OMF V3C68 Bearing the Responsibility

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It only took five minutes for Zhong Gang to run over to the teahouse. He stormed right in, his brow covered in sweat. The last six years since Jing Yi had left the capital hadn’t done his figure any good.
“What happened to Guanyu?!” He didn’t wait for Madam Zhong to come over and just started to holler.
In the room up on the second floor, Zhong Guanyu stiffened. That roar just now … hadn’t that sounded a lot like her father? No, she must be imagining things! With newfound conviction, Guanyu snuggled even closer to the handsome man’s chest. This time she wouldn’t let her victim … er, the love of her life get away!
Xiao Li’s expression darkened even further. It was way too obvious that Guanyu wasn’t unconscious. If she hadn’t been Madam Zhong’s niece, he definitely wouldn’t have entertained her! Unfortunately, he still needed to build good relations to find out more about that boy.
Meanwhile, on the lower floor, Madam Zhong hurried over to the side of her late husband’s cousin and shushed him. “Don’t be like that. It’s just the usual. Your daughter fell in love again. This time, I managed to keep the man here. You should go and make it official before it’s too late. She’s old enough to marry by now.”
Zhong Gang was stunned. His daughter had fallen in love again? How could that be?! He smiled wryly at Madam Zhong. He also knew that Guanyu had been extremely unreasonable when she demanded to marry her son-in-law. Mind you, Madam Zhong only had a son. So, if she also had a son-in-law … What was there to get for a woman if she latched onto a man who preferred his own gender? She would just end up miserably.
Even though he had thought so from the beginning, he still didn’t have the heart to tell that to his daughter or strictly demand she forget about that idea. Thus he had still talked about it with Madam Zhong. He couldn’t resent her for being angry. He himself had felt his face burning up in shame when he tried to find some excuse as to why it might be a good idea to let Guanyu marry that man, too, while he knew very well that it would only bring disadvantages to Madam Zhong’s son.
So, even though Zhong Gang was shocked when he heard that Guanyu had fallen in love again this lasted only for a few heartbeats. As soon as he understood what this meant he was instantly laughing happily.
Ah! This was a prime opportunity to marry that troublesome daughter off! When she finally had a husband of her own she would definitely stop coveting somebody else’s husband.
“Where is she? Where is she?” Zhong Gang rubbed his hands, clearly anticipating this happy occasion.
“In the bamboo room on the upper floor. That man is with her.”
Zhong Gang’s countenance changed. “What?!” He hastily heaved his body up the stairs before Madam Zhong could explain herself.
As much as he wanted his daughter to get married to be finally saved from her endless cycle of falling in love and then falling in love again, he didn’t want her to lose her reputation for that! And being alone with a man for this long would definitely result in that.
How could Zhong Chun do something like this to his daughter?! Even if she was angry because of the things they had said to her last year, something like this shouldn’t be done. Her son wouldn’t get any problems if they discussed whether or not Guanyu might marry the same man as him but if she spent time alone with a man, she might as well kill herself!
Zhong Gang crashed into the bamboo room and stared at the man in the white robe with blazing eyes. “What do you think you’re doing to my daughter?!”
Xiao Li looked up, grimacing inwardly. Damn. Now, something like this had happened, too. Unfortunately, he couldn’t just do whatever he wanted. He had to give a wry smile. “Might you be the person Madam Zhong got for help? Then please, help me. After collapsing, this woman wouldn’t let go no matter what.” He tried looking a bit wronged as if this had really been a big problem for him. Well, a righteous path cultivator certainly would be troubled at this.
His expression actually gave pause to Zhong Gang. It seemed … the guy he had labeled as a despicable asshole right after seeing him wasn’t that bad. Haish, the problem was still that overly spoiled daughter of his.
Zhong Gang stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. Looking more closely at the scene in front of him, he could actually see that the man wasn’t doing anything to his daughter. He had even slightly turned away and kept his hands folded in his lap. It was indeed this daughter of his that had grabbed onto his lapel, making it impossible for the young man to leave.
Zhong Gang felt a bit bad but ultimately felt that Zhong Chun was right. This was a good opportunity. He had to make sure Guanyu would marry this man!
He gritted his teeth and tried to look grumpily at the other man. “Whether you were waiting for help or not being alone with an unmarried woman, haven’t you thought what the consequences would be for her?”
Xiao Li really wanted to snort. A woman who latched onto a man this shamelessly … could she really complain if her reputation was ruined? But, well, he was a righteous cultivator right now so he revealed an even more troubled expression in response. “I’m very sorry.”
“What use is there in being sorry? You —”
Before Zhong Gang could act out his fury Xiao Li already interrupted him. “This is indeed my fault. Then how about this? I’ll take responsibility and marry her.”
“You … What?” Zhong Gang’s anger went up in smoke. Well, it had only been pretended in the first place but right now Zhong Gang was unable to show any expression at all. Could it really have worked just like this?
Even Guanyu was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but crack her eyes open a bit to take a look at the handsome man’s face. He seemed really serious.
Xiao Li grinned inwardly while acting like he felt even worse now. “Is this no good? I thought if I married her, then nobody would be able to say anything. And if we don’t speak about the reasons and set the wedding up soon, wouldn’t her reputation remain pristine?”
Zhong Gang narrowed his eyes. “You’re really …” … willing to marry her? That was what he wanted to ask but he didn’t dare phrase it like that. “… willing to take responsibility?”
Xiao Li nodded extremely earnestly. “Naturally. It was my fault to begin with. How could I bear to hurt an innocent woman with my actions? Thus I’m naturally willing to marry her to atone for my sin. If that isn’t acceptable, then I’ll repay you with my blood!” He looked up at Zhong Gang, his gaze so earnest that Guanyu’s father instantly believed him.
Well, he never would have thought that the man his daughter had fallen in love this time was actually half demon.

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