LWS V2C25 Indulging A Cute Little Fox

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“Are you sure?” Su Yan felt a bit bad asking this. He was the one who had called to ask her but now he actually suspected her advice. This wasn’t right.
“Of course, I am! Trust me. He’ll love it.”
“Mn. Alright, thank you!”
“No problem. I owe you one anyway.” Zhi Bao Yu laughed. Ah, she couldn’t believe that everything had turned out this way. Well, at least her female intuition was still right.
She ended the call with a smile. Huh, so Su Yan really was gay. Mn, she had thought as much. But now she really wanted to rally the others and go over to that repair shop to have a look at Su Yan and his boyfriend.
She looked around but the service area was just getting busy. It seemed like she’d have to bring it up later.
Su Yan also put his phone away. Ah, it really was good to know a lot of people. He had gotten such helpful advice. Now he only had to prepare and make sure everything went right.
He minimized the text editor and went online instead, looking up shops he wanted to visit while grinning like an idiot. Mn, this one looked good. That one, too …
When Nie Chang left the back room two hours later to ask Su Yan what he should order for lunch he found him looking at a website that seemed to sparkle. He lifted his brows and silently went over, taking a closer look. That seemed to be … a boutique?
He bent down and gently kissed Su Yan’s cheek, scaring him out of the chair.
Nie Chang hurriedly grabbed his waist and pulled him into his arms. “Careful!”
Su Yan extended his hands to close the notebook but he couldn’t reach it. It was too late anyway. Nie Chang was obviously looking at the screen.
“Uh …” Su Yan’s glance flitted about. How to explain?
Nie Chang lifted his brows and bent down, wrapping him into his arms. “So, what’s so bad about looking at the website of a boutique that you’ve been scared like this?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Who wouldn’t be scared if somebody sneaked up on them like this? It has nothing to do with this.” He turned his head away and refused to look Nie Chang into the eyes.
Thus, he missed how Nie Chang’s lips curled. “Oh? Well, I guess it’s my fault then.” He readily agreed but his voice already lowered at the end until he only whispered into Su Yan’s ears. “How do you want me to make it up to you?”
Su Yan blushed. This … This was unfair! And he had even worried that people might think he was using a beauty scheme to get a job. It was obviously the other way around!
Nie Chang couldn’t help but laugh at Su Yan’s indignant expression. “Alright, alright. I’ll stop.” He lifted his hands and stepped back, giving Su Yan the opportunity to hastily close the notebook. “So, what was that about?
“Are you sure about that?”
Su Yan pouted. “You’re a bad person.”
“Oh?” Nie Chang lifted his brows. “How come? Wasn’t I ‘the best’ just a couple of hours ago?”
“Well, I didn’t know you were such a spoilsport back then.”
“So … my lovely darling was trying to be secretive just now? Then forget that I saw something. I wasn’t even here.” He kissed Su Yan’s cheek and wanted to head into the backroom again but a certain little fox’ paw had grabbed onto his sleeve. Nie Chang turned around and blinked. Why did Su Yan look so … cute? Damn, this should be forbidden. Wouldn’t he just indulge him whatever it was he wanted?
“You … Uh … Since you already know there’s no need to pretend.”
Nie Chang coughed. “Then … Do you want to tell me what it is about?”
“Mn …” Su Yan averted his gaze. “You see … If we’re going out for the next two —” He looked even further away. “I mean if we’re going out for now, then we’ll need something nice to wear. So I thought … maybe we should go shopping this afternoon?” His fingers tightened on Nie Chang’s shirt. Ah, this was so incredibly embarrassing! But Nie Chang certainly wouldn’t understand what he planned, right? No, that couldn’t be. It wasn’t as if it was obvious or anything.
Nie Chang silently observed the fingers that were growing white from the death grip they obviously had on his shirt and then examined the face that was growing a deeper shade of red with every second that trickled by. Putting this together with the fact that Su Yan had secretly looked up some boutiques and hadn’t wanted him to know about it … Was he trying to seduce him?
“This …”
This isn’t a good idea at all. His inner voice screamed at him, reminding him of the promise he had given and that it would probably be another two weeks until they’d have sex. If Su Yan cluelessly managed to seduce him, wouldn’t this end in disaster?
His inner voice could scream all it wanted though. It really was true: With such a cute-looking Su Yan in front of him, he was powerless.
“This sounds like a really nice idea. Have you decided where you want to go?” Inwardly, he kicked himself. Really, did he have no backbone at all? Well, he obviously hadn’t in front of Su Yan. He should just get used to it.
“I have!” Su Yan immediately pulled him to the chair and actually pushed him down before sitting down on his lap. Somehow, he had forgotten that they were still at the counter in the repair shop where all the customers could see them.
Nie Chang lifted his brows but refrained from asking. As long as his darling was happy, he didn’t have any complaints. He gently put his arms around Su Yan’s waist and let him show him everything he had chosen.
Neither he nor Su Yan had any idea what was awaiting them, though.

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