao Li was content with that. “Alright. Then I’ll come by tomorrow morning. For now, I should better go and search for an inn. It wouldn’t be good for your daughter’s reputation if I lingered here any longer.”
“Sure, sure!” Zhong Gang stood up to sent him out but Xiao Li still knelt on the cushion, not moving to get up. Zhong Gang could only wonder if he had misunderstood.
“Ah, could you maybe …” Xiao Li pointed at the hands of Zhong Guanyu that were still clutching his inner robe. How was he supposed to get away like this?
Zhong Gang’s face flushed in embarrassment. That girl! She still hadn’t let go even now?! That man had already promised to marry her!
“Sure, sure.” He knelt down next to them and gripped Guanyu’s hands, giving them a light slap when he thought that Xiao Li wouldn’t notice.
Naturally, he wasn’t subtle enough but Xiao Li had already figured out what was going on anyway. Well, he didn’t mind playing his part in this act as long as he got the information he needed. Thus he pretended not to have seen anything.
Having heard the entire conversation and now feeling her father’s slap on her hands, Guanyu naturally let go of Xiao Li even though she loathed to part with this handsome man. Just like her father she couldn’t believe what great luck she had had this time. He was actually a cultivator! And such a handsome one to boot! Of course, it was also good that he was really responsible …
As expected of her superior taste! Her one true love could only be such a great man!

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